Newt Gingrich = FAIL

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  1. Seriously, someone needs to tell this guy to Shut The Hell Up....

    Al Jazeera English - Americas - US politician urges Iran 'sabotage'

    US politician urges Iran 'sabotage'

    The former speaker of the US House of Representatives has said that the US should "sabotage" Iran's oil and gas infrastructure as part of its efforts to bring down the government.

    In an interview with Al Jazeera's Avi Lewis for the Fault Lines programme, Republican Newt Gingrich said targeting Iran's refinery would spark an economic crisis that would destabilise the government in Tehran.

    He said the US should "use covert operations … to create a gasoline-led crisis to try and replace the regime".

    "I think we have a vested interest, the world has a vested interest, in a responsible Iranian government, just as we have a vested interest in a responsible North Korean government," he said.

    While Barack Obama, the US president, has attempted diplomatic engagement with Iran following years of icy relations, some of his administration's critics have been calling for destabilisation instead.

    But Gingrich qualified that such a tactic to destabilise would only be "one piece out of many".

    "I think that the Reagan strategy in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s is the right strategy: we use economic, diplomatic, psychological pressures to try to change the regime."
  2. a desert Member

    Oh, Newtie. You never fail to bring a little lol to my eyes.

    Thanks so much. Gingrich, for giving Jibber and Co more ammunition for his speeches.
  3. What a complete idiot.

    1.) No consideration for human lives.
    2.) Banhammer method/Brute force. Do not want.
    3.) No subtlety.
    4.) He's still an idiot.

    I guess when the Iranians browsing the site get wind of this, they'll come to the right conclusion that even politicians this side of the pond are pretty much fucked up in the head. :D
  4. Tehran's got a a large population of worldly, well-educated Iranians who can be reasoned with and don't automatically loathe us. Why would we screw that up? Moar poverty isn't a solution.
  5. Srpska Member

    Any US action against Iran as a nation would cause almost all dissent to vanish in an instant, leaving Ahmadi and his chums to wish they could do that.
  6. Vee Member

    Who elected this idiot?
  7. Not me...tho I personally vote that he an hero immediately.
  8. Newt should shut up and go back to writing historical fiction.
  9. Newt Gingrich gets "bitch slapped" by fisherman

    Newt Gingrich gets slapped by fisherman: "The water we are fishing in right now will be destroyed by his policies."
    By John Amato Saturday Jul 11, 2009 11:00am

    Newt Gingrich tried to take a page out of Sarah Palin's playbook and took to the waters for a photo-op.
    However, a fisherman ripped him.

    The House speaker went down to a New Hampshire river yesterday with a horde of reporters in tow some say to test the waters for a possible presidential bid to chat up some anglers.
    But Gingrich had hardly waved hello when a feisty fisherman named Tim Kipp ruined the Republican's photo opportunity.
    "Your politics are some of the meanest politics I have ever heard," Kipp shouted as he stood waist-deep in the Androscoggin River. "You make Calvin Coolidge look like a liberal."

    Gingrich appeared stunned, but recovered slightly and told Kipp: "Despite our political differences, good luck today."
    But Kipp was just warming up.
    "This guy is the most meanspirited, vicious politician we have seen in a long, long time," Kipp told the reporters.

    "The water we are fishing in right now will be destroyed by his policies."

    Gingrich later tried to shrug off the encounter with Kipp, a high school teacher from Brattleboro, Vt.
    Yet the outing wasn't a total bust. Gingrich realized his dream of seeing a few moose.

    Wow, Kipp understands the policies that Newt holds near and dear to his heart. I wonder if Newt was walking around with a fishing rod in his hand?

  10. a desert Member

    I dun want him to stay in office. D:
  11. Seriously, Gingrich, SHUT THE F**K UP. Who knows what kind of fuel he's giving the idiot govn. over there? Besides, that option shows that he doesn't care about the people at all, he just want to use the situation for his own purposes.
  12. He should stick to legislating and not coming up with such great ideas.

    Iranian people will dictate the pace of progress and how they intend to become free.

    He can start by passing legislation to stop illicit sales of oil equipment to Iran.

    Everybody knows that oil wells cannot operate without Us equipment. A massive logistics
    operation is required to keep the wells running.
  13. The logistics of Oil start in the US.

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