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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. grebe Member

    Thanks for all your hard work, David.
  2. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., I have have spent lots of time on here trying to figure
    out all the initials mean. I didn't even know what "<3" meant until
    last month,..., LOL.....

    But I'm learning.

    The first time somebody mentioned that I should "buy new curtains; a big dog; and
    a locking gas cap"; I didn't sleep well. I didn't know if it was a threat or joke.

    I'm much wiser now and can laugh lots with these awesome humours :) :) :)

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  3. Intelligence Member

    You're very welcome. I would say it's "a pleasure", but it's not really. I do it because,......, I want
    to do it and because it is the "right thing to do." And because I see results; know there will be further
    positive results; and because I have many supportive Anons standing with me. That's why :)

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Neither. It means respect.
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  5. Intelligence Member

    How so?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Venturing a guess here: it means Anonymous takes you seriously and is worried about you becoming a target of Scientology "fair game".
    Anonymous was trying to offer helpful advice on taking some basic security precautions to protect yourself without trying to frighten.

    Scientology has had a history of attacking and harassing its enemies, using private investigators and OSA to mess with people.
    Mostly it's all psychological, trying to frighten. So far from what you've reported the harassment has been pretty mild
    compared with what they have done to others. (See for example tommy gorman's youtube channel where he describes a bunch of the
    creepy crazy stuff they try to do to his family to make him stop protesting).

    Anyway, I'm sorry you lost sleep over this message, it was definitely not a threat, just a random anon (not me) trying to be helpful.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Oh', that was a long, long time ago. No issue now at all. After I mentioned the post to my comrads at work,
    they began to read "david edgar love narconon" on a Google search. They haven't stopped teasing me since.
    Comments like, "don't walk too close on the side walk to Dave, and if you see a a black van pull up, stop and watch
    to see no people jump out to grab him",..., LOL.

    I think I've been fortunate compared to some, like Gerry and Graham, and many others. I believe that if I didn't have the Government and their lawyers
    fighting for me, it may be much different.

    I really didn't know or understand the depth they would drop to, in Fair Gaming and Dead Agenting; but lately I am
    learning quickly. I still find it difficult to understand how our society allows this to continue. It's incomprehensible!

    I do appreciate Anons concern and my eyes are open much more now. This certainly has been a roller-coaster
    and I'm staying on the tracks to the end of the ride :) :) :)

  8. Intelligence Member


    Sorry about the xxxxxxxxx out parts, but I must protect their indentity right now.

    More HORROR stories arrive in my email in-box daily!

    This just came in today. Exerpt:

    We just got our xxxxxxxx home from Narconon xxxxxxxxxxxx. We were lied to and ripped off $xxxxxxx.00 for xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx.00 for the program.
    I don't know where to start. No one will reply to my emails. They had our xxxxxxxxxxxx sign papers after they arrived and....." Please feel free to call me. Thank you, xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

    This poor, vulnerable family and patient were lied to and exploited. This CULT doesn't seem
    to get the message that this will not be tolerated any further by the Public, Government
    Health Officials, and Politicians.

    This family didn't know where to turn or what to do. Anonymous is where they turned to for help.

    This IS WHY!

  9. Intelligence Member

    Will be responding to Commission correspondence later today. This case will snowball very soon. Complex, but solid case.
  10. Intelligence Member

    Should be receiving Narconon/Scientology Response to the Exploitation Complaint soon. Then I
    will have the delicious opportunity to Rebut their response.

    In their last three statements from three people in Response to the Pyscological Harassment
    case. it took only a couple of days to Rebut their statements and have the case move forward.

    This one will be much easier and should move the case forward quickly.

    I think Narconon is really SCREWED on this one with such a strong Case Precedent:

    The difficult part will be having ABLE Canada, the COS, and others charged, but I have
    high hopes it can be done. Depends on the Human Rights Commissions resources and
    determination; which does look strong for now.

    The Case Precedent was from 1988 and the Judgement against the Respondant was
    for about $2,800,000.00!

    Who knows what their Lawyer fees were?

    Exerpts from Case Precedent:

    - The Human Rights Commission has brought a claim against Mr. Coutu and companies under his control seeking $2,060,000 in moral and exemplary damages resulting from the exploitation and violation of the rights of residents of the Centre d'ccueil Pavillon Saint-Th�ophile which occurred between January 1, 1984, and March 31, 1988.

