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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    DM is going to have a shit fit when he gets wind of this huge, comprehensive rebuttal submission. Cause I'll bet some execs haven't written all of their withholds yet that are in the dox I have. WEATHER FORCAST IN MONTREAL: slightly cloudy for next week, with following week clearing; making visible, the imminent Shit Storm on the horizon:)
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  2. moarxenu Member

  3. Intelligence Member

    LOL, should get stormy in Western Canada, Alberta too, by the time all is said and done. Expert medical evidence is now being prepared and analysed. Files should arrive from British Columbia soon. We may even use some of Sparrows big win. Waiting to view transcript files. 2011 looks like a big win for our side and a huge lose/fail for their side:) ,..., what a ride this is! :):):)
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  4. moarxenu Member

    Dude, you are unstoppable.
  5. LocalSP Member

    David I'm just glad you're on our side.
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  6. Intelligence Member

    I'm glad I'm on the Right Side too :):):) - The side of Freedom.



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  7. Intelligence Member

    My mind races, at times, and I struggle with transcribing my thoughts onto the screen fast enough. I treat each day as if it were my last, but begin each day with a warm smile of gratefulness to all who have stood by my side, with encouragement and Love. Thank you ALL:):):)

    I Am Blessed.

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  8. Intelligence Member

    The Narconon Program took me exactly 5 months; Dec1 - May 1st. - then 6 months on staff.

    While in the Program, there was NOT one night that I slept under my covers. EVERY night, I
    would go to my room and lay on top of my covers and write. I never stopped writing. I would
    wake up early, go to the dining room and write on napkins and meal voting slips. I hid most of it
    and just left the stuff I didn't mind them reading. There was Reports to Ethics constantly about
    me not being in bed, but falling asleep with all my cloths on, on top of my covers. I don't know what they
    thought and I didn't care.

    It took me 5 months because I refused to do some things that were against my beliefs and I made
    quite the noise about it.

    Even when I began on staff they had me write articles for them.

    One day, an Executive said to me, "David, if I met an eight foot tall xxxxxxxxxx person (I won't post what they said; it's racist
    and what they said still bothers me a lot), in a dark alley, it wouldn't scare me, but if you ever Blew and turned on us, I
    would be scared to death."
    That's ^^^^^exactly what they said. I had no idea what they were talking about because nothing
    was added to that; they simply walked out of the room.

    I think I now know what they were talking about :):):)

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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Intelligence Member

    What does "88 get" mean?

  11. Zak McKracken Member

    Its an expression from 4chan.
    It means that the previous anonposter had the incredible good fortune (and skill, and mastery of Internet)
    to successfully make post #88 in this thread.

    Why this is something to be extremely proud of, someone else will have to explain....

    Edit: except that they actually missed, and posted #89 instead.

    They failed at Internet!
    (not you, you're doing ok :) )
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Brilliant. Fuck scientology. fucking lying robbing bastard organisation.
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  13. Intelligence Member

    Ok thanks. I began to Google "88 get", but was getting no place. But it was gnawing
    at me like the "curtains, dog, and gas cap", LMAO:):);-O

  14. Intelligence Member

    (more than^^^^^ 150 days)

    "So many long nights, measuring the scenes, words and events; pausing, eyes closed, to weigh the evil of
    the day which stirred my thoughts, I would pen the video onto paper, making fast the words for record."

  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    When the curtains, dog, and gas cap are all gnawing at you, it really is time for drug rehab. (I hear something can be done about that....)

    When you're back to just the dog gnawing at you, you're healthy again. Then just feed the poor dog already and you're set.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    Hope I just bought an extra week to submit a Rebuttal Response.

    Request was for May 16, 2011; asked for one week extension to May 23, 2011.

    Should know by tomorrow.

    I'm beginning to feel like a "Juggler", trying to keep up with these Investigations and Cases,..., LOL.

    Not behind schedule; just need a wee bit of breathing space.

    We'll getter' ALL done one way or another :):):)

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  17. AnonLover Member

    David... dont forget to sleep dude. u need your rest.
  18. Intelligence Member

    Ok, thanks for the push; it's 3:12am,..., good night :):):)

  19. over9000OT Member

    Bro, take care of yourself, we only have one of you.
  20. Intelligence Member

    Had an awesome 6 hour sleep; up now 'Taking Care of Business":)

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  21. Intelligence Member

    Human Rights and Freedoms for ALL - with Dignity and Respect.

  22. Intelligence Member

    Quebec Human Rights Commission Reply In Today: May 11, 2011

    Can't post reason why I requested extension; just that this extra time will be used wisely,
    resulting in a much tighter case.

