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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. IDEMI URGE Member

    You talk like a fucking spaceball subtle or not who gives a fuck about your or your insane plan to conquer the world.
    Just another nutjob coming here with ideas so far fetched they're bordering on insanity.
  2. IDEMI URGE Member

  3. ldemiurge Member

    Ah, learned helplessness. We'll work on that.
  4. ldemiurge Member

    I tried them first. They wouldn't let me in their clubhouse.
  5. Do you understand the question?
  6. Are you a Scientologist?
  7. Are you an ignorant person who imagines himself too grand to answer the questions?
  8. Hey dickhead are you a member of the Church of Scientology or are you a fucking troll?
  9. Are your body thetans telling you nothing to answer the questions?
  10. Are you at cause?
  11. Scientology kills people . Do you want to be a Scientologist and kill people?
    Do you enjoy rice and beans?
    Does the idea of running around a pole excite you?
    When you shout at ashtrays do they answer back?
  12. What a load of pretentious shite -
  13. No! new into the topics of scientology
  14. Rather got phone and so ...dishing cleaning up...
  15. I guess you have to be into Scientology and pay a lot to belive that shit. And being a paranoid Schizophrenic to create the idea to begin with and thereby have something to blame...
  16. The interest is rather how come anyone can believe that at the first instance.
  17. lafayette-ron-hubbard-lhr.jpg?w=2000.jpg
    No, I am sorry if it disappoints you but I am not a member in the church of Scientology and never had been a member in the Church of Scientology.
    View attachment marty-rathbun-family-madness-mayhem-mysterious-dea
    The bridge does not seems to be for me. Having the Church of Scientology digging up old suicides on bridges does not work as an appetizer to me. Sorry.

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