NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    "Take a break OSA; holding cards close to my chest"

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  2. RightOn Member

    is the Charter of Humans Rights willing to share their report/findings with the US and other countries?
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  3. Intelligence Member

    I WILL have a Copy of the Report; plus "their" (Cult), Response, plus, of course, our rebuttal
    to "their" Response. The Commission then makes a decision concerning Court/Hearing date.

    The Commission did answer the MacLean's Reporter's questions, confirming number of
    Cases and the alleged Violations under the QHRC Act, but did not give Case details.

    Answer to your question? I don't know, but all their decisons are posted Online :) <3

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  4. RightOn Member

    that's good
    the rest of the world needs to see it
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  5. Intelligence Member

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  6. Intelligence Member

    ***Today it has been exactly THREE YEARS since I gave my Resignation to the Cult*** - - "It's been a long 3 years of countless battles fought and won - - tense moments of pushing to the ultimate limit, without reservation; knowing that Good would WIN over Evil. My faith in truth and justice has not let me down, nor have my TRUSTED FRIENDS - Thank YOU all" ♥ ♥ ♥

    “Sometimes we bring to a struggle or cause the gifts we see most clearly, a courage, a strength, or a charm others have told us we have. But often we find more is asked of us than that, more than we intended or thought we possessed. We are asked to offer that which we thought dearest, to forgive what seemed unpardonable, to face what we feared the most and endure it. Sometimes we have to travel to the last step a path that was not of our own choosing. But I promise you this ... it will lead to a greater joy in the end. The difficulty is that the end is beyond our sight, it is a matter of faith, not of knowledge.”
    ― Anne Perry
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  7. RightOn Member

    Happy 3 Years Freedom David!
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  8. McLOVIN_1982 Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    No David, thank you! As an anon, it has been (and remains) an honor to walk in your shadows.
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  10. Intelligence Member

    2012 has been a mighty good year, with many battles won, but I'm pretty confident
    that 2013 will be a year that far surpasses anything we've seen thus far in Canada
    and the United States. I'm, as usual, very optimistic, considering all the irons heating
    up and ready to spark the fuse on the canons:)

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  11. Intelligence Member

    Too many undue and unwarranted delays have initiated action.

    Contacted and received reply from Quebec Minister of Justice.

    Awaiting reply from Manager of Quebec Human Rights Commisiion.

    Other appropriate entities have also been contacted and I EXPECT action soon?

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  12. Intelligence Member

    ***Scientology Discrimination Cases*** - - QUESTION?>>> I am currently involved in several Human Rights Commission cases in Quebec, UK, and one to begin soon federally under the Canada Human Rights Commission. I have evidence dox from ex-staff at Narconon and read some Policy letters and it is clear that the COS/Narconon discriminates in their hiring/employment/posting Policies. One such email doc I have from an Ethics Officer states: “No [he/she] could not train or be posted as an Ethics Officer because [he/she] does not have a high enough IQ. This [he/she] person, over a two year period, ended up being an Executive (against policy), - - an obvious “out-tech” decision. Many of the staff at NN TR were not Hatted, or even took the basic staff hat; such as me. My next submission, formal complaint to the Human Rights Commission will be in reference to: 1975, c. 6, s. 16. - No one may practise discrimination in respect of the hiring, dismissal or conditions of employment of a person or in the establishment of categories or classes of employment. AND: 1982, c. 61, s. 5. - “No one may, in an employment application form or employment interview, require a person to give information regarding any ground mentioned in section 10 unless the information is useful for the application of section 20 or the implementation of an affirmative action program in existence at the time of the application.”

    DOES THE COS/ORGS have the same IQ Requirements for certain Posts???
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  13. snippy Member

    Don't know, but wouldn't be surprised.

