NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I would post more bouquets of dox, but Tinypics is down/not working for me tonight.

    Time for bed - it's 2:34am and Anonymous is giving me a wake-up call at 6:00am ***OUCH*** :)

    Will post some video or whatever of tomorrows event - - I like to document everything
    as some of you have noticed,..., LOL:)

    Good night all and to all, a GOOD night:):):)

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Sitting on thread, patiently waiting, for something, anything, a report from Dave. Please, please. :)
    Thinking good thoughts, hoping it goes well. Knowing that Dave knows his stuff inside out.
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Patients is a virtue I have acquired over the past two years - - but still no have patients
    with incompetence or abusive behaviour.

    All went very well throughout the entire day - - did hit a speed bump waking up this morning,
    but that's another chapter at a later date. Had one Anon quite worried.

    I and the Human Rights Commission were exhausted by days end,..., LOL:)

    One more big day tomorrow, with a ton to cover. They literally have boxes and boxes of documents,
    with more on their way from other sources.

    Can't discuss most of today's context of issues - - but in due course, all will be released
    and posted. The Commission now understands my position on an out of court settlement:

    NO DEAL - - I will not bend unless forced; which I don't think they can make me do.

    So, onward we go - - one step at a tenacious time.

    I want demand my &quot;Day In Court&quot; - - then this Ol' Irishman will head home to stay; not before.

    Thank you for all you &quot;best wishes&quot; - - will post some video tomorrow I hope:):):)

    On bus right now heading to my shack.

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  4. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Waiting room (Human Rights Commission) - HUGE!


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  6. Intelligence Member

    Well, maybe I can discuss a little,..., LOL:)

    We discussed and estimated how many wrist bracelts might be required, the potential millions in fines,
    the media coverage, which executives will have their homes seized, the potential ramifications to the
    COS and our lovely OSA Canada Director, and the potential charges of purjury.

    (This ^^^^^is just a Fable of course)

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  7. telomere Member

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  8. Quentinanon Member

    Is this a Freewinds poster? I wonder if it depicts a crew member who got overboarded.
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  9. telomere Member

    Just a heads up:
    tinypic is borked, possibly for good.
    They changed their anti-spam system to something terrible, that's causing grief for many people besides just you.

    While they figure out how not to suck, you may want to look into other img hosts in the meantime.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    but this is:

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  11. Chipshotz Member

    waiting in epic thread
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  12. JohnnyRUClear Member


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  13. Anonymous Member

    Frozen with anticipation, and popcorn.

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Back home now after full day at Human Rights Commission. I didn't know this was such a big case until today.
    Still one or two more days at Commission after Christmas.

    Under the Quebec Charter, this will be a Precedent setting Case. Will it end up in the Supreme Court
    of Canade under appeal? It's possible, if they suffer a defeat by the Provincial Court.

    Although the Commision won a Case for Exploitation, it was for the elderly in a care facility and the Case
    proceeded under a different Act than the one will proceed under.

    Brilliance by accident,..., LOL :: - - when my private lawyer first reveiwed my complaint to the Commission,
    he said, "This is brilliant, David, never seen such a case."

    Their law firm is protesting the "Handicap/Disbled Persons" aspect of the Case, but after today and the Expert
    medical witnesses line-up, I believe their defence is a big FAIL. Can't go into details now.

    The Trial will be held (if/once it proceeds), in a regular Court House, with an audience section.

    If/Once this Case proceeds to trial, it will be huge costs in litigation - - the cost for them losing such a
    Case as this, could wipe out every Narconon and similar rehab center who exploits patients.

    Will we WIN? I wouldn't be in this, if I didn't believe/know we will.

    Will post more and a video later:-:):)
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  15. Pique Member

    ^^likes many times^^
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  16. Random guy Member

    Thank you for doing this, David!
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Not to be pushy but 'later' is such an indeterminate word. Is it later yet?
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  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    When isn't it?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Here is a new add still promoting the 70% rate
    http colon //www dot stopaddiction dot com/

    mod edit: broke sci link
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  21. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., - - I had a priority list to do first - SLEEP - SLEEP SLEEP:)

    To be honest, I just woke up a couple hours ago.

    Wednesday night I was printing off retreived dox stored online until nearly 3:00am. My cell phone alarm
    was set for 5:55am because I wanted to be awake before a very trusted Anon called me at 6:00am
    to make sure I was awake and up. I think the volume on my cell was too low and I didn't hear my alarm,
    nor the wake-up call.

    Then I jumped up out of bed hearing this aweful distorted BUZZER noize - hussled over to my intercom
    and tried to shut it off - - it just wouldn't stop. I was pissed! I thought who the hell is playing with my buzzer
    at this time of the morning or maybe it's just broken or stuck. So as I was walking back to my bed, I
    noticed my cell phone flashing. I answered it and it was a Trusted Anon downstrairs who was ringing
    my door buzzer and calling me on my cell.

    I had slept in until about 7:30 and this Anon had driven over to get me up no matter what. Still was able to
    make my appintment on time and was early:):):) - - a BIG THANK YOU!!!