    - (s. 10). In addition, the Charter forbids all forms of exploitation aimed at the aged and the handicapped. The Tribunal finds that the legislation does not only address economic exploitation, but also concerns physical, psychological, and social or moral exploitation. (this added by me: an addict or alcoholic in any treatment facility is a "handicap" under the ACT)

    - As for the residents' forced labour, the evidence showed that Pavillon Saint-Th�ophile forced the residents to perform certain duties required for the operation of the institution without pay. The Tribunal finds that there was nothing to justify such exploitation. Even if one were to accept the argument that regular work brought certain advantages to the residents, this could not in anyway justify exploitation on the part of the employer who unscrupulously benefited from such labour without ever paying any form of remuneration.

    - The evidence also showed that staff members lacked the qualifications required to work in such a centre. Mr. Coutu showed a preference for individuals and employees whose only qualifications rested on family ties. The Tribunal also finds that the residents were subjected, on a daily basis, to behaviour and situations which violated their rights: staff members showed contempt and a lack of respect towards the residents; the residents were regularly treated as if they were children and often placed into humiliating situations which did not respect their right to privacy. The residents were deprived of their rights by outdated institutional practices that were put into place and tolerated by the administration. Moreover, the violation of the residents' rights by Mr. Coutu and the complaints under his control was both intentional and deliberate. The Tribunal rejects the argument that the residents or others consented to such treatment. There can be no consent or agreement with respect to exploitation.

    - The Tribunal orders Jean Coutu, Centre d'ccueil Pavillon Saint-Th�ophile Inc. and Centre r�cr�atif J.C. pour d�ficients mentaux to pay the sum of $1,413,300 for moral damages suffered by the residents of Pavillon Saint-Th�ophile and the additional sum of $141,330 for punitive damages, with interest from the date of the present judgment and costs.

    Exerpts Frpm Nine Page Exploitation Complaint to Human Rights Commission:

    - Vulnerable and ill patients are lured to Narconon Trois-Rivieres, by way of their web sites which promise and promote a 70% success rate cure. There is no mention on any of their web sites that Narconon is Scientology or affiliated with this Religious Cult whatsoever.

    - This Narconon Trois-Rivieres Treatment Program costs $23,000.00, plus additional costs for extra doctor visits, personal hygiene items, extra rides for appointments at a cost per ride, and other miscellaneous expenses for personal items. The cost to a parent or sponsor for a loved one sent to this facility can easily cost $25,000.00 or more.
    - Patients are lured into this Narconon Program, not aware that it is a Scientology Religious program designed to indoctrinate patients into the religious beliefs and doctrines of Scientology through mind control techniques and brain washing.

    - There are no professional staff who are qualified in drug or alcohol treatment whatsoever. There are no nurses, doctors, therapists, or councillors on staff.
    - Although the Narconon Trois-Rivieres web site does state they have certified councillors and other staff members, it is misleading and deceptive. The only certificate staff members have, is obtained at Narconon Trois-Rivieres after the staff member completes a short course. This course is only a few days or couple of weeks and is based on the Scientology Religious Doctrines and Therapies.

    - None of the Scientology trained Narconon staff members are qualified or recognised by any medical or scientific authority as being acceptable treatment for addictions. On the contrary, the medical profession and governments are critical of the Narconon treatment practices and view the program to be dangerous, both physically and physiological to patients.

    - Patients are subject to the Scientology Purification Rundown; commonly known as the Sauna Program at Narconon. The patient is prescribed and administered toxic does of NIACIN and other vitamin concoctions. The patient is subject to 5 hours per day, seven days per week at very sauna temperatures and up to 2,600 to 5,000mg of NIACIN. Many patients become ill and are taken to hospital emergency.

    - Narconon exploits patients to perform manual labour that is the responsibility and duty of paid staff members. Some staff members are not paid and some only $2.50 per hour)

    - If a patient contravenes certain Narconon rules or policies, the patient is labeled as a person in Treason. An Orange document is printed with the patients name on the top of the page, with the words TREASON underneath.
    - These patients are forced to perform such manual labour as shovelling snow, washing walls, and cleaning tables and mopping floors. A duty which is normally performed by staff members. If the patient refuses, they are sent to the Ethics Office and interrogated. Many times, this patient is coerced and encouraged to disconnect from family members and friends.

    The Scientology Religious Doctrines prescribe this policy of Disconnection. The patient is told that these relatives or friends are Suppressive Persons and causing the patient to be a Potential Trouble Source. I have the documents on this process which is quite disturbing.

