NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Now we're getting VERY serious indeed.:):):)

    Just received a "Summons" to begin giving evidence for two full days in December. Awesome!

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  2. Intelligence Member

    The timing of this ^^^^^ is amazing and incredible. I'll just let OSA "stew"
    over why the two dates are very important. I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT:):):)

    Notice the three (3) C - File Numbers? These are three separate Case Files
    of mine only. There are other Case Files of others:)

    This still seems so surreal to me - - I'm speechless - - and just going with the flow
    of blessings:)

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  3. Anonymous Member

    And just how are you gonna get all dox there? Renting a 16 ft Uhaul? :)
  4. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., YOU make me smile, my dear Friend - - for multiple reasons:)

    They have over 4,500 pages of documents that I have mailed, emailed, and delivered in person.

    After the first 250 pages, they pleaded with me to hold off on more, which I already had another
    400 plus ready to go.

    But now, they want ALL I have - - - EVERYTHING!

    I will probably bring another 1,000 pages or so. Actually, I only have two reams of paper left (2 x 500) = 1,000:)

    But my favourite supply company is very near by. Ther must wonder WTF I'm doing with all this paper,..., LOL.

    After the Trial/Hearing, I will explain how diffiCULT it was to convince them to proceed with all of this.
    It was like trying to get water to ice, in a hot dessert without a freezer. It was a "Brain-Wretching"
    experience trying to sort through all their Human Rights Laws, ACTS, and I kind of had to use their
    own laws and case precedents against their original decision - - nearly gave up at one point, but my
    Irish stubborness would not permit such defeat. It was kind of fun learning the Quebec Human Rights laws
    inside and out.

    I think what may have turned the tide, was when I turned the GENDER around for them to look at; imploring
    them to look at the original first Case, as me being a Female,..., LOL. (will explain in the future):)

  5. Intelligence Member

    LOL,.., I have a plan, including Hard Copies and online back-up to print off their own printer if neccessary.

    The addition ones I'm bringing is not that much compared to what they already have. I hope they lots
    of Toner for their printer.

    My concern is the Security of these dox at their office. I will insist that they are stored in a VERY sucure
    and safe place. It is crucial for the "Rebuttal" evidence dox, following their testimony and cross examination.

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  6. Aurora Member

    Don't know which days David Love is testifying, but it is now December, so: :) :)

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  7. Intelligence Member

    One witnessed was interviewed all day today. I'll say which two days are my turn after they pass:)
    Haven't posted much on here lately as not to tip our surprise hand. I recently read a Sworn Affidavit
    by a NN TR Executive. A poor attempt to deny, deny, deny. I'll be seeing this one in Court soon and
    I expect to destry their Credibility in a knock-out punch with a surprise witness that they least expect.
    Kick some ass? You bet,..., and I will enjoy throwing away my filthy boots afterwards.

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  8. Pique Member

    Thinking of you Intelligence...

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  9. Intelligence Member

    Thank you - - it has been a little stressful at times, but all is going well and as expected.
    We have a stong, powerful case and I'm prepared for the unexpected; as I will brief our
    legal team this month. I have played "Devils Advocate" and gone over every possible scenario and tactic
    they may persue. I welcome Cross Examination by their thugs.

    I'm glad I'm an old "Hardened Irishman" that not only doesn't take any shit from anyone, but I've
    learned through life's hard knocks and street smarts, as well as government education, how to best
    handle a Panther:):):)

    Let the show begin.



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  10. xenubarb Member

    Ron would recommend:

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  11. Random guy Member

    So, this is the big one? David, the very best of luck to you! Remember to take care of yourself while you are testifying. Sleep properly the night before, eat health and all that.

    Also, if you are going to talk much, remember to warm up your voice. Get a big bottle of water, a big straw and warm up by singing through the straw down into the water. Remember, you will need your voice.

    And don't feel the need to tell us anything we don't need to know!
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  12. Narconon's medically dangerous treatment scam which is based entirely on the alleged 'research' of L. Ron Hubbard is a disgrace and their success rates of over 70% have been completely debunked just like Hubbard's Modern 'SCIENCE' of Mental Health space opera magically transformed into a "Religion".

