NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    OH BOY! The suspense is just so thick in the air I can smell it... I've got a couple of bottles of bubbly chilling for the main event! DEL I need to send you the beverage or other treat of your choice for the celebration.... money is not object!

    OSA get the PO ready for the KY Jelly!
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Investigator asked for more DOX today and I'm all
    done gathering what they need. Now, back to work :)

    Heenan & Blaike law firm not too smart - - in this partial document,
    they confirm I was held against my will. Is this WHY they were fired?


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  3. Anonymous Member

    Yikes! An admission by any other name would smell as sweet. Silly Scilons had Silly lawyer!
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  4. To: Attorney Heenan Blaikie;

    To quote a bit of your letter while representing Narconon to David Love:

    "While our client respects your freedom of speech"......... (Lulz)........Right......

    Thanks for the comic relief Atty. Blaikie, indeed quite an amusing, threatening letter that's got zero impact and Anonymous also thanks you for your very kind shout-out to

    BTW, Mr. Blaikie .if you're interested, the former covert leader of Anonymous and former Scientology spokesman, Tommy Davis suddenly became unavailable to continue his dual super-hero role some time back and we are seeking a new leader.

    You're certainly qualified...........
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  5. Intelligence Member

    H & B surely are not very forensic with the countless letters to me. Even in the above one,
    they write it as "whyweprotest.COM - NOT "NET"?

    Admitting "illegal detention were motivated" - - gives the reader the impression that NN is
    permitted to illegally detain anyone they consider "greatest good for the group", so that I
    would remain in their compound, continuing to PAY them every two weeks?

    I was finished Narconon Book Three, so I "did have the mental capacity to form intent" under
    the law, and they violated my human rights and freedoms and violated CRIMINAL Laws.

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  6. Intelligence Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

    "These deaths, human rights abuses, and psychotic breaks must be stopped .......
    - -"One Death Is Too Many" :-(

    Published on Jun 16, 2012 by Intelligenceplus
    June 16, 2012 - A long list of Scientology deaths, suicides, attempted suicides, and psychotic breaks. There are many, many more and the word is spreading globally concerning the dangers of this insideous and destructive cult. Thanks to Anonymous, Chanology, and numerous individuals, the unwary public is being educated about the destructive nature of Scientology Cult indoctrination.

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  8. Especially amusing is the whole 'tarnished reputation' spiel, given that said reputation has subsequently been flushed down the toilet, last seen floating down Trois Rivieres.:p
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  9. Intelligence Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Discrimination I tells ya, what about us old school cash only people!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The clock is ticking on the cult,
    shrinking numbers are Dave Loves fault.
    You know he has a swag of docs,
    and with those docs he often rocks.

    Just like a god he can dispense,
    just ask, you'll see it has been sent.
    His killer mind and writing style,
    make this anons life worthwhile.

    Now bear in mind I'm not alone,
    in admiring this mans 40 tone.
    With that Dave dear you pay some heed,
    this comes with love, it does indeed.

    You are fighting, ninja style, and have
    been doing so quite a while.
    Your plight is great, your burden heavy,
    stop right now and have a bevvie ( beer?)

    While your at it, eat some fish,
    omega heavy is my wish.
    Take a break and get some air,
    wash the cult fumes out your hair.

    That creepy feeling you detect,
    not OSA, just me my pet.
    I have been watching login times,
    and sleep for you comes last in line.

    Just a touch more sleep is what you need
    to push back against PTSD.
    Now that's been said I can now rest,
    and trust that you will do your best.

    From the notebook of the David Love/ I Lieks ta rhyme Appreciation Society
    On behalf of all Dave Love loving anons, the world around.
    As brought to you by, our major sponsor Big Pharma.

    PS- Back off Johnny ;)
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  12. Intelligence Member

    ***SORRY*** - video is blocked is some Countries :-(

    October 18, 2012 - A tribute to the many Scientology rehab, Narconon victims around the globe who were duped into attending a dangerous cult rehab. My prayers to all the grieving family member and friends - - many I met in person. Our prayers are with you all. Justice shall prevail.

