NEWS: Exklusiv interview with grandchild to Khomeini (SWEDISH-PERSIAN)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by DanX, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. DanX Member

    NEWS: Exklusiv interview with grandchild to Khomeini. most see!!!

    On Air: 2009.06.12
    Swedish news program: Aktuellt

  2. Please give us an idea of what they're saying !
  3. DanX Member

    She wants to remove the law to have hejab, and she is grandchild to Khomeini .. weird voice!
  4. Translation of the swedish subtitles.

    She says something like this:

    We know that there is other countries where hijab is not mandatory. That means there are different interpretations within Islam when it comes to hijab. I know that most is of the oppinion that women should where hijab, but that it is not mandatory. For Khomeini democracy was one of the goal of the revolution. But our liberties has been limited, especially during the last four years. I go not think this is good. It is not his nor his followers views. I know there is many poor people. Statistics show that many live in poverty, as in many other countries. I know that ahmadinejad, especially during the last two months have increased government wages and pensions. He has also made improvements to rural areas. But people are far from satisfied. That is why after four years he has such a strong opponent.

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