    Which part of the 'secular' Narconon program is NOT Scientology? None of it, It's ALL Scientology training routines and courses including the medically dangerous purification rundown and insane overdoses of Niacin and other vitamin and mineral crazy concoctions all developed by one 'Dr.' L. Ron Hubbard. (oops he lied about being a Dr., he lied about being a nuclear physicist, civil engineer and war hero also amongst his many non accomplishments).

    It's time for governments to step in and stop this non-medical scam once and for all.

    On behalf of Narconon victims and their families, we all can't thank you enough for all you've done to expose this dangerous, horrible abusive scam perpetrated and falsely promoted by the 'Church' of Scientology.

    Wishing you all the best in your quest to stop these abuses, David......

    Thank You!
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    BRB, increasing Jiffy Pop holdings.....
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Price of corn will soon go up over 9000%
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  15. Narconon is Scientology. (period.)
  16. wowza. still cannot comprehend this evil. Made me cry...but made me want to make them cry too. Keep on people, so much info to help.
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  17. David this is soooo monumental. Hate to bring this up but you can come live with me cause United States of America needs you next! Think it over. ha. I'll let you ride in the car.
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  18. Pique Member

    Maybe you should offer him the car......
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  19. My husband would then cry. But I would give every dime I have to sink their to speak. I think David is superman!
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Update From David Love:

    Quebec Human Rights Commission complaint is moving forward with investigators and legal
    ranggling with the Cult law firm Heenan and Blaike. Investigator appointment to vist NN TR
    was cancelled until lawyer could read my NN TR files again. Appropriate fear seems to be
    setting in. These ases are from more than just me filing complaints.

    NN TR and the COS are now facing "Exploitation", "Discrimination", and "Reprisal" charges. They
    have been investigating for nearly 18 months now and just finished another interview with an
    ex-patient last week.

    Before the end of December 2011 (can't give dates for security reasons), I will be giving two full
    of evidence testimony. These are serious Cases, with far reaching ramifications to the cult. I have
    supplied them with about 4,500 pages of documents and will bring another 1,000 or so to the
    investigator this month. More are stored online that I have not accessed for several months.

    The Ministry of Health and Social Services is still investigating whether to give NN TR Certification?
    They also have thousands of dox from me and others. Many more ex NN TR patients coming forward. :)

    Canada Competition Bureau has been sent hundreds of pages for an investigation.

    Now preparing dox to file with Revenue Canada and Canada Justice RE: Fraud/Conspiracy - Tax and
    misrepresentation (snake oil treatments).

    My private lawyer has been in contact with me last week and we are deciding on next step???

    Enjoyed my eigth Radio Show last month and preparing for an awesome Radio Show in the USA this month. :)

    There are a few more projects under advisement, but will keep close to my Ol' Irish chest for now.

    That's all for now.

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  21. Intelligence Member

    If We Don’t Care, Who Will?

    A personal story……

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  22. Intelligence Member

    This is the week for giving testimony for two days. The actual dates were inadvertently leaked on another
    Forum by someone wishing me luck. (not a problem) - - It's December 15-16th:):):)

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  23. Intelligence Member

    This^^^^^is not going to be any "Cake Walk" ,..., LOL.

    I don't have one "grain of sand" fear whatsoever, as long as they give me enough time to present
    ALL the evidence, (with dox), in a convincing and credible way. The verbal evidence/testimony
    must be backed up by DOX in order for them to proceed to trial. The QHRC knows well what they
    are facing in litigation reponses from the Cult. I'm still going to take one more stab (no pun intended),
    at their Law Firm to have then "Recused" from representing the Cult. I did file a formal complaint with
    the Bar Association some time ago, but was rejected for lack of evidence - - do have additional dox now,
    plus a legal team:)

    Thousands of hours poured into these ^^^^^ Cases - - pray all goes well and as anticipated:)

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Go with God, David
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Do some practise runs and time them. See how concise you can get things without leaving out any evidence in case they give you a time limit so you're ready from doing rehearsals of "brevity".
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  26. Intelligence Member

    "Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
    ~ Robert Kennedy ~
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Stick to the main points, try not to veer off topic or get sidetracked.

