NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

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    tap tap tap
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    December 15-16th, 2011: David Edgar Love attends Quebec Human Rights Commission to give two days of evidence
    Re: David Edgar Love s. Narconon Trois-Rivieres. A total of 4-5 Cases are in the hands of the Commission, including Exploitation,
    Discrimination and Reprisals.

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  3. Intelligence Member

    LOL,...,Yes, I sent them a couple of Glossaries many months ago after they kept asking
    me WTF this meant and WTF that meant,..., LOL.

    Their eyes rolled a few times during these past couple days at the Commission - - even my
    eyes rolled at what our adversary said and trying to stipulate. Anticipating side attacks, I
    answered quickly with confidence and accuracy. There was not one question that stumped

    But trying to explain all of the Narconon policies and the NN TR ORG Board which are exactly the same as Scientology,
    was an eye-opener. It's just the "COS words/names' I had to use, then convert over to "Human Language." - LOL:):):)


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  4. Intelligence Member

    Didn't know where to post this, but this wee little derail is ok - eh'?

    I haven't spent Christmas with my children/grandchildren for years and now in two days I'm heading back
    to British Columbia from December 22-28th, to enjoy what they and I have missed for so long.

    None of my children feel "Abandoned" anymore. We stay in contact on a regular basis and they
    are 'over the top" excited about Dad coming home for one week.

    They keep updated with what Dad is doing in Quebec and they understand now - - I think they are proud.

    This trip would not have been possible without the help, encouragement, and support of Anonymous.

    My family and I thank you and wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas and Festive Season.

    My new Grandson:):):) - spending first Christmas with his Grampa:)


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  5. Pique Member

    Oh Dave I'm so delighted for you. Well deserved. Happy trails.
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  6. OSA Member

    reported for derail.

    but please, buy the book.
    it could save his life!


    Or if he's still stuck in an incident,
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  7. Pique Member

    reported for commercial spam.

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  8. Intelligence Member

    I'm filing a Formal Complaint,..., LOL :) - - I'm getting good at it:)

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  9. xenubarb Member

    Hell, if you're gonna throw this crap at him you might as well start throwing poutine in a blender and putting it in his bottle.
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  10. Intelligence Member

    NO Poutines,..., LOL. Those "Cardiovascular Blockers" are not in my diet, nor gonna be in my little Gandbaby's:):):)

    BUT, they are mighty tasty - - perhaps my next trip to Quebec City? PeterStorm LOVES them,..., LOL.

  11. xenubarb Member

    I think you've earned you some poutine. Maybe 1/4 order?
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  12. Hey congratulations, he's beautiful!
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  13. mefree Member

    Enjoy your time with family, David. Merry Christmas!
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Thursday, January 12, 2012 11:14:39 AM

    Quebec Human Rights Commission - Affidavits Completed

    Investigation Reports being prepared for Team of Lawyers to beging preliminary
    Hearing/Trial proceedings.

    We're getting there, one day, week, month, year at a time:)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Had to XXXXXX out quite a bit to protect the identity of this Expert source.
    Very important message to me yesterday from a powerful entity:)

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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. xenubarb Member


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  18. Intelligence Member

    The documents which the complainants have filed with the Commission, clearly, without doubt,
    show that the vicitims were disabled prior to entering NN TR and while there. NN TR own dox
    that were sent to QHRC, will substantiate claims.

    Even the Personality Tests (several), IQ Tests (several), and Objectives Session files, will show how
    messed up patients were.

    The COS law firm, Heenan and Blaikie, has declared to the Commission that NN patients were
    not disabled at N TR - - a losing battle indeed - - their own dox prove otherwise:)

    Even if H & B attcks hard on any claimants credibility, using past actions before entering NN TR,
    will only add to and substantiate the Disability.

    Also received a message that OSA may push for. "David Love was a government plant/spy
    and all dox he obtained are tainted and illegal fruit." I received such a message from two sources.

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK proving such a misconception!

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  19. Intelligence Member

    Yoshiyoyo, we will WIN! - - hang in their:)

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  20. yoshiyoyo Member

    oh im hanging on and waiting for my doc to review hopefully tomorrow to get that ball rolling for a STRIKE!
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  21. Intelligence Member

    If U need help, let me know:)

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  22. Intelligence Member

    "The Right For Protest" - - Dr. Martin Luther King

    A Hero and Inspiration to me for many decades.

