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    link removed
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    The link has DDOS protection.( no I can't explain I don't know anything about computers)
    The whole pedophiles-demand-rights and comparing themselves to LGBT communities has been tried, never works because the LGBT community will have none of it.
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    Yeah isn't anywhere near the same thing. A CHILD CAN NOT CONSENT.
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  4. meep meep Member

    Yeah. No consent=rape.
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    Yeah marriage age laws still apply.

    Although the argument against polygamy has become very weak, and honestly poly groups should be allowed to marry too.
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    Interesting. IMHO I have no HO. What do you think?
    The problem with the polygamists now is they include the " marriage" with children. If polygamy was main stream though maybe that wouldn't happen.
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    Gotta love this graphic. There are no gays or straights that support pedophilia, just pedophiles and their enabling families.
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    I realize the graphic is just a meme that was probably made by some Christian to protest the supreme court's ruling. I found the article and the meme in different places.

  9. Hidden Camera: Gays Admit They’re Not “Born That Way,” Most Were Raped By Gays As Children
    link to pat dollard removed-
  10. Nope, the graphic comes from the FCKH8 t-shirt marketers.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I didn't see anything in that video that promotes "child love". I still think it's a protest meme.
  12. nightfire Member

    WHAT?!?! very few poly groups allow or endorse relationships with kids... where did you get that?
    There are religious polys and non-religious polys I know more nonreligious polys... (like my Brother-in-law and his girl friend, and her girlfriend) and I think they should be allowed to marry. Don't you? If "Marriage" is just about giving legal rights to adults who love one another... there is no argument against poly groups "Marrying".
    Like I said age of consent law will still apply.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I was thinking of Mormon fundamentalists, sorry u caught me in a stereotype.
    Yeah I agrees polys should marry, it should be a state sponsored contract for people. Religious types can follow the dictates of their own religion.
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    Don't click any of these links.
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    I watched the video but didn't click the link.
  17. Anonymous Member pulled the link i posted also?
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    Why? Plox...
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    This from a computer idiot- the page loaded funny. Do I deleted the link and posted the wiki. I also tried B4U-act and once again it loaded funny. Like I said I'm an idiot with those web page thingies. Please repost.
    B4U-act is a group of pedos and Mental Health Profesdionals who support changing the law so pedophiles are recognized as a ' sexual orientation' minority that's legal. This is very interesting because the only legitimate mental health professional who supported the change in these stated that they would have to practice abstinence. b4u-act doesn't mention that part.
    Claiming gays rape boys is total bullshit. Pedophiles rape boys, homosexuals do not rape boys.
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    PlZ excuse multiple typos . Thanks for bringing B4u-act back onto my radar.
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Now- onto Pat Dollard, conservative Hollywood director and pundit. He started the fanfare about pedos/gay/boy rapists in 2013 using the controversy over 2011 statements by B4u-act as controversy for his blog/twitter readership.
    If I remember right, the mental health professional urging changes in the Diagnosis( which didn't fly) acts as a professional witness in legal proceedings for pedo clients.the guy iegit.
    Can anyone find the reference about gay/rapists causing the majority of pedophile / gays they keep quoting cuZ I e never found the study. Just comments about the 'facts'
  22. Anonymous Member

    The link i posted didn't suggest that gay men are mostly pedos, the guest posters link did.
    My link only suggested that pedos become a protected class of sexual orientation....which imo can never be allowed. Anyone that thinks being gay makes you a pedo is fucking dense.
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    While it is impossible to create a profile of children who will be sexually abused, it is possible
    to describe characteristics that are more common among victims.
    Demographic Characteristics
    Gender. It is well known that many more girls than boys are the victims of sexual abuse. This
    statistic is confirmed regardless of the information that is used. Across different types of
    research—all reliable studies conclude that girls experience more sexual abuse than do boys.
    Studies have found that the percent of victims who are female range from 78% to 89% [16].
    Age. There is some discrepancy in the available data about whether teenagers are at higher
    risk or whether the risk is more uniformly distributed. Some data from both agency cases [1, 3]
    and adult retrospective reports [12] show a relatively uniform risk for children after age 3. Other
    studies find that older children are more likely to be abused[17]; one study found that over half
    of the children who were sexually victimized were between 15-17 years old[4]. One national
    study that uses information from law enforcement agencies found that 14% of sexual assault
    victims are ages 0-5, 20% are ages 6-11 and 33% are ages 12-17[16]. In the absence of complete
    agreement on this issue, it is probably best to say that the risk continues across the spectrum of
    childhood, with teens at possibly higher risk.
    Race. The findings about race are also inconclusive. Several national studies have found that
    black and white children experienced near-equal levels of sexual abuse [2, 4]. Other studies,
    however, have found that found that both blacks and Latinos have an increased risk for sexual
    victimization[6, 18].
    Family Characteristics
    Some studies have found more sexual assault and sexual abuse among children from lower
    income backgrounds [3,4]. Among cases coming to the attention of authorities, however, sexual
    abuse is less related to low income than other forms of child maltreatment. Studies have also
    found that sexual abuse to be associated with other family problems, for example, parental
    alcoholism, parental rejection, and parental marital conflict[11].
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    This maybe useful.

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  25. It's been a long time since a mod helped to make a thread this good.
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  27. Some people are child lovers. Get over it!?!
    It's hard to know what to say without screaming but people who call themselves Child Lovers don't love children, they WANT them it's a much different thing.
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