    Here in the states, it isn't discrimination to require people to have the aptitude or certain skills for a job, as long as those criteria are required of every applicant. Are you saying the IQ test is discriminatory? Confused.
  14. Intelligence Member

    It's a Quebec Civil, as opposed to Common Law issue that ONLY Quebec uses in North America
    in how there govern and address Civil issues. It's not so much the 'requirement' to take the IQ test,
    although that WILL be an issue in upcoming cases where Patients were FORCED to do so, it's WHY
    this Test is required and the USING of it to CLASSIFY persons unjustifiable; except and according
    to the CHURCH TENENTS. Not only is a very serious Human Rights violation, but also a Labour
    Relations violation. The same as, under the Charter, an Employer can NOT discriminate hiring
    because of any physical disability; the COS is discriminating in effect, by NOT hiring because an
    able person falls under a certain IQ. Is this a disability? ONLY if it makes the person UNABLE to perform
    the job discription - - not a unilateral decision made by the COS where no other Employer would use
    such criteria.

    Narconon is an Employer governed by the Labour codes and laws, as well as the Human Rights
    Charter in each Province and Canada Charter if the employer crosses the line ouside of Provincial

    NO PERSON OR GROUP IS ABOVE THESE LAWS as stated in each governing Charter.

    Also, if an employee has been employed in Canada for more than 90 days (probationary period),
    they can NOT be fired without justifiable cause. Up to 90 days, no reason is erequired to fire. If
    Narconon fires after 90 days because the employee is connected to a Suppressive Person or is
    critical (SP), of the COS, Narconon can NOT fire using these reasons. Nor can they fire or send
    an employee to a lower paying Post because their IQ dropped, without paying the same wage as
    the higher paying position. AND the employee could file with the Labour Relations Board and
    Human Rights Commission for discriminatory practices.

    This ^^^ gets complex and lengthy, and according to Heenan & Blaikie (CULT Lawyers), about
    14 months ago, I was wrong about the human rights cases before the Commission now. They
    argued with the ommission that an addict does not have a disability while in Narconon. Like OSA,
    Heenan & Blaikie didn't do their homework either, and they lost their point after I gave evidence
    under oath for two days and cited the Canada Supreme Court case precedent.

    Granted, the CHURCH may be able to get away with their hiring practices within their CHURCH,
    but not at Narconon.

    Another matter before the Human ights Commission right now, is Narconon FORCING patients
    to take the Personality Test. This is not a choice! The Patient MUST do it or be kicked out of
    the program.

    I could be wrong, but I bet if someone digs enough in the USA, their could be avenues to address
    these discriminations?

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  15. RightOn Member

    here's hoping that any fresh meat does not take the personality test!
    I hope they get kicked out!
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  16. Intelligence Member



    In Canada, we cherish our Human Rights and Freedoms and we are strongly represented
    in all Provincial and Federal juristictions.

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  17. Intelligence Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Where I live, psychological testing is not regarded as valid unless a licensed psychologist signs the report.

    It is foolish to think that a bubble test will accurately represent a human quality as complex as "intelligence" without some appreciation of the person's history and the testing situation, by someone with a great deal of training and experience.

    Scientology has a habit of repeatedly testing IQ. That ruins the norms and makes the results impossible to interpret. Just one of the things LRH got wrong.
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    Three other civil law exceptions in North America to watch:
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  20. snippy Member

    This makes sense. If an "IQ test" is not administered correctly, it is not a measure of anything relevant to job performance. Even if it is administered correctly, I suppose it can still be argued that it does not measure what it claims to. In that case, I can see that would be a “prohibited grounds of discrimination” as in what IT posted above:

    I wasn't aware that the IQ test was unacceptable. Different jobs require differing degrees and types of intelligence, which an employer should certainly look for in the applicant. This later type of "discrimination" is good. It is finding the right person for the right job. Does this jive with what you mean?

    (Kind of thinking out loud.)
  21. Intelligence Member

    When I come across the pertinent Dox again, you'll see what I mean. Hubbard and his Policies
    are very discriminatory in many ways - - even into the "Hate Crime" realm, which I'm addressing.

    The IQ Tests and Personality Tests are not just take when one arrives the first time at the COS
    or Narconon, they're done many times. Aptitude and Ability to perform the work, should take
    precedent over a person's IQ or Personality/Opinion traits. Hubbard's Policies and Tech rubbish,
    categorize humans too much, thus enters discrimination accoeding to the Charters etc.

    If an IQ Test is required due to being a Nuclear Physicist or brain sugeon, the person's IQ would
    be evident in the person's marks at University, thus his ability to perform required tasks.