    Don't assume that your audience is familiar with Hubbard lingo, so don't introduce more than 3 Hubbard words into your presentation. Explain every Hubbard word that you do use. Replace Hubbard terminology with real English words wherever possible.

    Stick to the known and documented facts as much as possible; facts regarding abuses and crimes.

    Shy away from spending too much time describing Scientology's kooky ideas.

    Don't ramble, stick to the main points.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    Excellent ^^^^^ :)
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  29. Random guy Member

    It might be an idea to make a very small summary of each of your main points, let's say a 100 words or less. I'm not suggesting you read out your own summaries in the hearing, but they might help you to break what is an enormous material down into more manageable sized bits mentally.

    More importantly: Eat healthy, get enough sleep, make sure you have comfortable shoes. Bring a bottle of water, don't overwork your voice!

    The very, very best of luck, David!
  30. Intelligence Member

    Lots of sleep last night - - mind working over time with strange dreams,..., LOL:)

    Getting ready to push the "Print" button at last minute for secure dox.

    I feel I'm ready, able, and very willing. ime to "Rock N' Roll"

    Off to my day job now and have a few laughs with the young crowd:):):)

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  31. Aurora Member

    Well now we all know which days to walk around with eyes, fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyelashes, etc. crossed.
    You have all my confidence and I know you will present exceptionally well, kick butt, and come home thinking it was soooooo hard - but also soooooo lulzy. Thoughts are with you.
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  32. Wow - very good indeed.

    Sensible advice is very sensible.

    Give yourself a little extra time, don't make it too last-minute!

    Congratulations on getting a hearing, and 'break a leg'!
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  33. jensting Member

    Excellent! My advice for presenting is to practice all of it on your own ... OK, maybe a bit late now ;). The idea is to commit to memory what goes where and thus avoid repetitions / hesitations / omissions . Same idea as making a list of the main points, really.

    First of all, good luck and take it easy.

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Alo breake it down in to catogories with sub topics. Don't so obsessed on getting every detail in but the ones that are worth the most. Give time and energy to the ones that will make the bigist impression. If you are expecting them to get and understand every little detail I think you risk loosing them.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    I'm not apprehensive or nervous whatsoever. It's easy to refer back to the events
    that happened - - they're as clear as if they happened yesterday. As events happened,
    I diarized notes.

    Although these next two days ARE extremely important, this is NOT the Trial; just preliminary
    evidence/testimony for the benefit of the Commission's lawyers, and for the preparation of
    serving Summons and other Court documents to proceed to Trial. They need/want a strong
    foundation for these five Cases filed against not only NN TR, but also the entire organization,
    including ABLE Canada, COS, and individual Executives. It's massive :)

    I escaped NN TR over two years ago and away from my Loved ones all this time. I think we are
    WINNERS already no matter the outcome of the next Cases. We already got the Quack BANNED:)

    Even though they miss me, and I them, I hope after I'm gone, my children and grandchildren will stand proud of their father -- "my Dad never gave up .....":):):)

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  36. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Dec 14, 2011

    David Edgar Love thanks his friends and family while preparing to give two days of evidence at the Quebec Human Rights Commission on December 15-16th, 2011 against Narconon Trois-Rivieres, ABLE Canada, the Church of Scientology and the Executives of each entity.

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  37. Sponge Member

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  38. Chipshotz Member

    Bravo David! Give em' hell!!
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  39. Intelligence Member

    While printing off dox (still LOL), I'm listening to a show on dinosaurs and their names.

    I kind of like the thought of a new one: "NarCONonosaurus Extinctaurus":)

    Good thing I bough amother 500 sheets of printer paper on my way home today,..., geezzze.

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  40. Intelligence Member

    Human Rights Commission is going to be interested in these for sure.

    And a big pile more on this disc AND stored online. Images of Patients doing manual labour etc. (Exploitation)

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