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  23. Intelligence Member

    Oh' my goodness - - good thing I left NN TR before they Sec-Checked me as they wanted
    to before I did any COS Auditing Sessions. Would have FAILED for sure,..., LOL :)

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  24. Intelligence Member

  25. Intelligence Member

    Starting tomorrow, I'm going to increase my personal safety by 33-1/3%:)

    Will now look three times instead of two, before I cross ANY streets,..., LOL:)

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  26. Intelligence Member

    Hi Yoshiyoyo - - wrote this at NN - - don't rember if I gave a copy to you?


    Excerpts from the book "The Secret" - - one of the books that NN TR staff did a room search and confiscated the book - - stated it interferred with Objectives!!!


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  27. Anonymous Member

    Therefore, you are increasing personal safety by 50%. Even better than you thought.
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  28. Intelligence Member

    You're very right - - what was I thinking - - too much in my "Ram" mind right now sorting
    thousands of pages of dox. Each doc puts a :):):)

    DUH! 50% of 2=1 & 2+1=3 >>>>> I'm a genius now!!! Thank you-)

  29. Intelligence Member

    The Human Rights Commission now has what they requested from me.
    Just found the dox confirming NN TR knew of "Disability" of me while
    in their care and control. Amazing!

    Statements and Coms between Dr. Labonte and Supervisors at NN TR.
    Not going to post even partial dox - - will leave OSA blind on this "ASS-BITER":)

    Will Post after the Trial.

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  30. Intelligence Member

    Docs should arrive by Registered mail Monday morning:)

    Be very careful now - - SQ Intelligence Police suggested a few precautions.
    This is not being paranoid, just keeping safe.

    After you have the dox, please store in very safe and secure place. OSA would love to see
    or get their hands on the docs we are about to receive.

    When you walk down sidewalk, they suggested I stop once in a while as if looking around for street sign or whatever; and glance back and around, looking at people to see who is nearby. Then continue on
    and repeat.

    I have been followed and spied on a few times now - - just be cautious - (((HUGS)):)

    Keep a camera or cell with photo/video handy at ALL times.

    If you see anyone suspicious, don't point camera right at them (QC Laws forbid this) - -
    just pretend you are videoing something beside them, far away, then move camera to where
    they are and capture image.

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  31. xenubarb Member

    Dont forget to look up...
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  32. Intelligence Member

    OSA/COS/NN facing ominous and credible witnesses:)

    Working on the "Red Files" now - - hundreds of pages like these:

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  33. Intelligence Member

    When the upcoming Trials are over in Canada, I hope you have lots of storage
    and room for me to upload ALL the dox:)

  34. Intelligence Member

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  35. Intelligence Member

    What the hell is this? - - "Auditing Hours" at NN TR?

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  36. Intelligence Member

    OMG what a chore trying to send 22mb (30 files) to Government QHRC.

    Had to break it down into 6 emails, with 5 files in each.

    They must have a size limit:)

    Tired - - bed/rest now.

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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. yoshiyoyo Member

    I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
    To take a stand (to take a stand)
    Everybody (everybody)
    Come take my hand (come take my hand)
    We'll walk this road together, through the storm
    Whatever weather, cold or warm
    Just lettin you know that, you're not alone
    Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road!
    words of
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  39. Anonymous Member

    From the founder of Narconon:
    Addiction and Abilities - the Narconon Program
    William Benitez, founder of the Narconon program, recognized that drug addiction was a type of disability. Utilizing the Hubbard method of detoxification, he began the evolution of what was to become a comprehensive program designed to overcome the disability of addiction by restoring the natural abilities of the addicted person.
    From Narconon Trois Riveres:
    At Narconon, we encourage the drug addicts to address and substitute their disabilities caused by drug abuse, with new abilities and valuable life skills, enabling them to lead a happier and more productive life. This is why we consider our clients as “Narconon Students” and we train them to be more diligent in handling life’s problems.
    You may have noticed that society is rapidly going downhill...And the most serious part of this is that drugs, both medical and street drugs, have disabled a majority of those who could have handled it, including the political leaders, and have even paralyzed the coming generations."
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  40. yoshiyoyo Member

    I may not be old or in a wheelchair but my mind and correct decision making is sure not there. If it was I would not be in this case I would be in a better place.
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