  23. Intelligence Member

    Another good sleep. On bus, tgif! Should take about 3 days to complete comprehesive Rebuttal; then forward to lawyer for review Re: any conflicts with Superior Court Case/edit. Then off to the Human Rights Commission. Other Human Rights Case Re: Discrimination should be seeing the inside of a court room soon:) ,..., Note to OSA: Don't bother trying to buy me off with a lame cash offer. MARC was wrong; I'm not in this for the money! Crimes and abuses need to be exposed and Wog Justice served. See you in Court; where DM will see what "The People" of our great Country have to say about your Criminal Organizations extortive exploitation and abuses of vulnerable Canadians.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    Awesome day so far. On bus, on cell. Just had a discussion with 2 people that the cos touched. One has a dianetics book from when she was 12; the other has parents who were in the cos for more than a year, but are now out for more than 10 years. The cos is still harassing them for donations! Anythhng for stats eh'? May 2011 is turning out as expected, and this entire Spring and Summer will be Wins. Tick-Tock. Like a cancerous vice, they are their own worst enemy. Duh!
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  25. Intelligence Member

  26. Intelligence Member

    Monday at 3:32pm
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  27. Intelligence Member

    OMG! I hope the Quebec Human Rights Commission can afford to hire more
    Lawyers. The COMPLETE draft Submission WILL be complete today.

    This one's going to bite and really hurt; but their shock will so everwhelm,
    that the real pain won't be felt until the Gavel of Justice slams down hard;
    being heard accross our land and the Continents.

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  28. AnonLover Member

    ^^may they reap what they sow
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The beatutiful sweet winds of truth will soon be blowing through the empty corridors of the cult's many tax free buildings...
  30. Intelligence Member

    Tax free? Not for long I hope. Working on a submission to have their tax status revoked.

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

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  31. Intelligence Member

    The Rebuttal Response with attached dox, are complete and sent off to Lawyers Office:):):)

    David has now left his office and going to bed,..., Yummy, Yummy,..., Sleep......

    But what am I going to do tomorrow, now that I've finished this for now? Canada Human Rights or Canada Competion Bureau,..., LOL.

    Good night all and thank for the research and Edit help!

    I <3 Love you ALL :):):)

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

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  32. Intelligence Member

    My Lawyer has reviewed my numerous pages of Rebuttal to Human Rights Commission and
    dox were forwarded a few minutes ago.

    There are no conflicts with any of the Cases.

    ALL will be moving forward:):):)

    Still working on Entities and Persons to be named in Superior Court filing.
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  33. peterstorm Member

    Great news.
  34. Intelligence Member

    Human Rights Commission Email In:

  35. Intelligence Member

    I missed this because I had never read it before, but if this is what they truly believe,
    then the Scientology Auditing processes being done at Narconon are a fraud and adds
    to the exploitation of the handicap.

    Many, if not most of the patients at Narconon have taken psych drugs in their past and many only
    stopped taking them once they arrived at Narconon. (some were very messed up indeed)

    Each Patient at Narconon is trained to run their Twin in Auditing Sessions for hours, days,
    and weeks; non-stop. We Commanded, "Start and End Session" ; wrote down "Indicators",
    etc, etc, in the Scientology Objectives Auditing Sessions. Of course we didn't know that
    this had anything to do with scientology or that there was a scientology handbook being
    used by the supervisors which indicated when they thought we were "CRACKED", as stated
    in the book.

    So if many of these Patients had taken psych drugs, the Auditing Sessions were worthless and
    the Scientology Executives and Scientologist Case Supervisor knew it. They were well aware that
    the $23,000.00 taken from the Patients, was a scam, with no possible help being given to the
    Patients from the Auditing Sessions because the psych drugs had "mashed a persons pictures
    together making them impossible to audit using scientology methods."

    Then for the Patient to move from one Objective Auditing Session up to the 12th, a Success Story
    must be written for each of the dozen or so Objectives. The Coersion to write these glowing stories,
    was intense, with no wiggle room. Write it or face the interrogating consequences.

    What a SCAM.

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Isn't the sauna supposed to get rid of the effects of all drugs?
  37. Intelligence Member

    LOL,.. ya right:) Still doesn't unmash the pictures:) "mashed a persons pictures
    together making them impossible to audit using scientology methods."

    This battle is becoming more interesting every day and there will be a lot
    of questions directed to many witnesses on the witness stand that they will
    be at a loss for words to answer.

    This Eastgate Case has montivated me to review some more diarized notes
    which will be turned over to authorities and the Media very soon. The sexual
    abuses of the Handicap will not go by the wayside. Certain people will be
    accountable and justice served.

    Some of the Victim Statements have watered my eyes on many occasions.

    AND most Judges may not have had their Gas Stations robbed, but most
    certainly have children and grandchildren they want protected from any
    abuses that may brush against their offspring at any point of time in
    their life.

  38. Intelligence Member

    Will be meeting with Human Rights Commission Lawyers soon to discuss Case and deliver
    a few more dox that I don't trust them to keep Secure by just mailing to them. They need
    to understand the lengths that this Cult will go to when they are up against a Wall.

    Also, it looks like we have another Media Exposure coming up very soon in the USA.

    This one WILL be awesome:):):)

    Sorry for the tease. NOT:) ,..., LOL.

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  39. Intelligence Member


    They are working hard on all of the four cases now filed. This one is for the "REPRISALS against me for "Intimidation and Harassment."


  40. Intelligence Member

    UPDATE: Spoke to Lawyer from Human Rights Commission today who was in a meeting with a group of Commission Lawyers. They are taking the Formal Complaints very seriously and moving forward.

    They asked me to forward more dox. No problem,..., I have another 450 pages plus :)

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