Next movie to enturb?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Sep 18, 2009.

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    ...And Jackie Chan's career comes to an end. He's finally become the "crazy old Kung-fu master/teacher" character (for non-comedic purposes), rather than the lead.

    It was bound to happen anyway. His body is a wreck.
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?


    seriously? seriously?
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?


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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    Who's kid is it TC's or WS's ?
  7. mrfyde Member

    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    ^^ that was me I fail. (to read the entire OP)
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    Jackie Chan has been widely touted for his philanthropic activities. The man is 55 years old for chrissake.

    And what have YOU done that this "wreck" hasn't accomplished?

    Founded in 1988, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation offers scholarships and active help to Hong Kong's young people through a variety of worthy causes. Over the years, the foundation has broadened its scope to include provision of medical services, aid to victims of natural disaster or illness, and projects where the major beneficiaries are Hong Kong people or organizations. Major donation projects of The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation:

    * The Jackie Chan Gymnasium at Lingnan University
    * The Jackie Chan Challenge Cup Intercollegiate Invitation Tournament
    * The Jackie Chan Family Unit, Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Jockey Club
    * The Jackie Chan Whole Person Development Center
    * Renovation of the Bethanie Site, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
    * Medical Funding in Mainland China (Operation Smile)
    * Medical Donation in Hong Kong (Queen Mary Hospital, SARS Relief)
    * Support for the Performing Arts
    * Youth Development Programs

    *The Dragon's Heart Foundation which was founded in 2005 to fulfill the desperate needs of children and the elderly in remote areas of China. Since 2005, the Dragon's Heart Foundation has built over a dozen schools, provided books, fees, and uniforms, and has raised millions of dollars to give much-needed educational opportunities for the poor.
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    And that's where I stopped reading, because I ceased to care.
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    I like Jackie Chan. I don't like that scientology may well ruin him.
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    what! what! WHAT!


    Jackie Chan and Scientology? How? I call bullshit.
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    They're pushing for stats remember? Even if Woll Smoth isn't a cultie, he sure likes what they're selling.
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    Re: Next movie to enturb?

    tbh, I doubt Jackie is at risk from the Scilons - I'm more concerned with his image being associated with Scientology..

    but this is a Will Smiff project, he could've made his son a star without producing the actual movie so where's he going with this? Is Jaden learning Kung Fu in order to beat his staff in the future?

    the Kung-Fu Kult ( "Kung" meaning "Empty" and "Fu" meaning "Orgs" ) - can we haz shoops naow?

    "tax on, tax off"
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    Um, retard, I fucking love me some Jackie Chan movies. Calm the fuck down.

    I remember watching the outtakes from Rumble in [strike]obviously Hong Kong[/strike] the Bronx, where Jackie broke his foot, and had to finish the movie wearing a prostetic sneaker thing over his cast while still doing all his own stunts. That's fucking HARDCORE, but that kind of shit catches up with you when you get past a certain age.

    The man's a genius, but he's going to be (or is already) crippled by all his old injuries, so all we're going to see from him from now on are cameos, soft supporting-roles, and him spending more time behind the camera in the director's chair, than in front of it.

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