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Was on the phone for hours today/early morning, requesting more Dox like this from around the globe. The "Game" you play, is up OSA - - *Check-Mate*

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Wow, very powerful tribute. Tears.
    Than you for sharing that
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  15. Intelligence Member

    Will try to get it up on a Russia channel. 224 countries are blocked because of
    the music - - and available in 23 of the main countries. Most major countries ok, except for "United States Minor" - - whatever "Minor" means??? - hope the USA can view it or that sucks :-([IMG]
  16. I believe United States Minor is in Hemet, California, impressive and powerful video is available in the rest of the country.......
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Now have Human Rights Commission case precedent from French to English.
    It's a 45 page decision/facts that we've based, in part, the Narconon et al. case on,
    as well as about 35 more EXPLOITATION CASE PRECEDENTS that I can now
    review in English :)

    Here is the brief Summary webpage:

    This is the beginning of the 45 Page complete Court Dox and a Link to my <narcononcanada>
    webpage that contains all pages of the Sauce:

    J U G E M E N T
    The Rights Commission claims Mr. Coutu and the companies it controls an allowance of 2,060,000$ in moral damages and exemplary damages due to various forms ofexploitation and abuses they allegedly exercised against the rights of the beneficiaries of the Centre d'accueil Pavillon Saint-Théophile, between January 1, 84 and March 31, 88.
    1.The issues in dispute
    This case raises the following issues:1 - Mr. Coutu and each of its companies were, between January 1, 84 and March 31, 88, Pavillon Saint-Théophile recipients form anyoperating or violations of their rights protected by the Charter of rights and freedoms?

    Will be reviewing more case precedents over next few weeks and post some.

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  18. Intelligence Member

    "ONCE" (cup 7/8 full) we win this, the Narconon in Ontario that is apparently in the
    planning stage, and the tiny 4-5 bed NN in Alberta, are in for big trouble. In fact, there
    is another Federal agency that I will approach, and if successful, which I'm confident
    the powers in office will clearly see is in the best interests of public safety of disabled
    persons (Canada Supreme Court Decision):

    Thus, any rehab accross Canada, considered to be Exploiting addicts in their Scientology Rehab,
    will face immediate scrutiny and most likely closure, in my opinion. Not only will this protect
    vulnerable and desperate victims, it will save Canada and the Provinces huge $$$, which I will
    lay out in detail to the appropriate authorities.

    The patients in Canada who are suffering from the disability of addiction disease, have the same
    and equal human rights and freedoms as any other patient or disabled person. There can not and

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  19. Anonymous Member

    You go David!
  20. Intelligence Member

    "Ok - ok, ok - - I'm going to bed now for some sleep - LOL. Yes, I know it's 10:35am,
    but we got er' done and now my "Hamster-Wheel" will be shut down :)

    BUT - - - I'll be back:) - - cheers:)

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  21. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Sweet dreams DEL :)
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  22. anon walker Moderator

    Is it just me, or does this sound like an extortionist threat? "Shut up or we've decided the laws don't apply to us so our defense will be to dead agent and libel you to the media." I reading this right? That this law firm is saying that Narconon will illegally exposeDavid Love's private medical records unless he stops his campaign to expose Narconon's illegal practices?

    And, they keep referring to "false allegations." I guess they haven't seen pix of DL's document collection, lol.
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  23. Quentinanon Member

    Hey. If they Exec Council won't purchase toilet paper, they sure as hell won't buy Kentucky Jelly.
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  24. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Then there's gonna be an AWFUL lot of friction.... :D
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  25. Random guy Member

    This is bloody golden! Do you think he/she would be willing to say the same thing under oath?
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  26. Intelligence Member

    I met this person online a long time ago, and will be meeting them in person next year. I don't want
    to "out" them, so I can only say ABSOLUTELY they would, and has testified under oath:)

    I have a TON of Dox from this person and we WILL post them ALL in due course. Once
    these QHRC Hearings are done and the evidence is in the public domain, I intend to post
    thousads of pages.

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  27. Intelligence Member

    Heenan & Blaikie is one of the largest firms in Canada, with 500 lawyers
    around the globe. Maybe they were mad because I filed a formal complaint with
    the Quebec Bar concerning Conflict of Interest and was about to File an Appeal.
    If they had have represented NN/COS at the Hearing, I would have dropped
    a Cannon on them and asked the Tribunal to have them: RECUSE H & B. It was no secret;
    H & B knew what I was about to do. The reserve Dox I had would have SUNK them.

    Heenan & Blaikie do NOT represent the Cult now.


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  28. Intelligence Member

    We purchased 88 pages of Dox from the Land Title Office concerning the Catholic Nuns
    selling their NN TR property to Tony (THETASOFT eventually tranferred), and found
    the SAME Law Firm/Lawyer handled it as against me.

