No freedom of speech in South Africa

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Heavenlysent, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Heavenlysent Member

    Sick of South Africa being run by utter idiots and that only care about the money they get from taxes spent paying for there 80 wives and each of there sports cars. These corrupt pigs need to be put into place by the people of South Africa, we fought the apartheid government, now to purge our beautiful country of corruption. They are slowly going to strip us of our rights, they have started with our voice, they try to silence us, so we will shout until there ears bleed. Why would they make it, that there is no freedom of speech, if they have nothing to hide? Change is here and we are now.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Africa=corruption, sorry but true.
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  3. Heavenlysent Member

    But its never to late for change
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, good luck with that, every nation in Africa sees corruption as a way of life.
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  5. Cyber Null Member

    Open eyes of people.
    Show them what they can change together.
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  6. oZONo Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Don't members of the Mandela family own a diamond mine?
    The oppressed have become the oppressors.
  8. The Viking Member

    One thing I do miss about South Africa is the natural beauty of the landscape and the variety of animals. I miss being able to go into the mountains around my little hometown and spending the weekend with nothing more than a pocket-knife and living off the land.
    That was total freedom.
    I left South Africa because you couldn't leave your bedroom window open at night for fresh air.
    Now I'm in Australia and it's starting to get like tht as well.

    Anyway, more on topic.
    OP, you do realise that the corruption we see in South Africa is no different from corruption anywhere else in the world, right?
    Attainment of power is a terrible curse. Once you have power, you want more power and more is never enough.
    In Africa, corruption is not secretive as it is in Western countries. But at least in Africa, you can prove it's there. We're having a hard time exposing corruption here in Aus, because they cover up their tracks.

    But then you have to remember one more thing.
    Apartheid/Segregation as a national policy was never intended as it was. The model adopted by the later South African government was an exact copy of the American system.
    The original intention was Seperate Development with each culture and/or race owning their own piece of South Africa as an independent state. Very much the same way as the Founding Fathers of the US had envisioned for America. Small government. States working together in mutual interest for the betterment of Southern Africa.
    But look at what happened to those ideals in America? It didn't take long for the constitution to be ignored.
    And there were always rumours about CIA involvement in South Africa, fomenting unrest and even dictating policy.
    Things got really bad when South African parliament refused to play ball.

    Anyway, what I'm saying is, the problem has deeper roots than you can imagine. There is a greater evil out there.
    We are all being played off against each other on racist issues. Does the average human being care about skin colour? Of course not.
    But we're being told in the media that it's because so-and-so culture/race is taking our jobs, or crossing the border illegaly, or has raped yet another young girl.
    And that's not just a snap-shot of South Africa. It's the same with the Latino migrants in America. They're saying the same thing about Muslims in Germany now. The Chinese have been saying it about the Tibetans for decades.

    It's all part of the same strategy. It's all one big conspiracy. While people look at one thing, completely mesmerized, the powers that be pull the strings in another direction.
    You have to understand that the only way to truly regain South Africa as a country of the people, is to stamp out international corruption.
    That means all these trans-national corporations who support, use and abuse our politicians. Those lobbyist groups who bribe our statesmen. And our decision-makers who are willing to take such bribes.
    That is the real cancer of freedom. The consolidation of power. The more centralized government/power, the less freedom there is.

    We have to fight this on a global scale. We have to support each other. One day you might have to stand next to your neighbour if protesting in your city.
    But in a worst-case scenario, you might have to stand beside you neighbour from a different country as you try to take back what was taken from you.

    Never, ever, forget that we are the majority. Humanity will always prevail. As long as we love our neighbours. As long as we care for our fellow human beings. As long as we remember we are all of the same species.

    I wish all awake South Africans all the best. I wish I could be back home fighting alongside you. And one day, maybe soon, I'll be back to stand beside you. For now, I'll fight the good fight, no matter where I am.
    Most important to never give up hope.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I wish I could be back home fighting alongside you. I left south Africa because you couldn't leave your bedroom window open at night for fresh air.

    Commitment, love it lol
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  10. Anonymous Member

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