Nick Lister refused to seduce Rinder's girlfriend, so he got disconnected

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon8109, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. anon8109 Member

    Nick Lister, who grew up in the cult, was declared an SP and "disconnected". Tommy Davis told him that he could get his mother back in his life if he did the "A to E", so he did.

    When Nick had completed all of the steps, OSA reneged on the promise to let him see his mother again unless he did one more thing, to which he replied "fuck you".

    I hope Tony Ortega publishes this story.
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  2. anon8109 Member

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  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I'm kinda upset that Co$ never sent a blonde bimbo to seduce me. But then, maybe they did and I was too socially awkward to notice.
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "Mother told me, yes she told me, I'd meet girls like you. She also told me, stay away; you never know what you'll catch."
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  5. Random guy Member

    It's been a while since I thought I've found the bottom of the pit. Thank you cult for showing me scientology's always worse than you think.
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    Remember, in scientology there is no such a thing as "the bottom of the barrel".
    The final product of scientology is always the same: A degraded being.
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