    Documents concerning the sale of property owned by Les Oblates Missionaires de Marie Immaculée (OMMI) to Scientologists and lease of the property to the Scientology front group Narconon Trois-Rivières

    On Nov. 19, 2001, OMMI sold their property to two private individuals who are Scientologists, Antonino (Tony) Putorti and Mario Desrochers, at less than market value on the condition that the property not be used for Scientology or sold to Scientology, otherwise the seller (OMMI) can sue the buyers (see below), and with the understanding that the property would be leased for ten years to a non-profit organization called Narconon. These conditions appear to have been violated.

    The property has been owned since Feb. 27, 2007 by Thetasoft Inc., which belongs to Antonino (Tony) Putorti and his wife, Lucille Proulx. Incidentally, Antonino Putorti took over the "Golf des Forges" and imposed Scientology training on the employees, who refused, were dismissed, filed complaints, and settled out of court.

    Narconon TR's ten-year lease expires on Oct. 18, 2011.


    Attachment: 2001-11-20 Vente AL_44_466_312_image_001.pdf

    Sale: Nov. 19, 2001
    Sale of 7525, 7535, 7555, 7595 Parent Boulevard, Trois-Rivières by "Les Oblates missionnaires de Marie Immaculée" (the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate) to Antonino (aka Tony) Putorti and Mario Desrochers.

    Antonino (Tony)
    Putorti married since Sept. 15, 1984 to Lucille Proulx, Mario Desrochers married since May 7, 1983 to Micheline Lecavalier.

    Special condition 4, page 6-7

    L'acheteur aux présentes ou tout locataire ou prête-nom ou compagnie devant agir à l'intérieur des locaux faisant l'objet de la présente vente, s'engage à ne tenir aucune activité en lien avec l'église de scientologie et ce dans tous les bâtiments et/ou sur les terrains faisant l'objet de présente vente et s'engage également à ne pas revendre toutes les propriétés acquises aux présentes à l'église de scientologie de façon directe ou indirecte, sous peine de poursuites en dommages et i
    ntérêt par le vendeur aux présentes.

    Informal translation: The buyer or any tenant or nominee or company that operates within the premises included in the present sale promise to exercise no activity in connection with the Church of Scientology, and this in or on all buildings and/or grounds included in the present sale. They also promise not to sell any of the property acquired by this sale to the Church of Scientology directly or indirectly, under penalty of lawsuit for damages and interest by the seller [the nuns].

    Special condition 8, page 7

    Il est à la connaissance du vendeur aux présentes, que l'acheteur louera les locaux faisant l'objet des présentes ou partie de ceux-ci à un organisme connu sous le nom de Narconon, car l'opération de cet organisme doit être une organisation sans but lucratif.

    Informal translation: The seller [Ommi] is aware that the buyer will lease the premises included in this sale or part of them to an organization known as Narconon, given that the nature of this organization must be not-for-profit.

    As of Aug. 28, 2001, the property was evaluated at $727,000 by the City of Trois-Rivières.

    The sale price is $575,000 ($365,000 cash, $210,000 by 42 monthy payments of $5,000 plus 5% interest calculated and paid monthly)

    Notary: Nelson Ward


    Attachment: 2005-02-03 Vente 01__AL_12_055_704.htm

    Sale: Feb. 2, 2005
    Mario Desrochers sold, for $210,000, his 50% share to Lucille Proulx (30%) and Cynthia Putorti (20%).

    Putorti ceded 10% to his wife, Lucille Proulx.

    Proportions of property ownership after this transaction:
    Putorti 40%
    Lucille Proulx 40%
    Putorti 20%
    Notary: Michel Carrier

    Attachment: 2005-12-09 Bail AL_12_919_151_image_001.pdf

    Notice of ten-year lease (Nov. 19, 2001 - Oct. 18, 2011) by which Tony
    Putorti and Mario Desrocher rent to Narconon Trois-Rivières 7535, 7535A, 7545, 7555, 7595 Parent Boulevard plus the land and forest behind 7555 and 7595.

    Document prepared and signed by Yves Rocheleau, the lawyer who initially represented Narconon against David Love.


    Attachment: 2006-05-23 Hypothèque 01__AL_13_304_363.htm

    $360,000 mortgage granted by Caisse Desjardins Les Estacades to Antonino
    Putorti, Lucille Proulx, Cynthia Putorti at 15% annual interest. Collateral is the property at 7525-7595 Parent Boulevard for $360,000+$72,000.