    In the Hubbard Dox I reviewed, it didn't matter if you would be an excellent Ethics Officer, Qual,
    or Executive, if the IQ was not high enough, it was a no-go.

    Interestingly, my IQ was fine for all my positions at NN TR, and EVEN though I was a LOUD REBEL WOG,
    I was treated by the ESTO Officer and "some" other staff as if I was a Scilon because my Stats were up
    and I was producing $$$. Was I qualified for the Posts? NO!

    Quite simply, it's a dangerous, exploitive CULT - - what else can I say :)

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  22. BigBeard Member

    IQ is not a very good indicator of how well a person can/will do a job. When I was in school I often saw so called "brains" fail because they spent all their time partying. But kids who weren't considered "brains" racked up 4.0 grade averages because they worked at it, and studied, studied, and studied some more.

    And on the job I've known genius level people I wouldn't leave alone with a customer, because they didn't have a lick of common sense or people skills.

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  23. Intelligence Member

    THIS ^^^ EXACTLY!!! - - Perhaps one could compare it to some quack way back in the 50's, deciding
    that the ONLY people to have working for him in certain capacities, would need to take a blood test
    because he believed that the only way to measure value/competence, is if the person has certain
    blood-types or genotypes? Yes, I know this is a wee bit different, but the best person for ANY job,
    is the best person for the job, no matter IQ, religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, disability,
    and on and on. When discrimination takes a foot-hold, some people/organizations begin to
    believe that "someday they will make all the laws and say what is legal or not!" The "foot" in
    the "hold", needs to be turned around and stuck up "THEIR" Arse.

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  24. snippy Member

    I heard this, too and in fact, saw an article a while back where they were saying emotional/social intelligence was the best predictor of success. I've also heard the IQ tests are frequently modified or improved to remove problems such as cultural biases and that there are different publishers of the tests. Do you know which test they use? I can imagine NN might still be using an ancient version from the 50's. That would certainly discredit their IQ test as a screening method.
  25. BigBeard Member

    They don't use a legitimate, if there is such a thing, IQ test. What they use is essentially another variation of the so called "Oxford Capacity Analysis" (OCA), which has nothing to do with Oxford University, they use for a bunch of other things too.

  26. RightOn Member

    what does NN say about an IQ test having anything to do with rehab anyways?
  27. Intelligence Member

    Take a look on pahe 5B of this Narconon Withdrawal Specialist Manual.

    High doses of vitamins, especially NIACIN, are given BEFORE blood test results
    are done and reviewed. This is important to the Department of Mental Health in Oklahoma.
  28. anon walker Moderator

    If you take the same IQ test over and over as the Scilons do, your score will improve. Duh.
    This doesn't mean you're getting smarter, but Scientology tells you it does.
  29. Intelligence Member

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  30. BigBeard Member

    ^^^What a crock! Total load of BS.

    And the OCA is NOT, NOT, NOT, and IQ test in any way, shape, or form. Using this thing for employment purposes has got to be violating a ton of State and Federal employment laws.

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  31. Anonymous Member

    ^Hey could you post a tiny url for the document tests this references so I can snatch a copy having trouble with Scrib right now.
  32. Intelligence Member

    Indeed^^^. Just waiting for Reply from Human Rights Commission - - then sending another few
    hundred pages of Dox, including some Originals I have:)

  33. Intelligence Member

    AND if you want a day or two off, be prepared for Security Checks!
    Even at Narconon, it was BRUTAL!

  34. Anonymous Member

    That works Great if you could post a tiny-url for that test it would be even better I love research dox. Scrib is not allowing d/l or print without signing on as a premium member for the test doc.
  35. Intelligence Member

  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Intelligence Member

    Strange? Takes me to it no problem and I'm not subscribed?
  38. snippy Member

    Try feeding it by uploading some documents. You can even upload grid paper. It doesn't care.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. snippy Member

    Wikipedia says

    Is this their IQ test? There are valid personality tests for employment. Salesmen and research scientists do need different personalities to be well suited to there jobs. But this "Novis Mental Ability Test" has to be completely bogus and unverified. Analyzing the test itself could make the case.

    The Wikipedia article is very good on the OCA. I had never seen this. It's like the Narconon program itself:

    They seem blind to their own manipulation techniques. It's remarkable.

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