    These patients are harassed, suppressed, brain washed, controlled, discriminated against, and exploited.

    I have more than 9,600 pages of documented proof, that Narconon Trois-Rivieres is the Religious Cult called Scientology and must follow all of the Scientology Religious Doctrines.

    Indeed, this is a dangerous and destructive cult and is under investigation by the Human Rights Commission, the Labour Relations Board, the College of Physicians, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Competition Bureau of Canada, the FBI, and facing Court Hearings in Quebec.

    I recently had a meeting in Ottawa in the office of the Honourable Senator Celine Payette, leader of the Senate Opposition. Her Advisor and Aide spoke to us at length are quite concerned about Scientology and Narconon practices in Canada. I submitted over 1,000 pages of documents to this Senators Office.

    As you are well aware, the Quebec Human Rights Commission has investigated Narconon Trois-Rivieres on my behalf following a formal complaint from me as an Employee.

    This complaint is filed with your office as me being a patient, and on behalf of the many other abused patients at Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

    Within the next few days, I will meet with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services in Trois-Rivieres. Upon my return, I will submit to your office, additional evidence documents for your review.
    This Formal Complaint consists of a nine (9) page Cover Letter, plus 1.53MB of
    Evidence Documents. Additional statements and affidavits are being prepared
    to Rebut their Reponse to Formal Complaint.
  11. Anonymous Member

    yep that's what I meant...sorry I missed your question Dave. And actually you seem more than capable of looking after yourself, with or without random anonymous 'worry' ;)
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  12. Random guy Member

    Adjusted for inflation, that will make a dent in their finnances!
  13. Intelligence Member

    And the Judge awarded &quot;Plus Interest&quot; :)

    The Cult seems to have lots of money to fight cases. They spent more
    than $5,000,000.00 fighting Bonnie Woods in England:

    And more than $7,000,000.00 fighting the Case in Toronto:;task=view&amp;id=1207&amp;Itemid=129
    It led evidence that its liabilities exceeded its assets by approximately $12 million and that it had already expended over $7 million in legal fees to defend these charges. There was evidence, however, that the Church of Scientology International had provided financial help to the appellant to assist in the payment of legal fees and other creditors.

    Because of the role of the mother church (described as the Church of Scientology International) in controlling the local Church of Scientology of Toronto and in providing financial assistance, the corporate accused, in my judgment, is in a position analogous to that of a wholly-owned subsidiary of a large corporation. The Court must look to the size of the parent in determining the amount of the fine to be imposed.

    This is WHY?&gt;&gt;&gt;

    Quebec Human Rights Commission

    (also Slave Labour &amp; Discriminations)

    February 9, 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    I David Edgar Love, hereby submit this formal complaint against the Church of Scientology, Montreal, 4489 Papineau Street Montreal, Québec, Canada H2H 1T7; ABLE Canada, 20 Carthage Ave, SCARBOROUGH, Ontario, M1R 4Y2; Narconon Trois-Rivieres, 7535 Boulevard Parent, Trois-Rivières QC, Canada; Narconon Canada (Dissolved), Narconon International, 4652 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90027, Church of Scientology International, 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028, and David Miscavige, 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028 In addition to the Corporate Entities, each and every Executive Director of the aforesaid is named; being responsible and accountable for the administration and directives at the rehabilitation center at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.


  14. Intelligence Member

    Warning: Some Graphic Images

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Should be hearing from HRC soon about two cases. The Exploitation Case should move to next phase soon and will meet with lawyers and investigtors. Tick Tock:)
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the update!

  17. Random guy Member

    Keep us posted!
  18. Intelligence Member

    Well, I am kind of shy and timid, and don't like to post or write much,
    but I will you posted, LOL,... :)

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  19. Intelligence Member


    Quebec Human Rights Commission

    RE: Signed


    Annik L'Archevêque <Annik.L'>View Contact
    To: David Love <>

    Dear Sir,

    I will send you shortly the response from Narconon for the exploitation complaint

    Thank you

    Some other confidential stuff could not be include.


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  20. Intelligence Member

    Received another email from HRC today. Seems like they may be dragging their feet on one case. Will be contacting the Ombudsman and put some government political pressure on the case as well as media, if need be. It's not that I don't trust the HRC, I don't trust what the scilons may have up their corrupt sleaves. We'll see:)
  21. Anonymous Member

    Balls of titanium.