    Antonino (Tony)
    Putorti married since Sept. 15, 1984 to Lucille Proulx
    Putorti never been married.
    Notary: Michel Carrier

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  29. Intelligence Member

    CONTINUED from Above ^^^

    Scientology-Narconon vs. Catholic Church

    Attachment: 2007-02-28 Vente 01__AL_14_030_905.htm
    Sale: Feb. 27, 2007

    Antonio [sic]Putorti, Lucille Proulx, CynthiaPutortisold 7525 - 7595 Parent Boulevard to Thetasoft Inc., represented by AntoninoPutorti, president and secretary, and LucillePutorti.

    The sale price is $575,000 ($340,547.45 paid by the May 23, 2006 mortgage, $234,452.55 to be paid by installments interest-free).

    Notary: Michel Carrier

    Attachment: 2007-04-25 Correction 01__AL_14_162_581.htm

    Correction of the Feb. 27, 2007 in which AntoninoPutortiwas incorrectly identified as "AntonioPutorti".


    Attachment: 2007-04-25 Hypothèque 01__AL_14_162_580.htm

    $195,000 variable credit contract granted by Caisse Desjardins Les Estacades to Thetasoft Inc., represented by AntoninoPutorti, president and secretary, and Lucille Proulx, at 15% annual interest.

    Collateral is the property at 7525-7595 Parent Boulevard for $195,000+$39,000.
    Antonino (Tony)Putortimarried since Sept. 15, 1984 to Lucille Proulx
    CynthiaPutortinever been married.

    Notary: Michel Carrier


    Attachment: 2009-03-06 Hypothèque 01__AL_15_996_864.htm

    $1,284,000 loan granted by Caisse Desjardins Les Estacades to Thetasoft Inc. (registered as number 1147484001 on Feb. 26, 1998), represented by AntoninoPutorti, president and secretary, and Lucille Proulx, shareholder, at 15% annual interest.

    Collateral is the properties at:
    1600, rue Léger, Trois-Rivières
    35 and 37, rue Notre-Dame Est, Trois-Rivières
    7525 - 7595, boul. Parent, Trois-Rivières
    835 - 845, boul. DesRécollets, Trois-Rivières
    858 - 862, 9e Avenue, Shawinigan-Sud
    for $1,284,000+$256,800.00

    Notary: Hugues Germain


    Attachment: 2001-07-18 Évaluation –Ville de TR.jpg

    The attached screen snapshot shows that, on July 1, 2008, the City of Trois-Rivières officially evaluated the Narconon TR property (7525-7595 Parent Boulevard, parcel number 2555001) for tax purposes at $765,000 ($175,000 for the land, $589,000 for the buildings) and for sale purposes at $787,950. The 2001 deed of sale states that the City of Trois-Rivières evaluated the property at $727,000 as of Aug. 28, 2001 and that the property was sold for $575,000 on Nov. 19, 2001.
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  30. anonysamvines Member

    But did you have a good sleep and some good food in the six hours between posts ITT? I sure hope so.

    Good news tho Mr Love.
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  31. Intelligence Member

    &quot;Taking lunch break now&quot; :)

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  32. Intelligence Member

    15 Pages of interesting NAMES &amp; Contact info - One of them sent me this - LOL :) - Poor OSA :)

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  33. Anonymous Member

    That is pretty much how I read it too.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Oh Mr Love, you Baaaad, but oh so good!
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  35. anonysamvines Member

    So yet another reason for NN to need that distance between them and $cientology.

    Were the OMMI's aware that Narconon has always been totally based on the works of old elwrong?
    was that ever discussed? Especially with their own lawyer? they may have a case against him.

    Are they aware now?
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  36. anonysamvines Member

    you have permission to forgo the niacin, oil and cal-mag;)
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  37. Intelligence Member

    Yes, they are aware - - I have a Priest friend (Anon) in the USA who has contacted the heiarchy.

    Now, I'm logging off for a long while and try to finish writing my book by end of month.

    EXCERPTS from one Chapter: (UNEDITED) :)

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  38. Anonymous Member

    I agree, you will be back later tonight, you are unrelenting! :)
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  39. HellRazor Member

    NN/CoS Canada can no longer afford to pay Heenan & Blaikie to write letters for them. LOL!
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  40. Quack #1 = Ingest dangerously absurd levels of Niacin and other vitamins.......
    Quack #2 = Ingest a couple of nasty cups of oil.......
    Quack #3 = Ingest some nasty Cal-Mag concoction.......
    Quack #4 = Spend 5 brutal hours daily in a sauna.......

    Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack biggest Quack of em all, L. Ron Hubbard (phony Doctor, phony nuclear physicist, phony, scamming, abusive bastard)

    Charge 30 grand for this batshit insanity, Quack, Quack......
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