    Thursday after being at the QHRC all day, I had a list of more dox to print off. I was up until 3:00am printing
    and sorting - - up again at 6:00am to prepare for appointment. So not only was I physically EXHUSTED,
    but mentally - - so my body and mind crashed into a very long and deep sleep.

    The video I promised to post, I will do ASAP. It's not really a big deal video, just the trip, location I was
    at, (Old Montreal is really cool), and a few comments/human rights/legal issues added to video.

    Please be patient:)

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  22. xenubarb Member

    Srsly, you do not want to know.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., just going over notes from the QHRC two days. Their Scilon law firm commented (written comment) to the Commission:

    (paraphrased) - "We know who David Love is on WWP and other Forums - - he's "Intelligence" and we
    know who Yoshiyoyo is too."

    I replied to the Commission, "It's no secret, I sign my name David Edgar Love on Articles I write and post. If they
    want to submit ANY of my Forum Posts, they must submit ALL my posts, so as not to be out of context in evidence.
    AND since I have posted about 5,000 on WWP and thousands more on other Forums - - and I insist on having the
    replies to my posts submited also, I suggest they would be required to submit about 15,000 - 20,000 Forum Posts,
    of which I demand a copy of. Since the total would tally about 60,000 - 75,000 Posts when you calculate the posts
    times three copies, (one for them - one for Commission - one for me), I hope they have fun and don't miss ANY, LOL. :):)

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  24. xenubarb Member

    If they do, I'm sure we won't!
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Intelligence Member


    A wee bit of a derail with this post of which I am infamous for, but WTF, this is my choice of
    words for the Cult - - these politicians must have some Irish blood,..., LOL:)

    Dec 14th:
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  27. Intelligence Member

    I dare say Barb, once this is over with a *WIN*, some of the dox, evidence and decisions, may be of
    help in USA Cases - - to what extent, I don't know. I was informed yesterday that all of the Court
    proceedings will be public record. This is quite evident in how hard they are attempting to prevent
    these cases from making it into the court room.

    There are about three points in law/codes/QHR-ACT, that we must prove before proceeding, of which
    our adversray is fighting.

    It looks like we've beat every one of their response submissions. There is about 200 employees working at
    this Quebec Human Rights Commission. I was informed yesterday that the lawyers who will be proceeding
    with the Cases, are Experts in Human Rights Laws - - non other as expert as these. They are well aware
    of who and what they are up against and they fear not.:)

    I was surprised that the person I was in conversation with, knew well the Scilon gibberish language, such
    as PTS, Suppressive Persons, Goldenrod, Disconnection, Tr's,..., etc, etc - - this person had spent many
    hours reading and reveiwing videos I submitted.

    I was very impressed:)


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  28. Anonymous Member

    This makes me very very happy.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Can you explain why the link it broken? What does that do? What happens if you don't do it?
  30. Intelligence Member

    The Commission asked why I post so much on the Forums? I replied that my doctor said
    it was theraputic AND that the Commission would not have all the dox and evidence they
    do have if I had not posted. More people have come forward to complain and TONS of

    Just a few minutes ago, I received more Intell and Dox that will now be used.

    Going for walk now to clear my mind and maybe, just "maybe" I will work on video
    tonight. It's a lot of work and I may just rest until Sunday:):-:)


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  31. Intelligence Member

    Just before I head out the door,..., LOL. I was asked about "Anonymous" - - who they were and
    what was the purpose? They thought that "WWP" was "Anonymous",..., LOL. (only WWP)

    The Scilons were trying to associate me with "Hackers", "Murderers", "Rapists" - - I was a member
    of a group called "White-Face" and was handing out pamphlets telling people how to comitt suicide.
    The lie was proven to be just that - - A LIE!:)

    So I was very ready for the "Anonymous" question. Commission was quite saitisfied and told me to
    thank our LEADER,..., LOL:):):) <<<<< (this line is only humour.)

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  32. Anonymous Member

    You are an amazing person, Mr. Love. I wish there were a Nobel prize for Fearless Awesomeness because you would win that prize every year you are alive.
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  33. Pique Member

    Keep your own counsel on looking after you, Intelligence. Don't let pushy people, like me, cause you to lose R&R time. We'll survive waiting a bit longer.

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  34. Anonymous Member

    So it's OK to kill people in the name of religion?
  35. Pique Member

    You're going to have to try WAY harder than that to even dent the awesomeness in this thread. Go on. Give it a shot....?
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  36. Anonymous Member

    You are most welcome

    -Tommy Davis.
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  37. Intelligence Member

    The following is a cross post from:ères-in-trouble.44851/page-42#post-1987319
    which is related to this.

    Before going to NN TR, I lived in the Vancouver East End - - and survived:)

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  38. xenubarb Member

    Did you remember to include a tech dictionary? LOL! "I can't find enturbulate in Websters anywhere..."
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  39. TinyDancer Member

    I think I'll just call you The Innoculator.
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  40. Intelligence Member

    Video being processed now - - will post soon.:)

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