    I'll raise a drink to you tonight Mr Love.
  22. Intelligence Member

    I've found that the more pressure, the more apt something or someone will move. Like TR 3'S. I've never asked Anons to help me with email poons before, but I may in the near future to the HRC if they keep dragging their feet:)
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  23. Intelligence Member

    The HRC Will move forward soon or I may consider standing in front their office building with a sign to grab media attention. Probably won't need to, but will if need be.
  24. Intelligence Member

    Just never know what a new day will bring. An ex-NN TR patient just contacted me and they and
    others are interested in joining in a similar complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

    I will help them with the complaint dox and filing.

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  25. Intelligence Member



    20 minutes ago ·LikeUnlike · · See Friendship

      • 186989_1673041911_7840419_q.jpg
        David Love Human Rights Commission is investigating NN TR for EXPLOITATION right now. If you want to add to the complaint, message me here and I will send you my email address with the info and help you and anyone else who wants to file complaint.
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      • 186989_1673041911_7840419_q.jpg
        David Love Boney, if you need any help, just ask me.
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  26. Anonymous Member


    Intelligence will not sleep until there is grate justice.

    (But on a serious note, please do rest and take care, tomorrow is another day).
  27. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I know it's now 3:31am and I'm still working on a couple web sites doing some PR work
    and helping others with possible complaints, but I don't start my day job until 5:00pm. So I
    can sleep in. Except for tomorrow I must prepare copy/paste list for my Lawyer,..., LOL,...

    But you're right, I will not sleep well until there is GREAT Justice :) :) :)
  28. Intelligence Member

    More like this image. I have a little more hair, for now, than the above pic.

    And seriously, I've only fallen asleep twice on my computer, But it was because
    it was taking too long for a translation from French to English. Had a sore neck
    for a couple days,..., LOL.


    Going to bed now, good night,..., or morning,.., which ever :) :) :)

  29. over9000OT Member

    Send up the bat signal and you'll have my ax!
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  30. Anonymous Member

    The Ombudsman can investigate to determine if the public body is being fair to the people it serves.

    The Québec Ombudsman's role is to be on the lookout for negligence, errors, unfairness or abuse on the part of Québec government departments and agencies and see that corrective action is taken.

    Ombudsman generally deal with complaints from people who believe they have been treated unfairly by agencies operating under provincial legislation. This includes government agencies and services.
  31. Intelligence Member

    I think it's time to bring in the Quebec Ombudsman. Since some hospital files and medical records
    may have been misplaced, films disappeared, and other questionable incidents, perhaps
    the various Quebec government agencies could use some investigative help from a nuetral
    government agency with some power and clout.

    Also the Federal Ombudsman to investigate ans assist the Canada Competition Bureau and
    their reluctance to investigate the False, Misrepresentation of the Narconon success rate.

    There is also a CBC-Radio Canada Ombudsman. Since there appears to be unfairness and
    possible hanky panky due to missing films from this government subsidized Media Outlet,
    it's time for an investigation.

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Intelligence Member

    If indeed, hospital records have been compromised and it is determined that
    the government subsidized Media Outlet, CBC-Radio Canada, (TV Station),
    film was tampered with or stolen, then a Police Investigation could be forthcoming.

  34. BigBeard Member

    This sounds like too many other "missing files" shennanigans Cof$ has pulled in the past. If they're involved this time I hope they get nailed good, especially considering their earlier conviction in Canada that involved some of the same type of crap on their part.

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  35. Intelligence Member

    Someone is obviously guilty of something and the public and justice deserves to know who is responsible.

    Pressure will now be put upon the proper authorities to investigate and act.

    Enough is enough!

    We will keep digging even if we have to go down as far as Hell itself.

  36. Intelligence Member

    Looks like a few more ex nn tr people are going to file their own human rights complaints with the Commission. This could cause quite the stir in the brewing shit storm pot:)
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  37. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres Responds to Human Rights Commission

    Just opened PDF File from the Human Rights Commission. It is a two page response from Narconon Trois-Rivieres, concerning the 9 page Formal Complaint. In my opinion, a very lame, ambiguous response, which avoided issues in Complaint. I have until May 16, 2011 to rebut their response. Their response was no surprise and anticipated. To avoid compromising Case, I cannot post details of response, and will forward to my lawyer for advice.

    But what I will state is: My Rebuttal to their response will include several additional pieces of evidence and documents to substantiate the Case for EPLOITATION of a HANDICAP.

    This IS a huge Case and the ramifications are monumental indeed:):):)

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  38. Intelligence Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    New Press Release

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  40. Intelligence Member

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