No More Bloody Tyrants

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by iraniam, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. iraniam Member

  2. guille Member

    that's our dream
  3. Anonymous Member

    Yours maybe.
  4. guille Member

    yes, that's what I said. by our dream I mean mine and... my cat's? still don't know his opinion about it ;)
  5. the anti Member

    we're working on it!
  6. Fed Up Member

    Sad to say but we've had more than a few of these occupying the White House.
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  7. guille Member

    not only the white house, here in europe we have a bunch of them too...
  8. Anonymous Member

    I've got some on the white house next to the blue house. I think I saw another on the pink building too
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  9. Herro Member

    Good thing that we've got Constitutionally mandated term limits, huh.
  10. the anti Member

    except we all know it's really the illuminati and reptilians that have taken over. who will ever save us?
  11. Herro Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Bad thing you only have two parties.
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  13. Fed Up Member

    Sometimes it's just so embarrassing being an American.
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  14. guille Member

    not only american, the spaniards have the same: two big parties, the difference is the culture. if in america it's not very good in some places, imagine spain...
    not proud of being a spaniard at all.
  15. Kruge Moderator

    .... similar in England. And while we Germans have a few parties more for most of our post-war-history politics were mainly made by the two "big ones" - the right CDU and the left SPD (both having some of the other parties as allies depending on the issue).

    I guess as long as the two parties actually are *different* and and voters - by choosing one or the other - can kind of "steer" the direction in which they want their country to go it's ok. But in the recent years the major left and right parties (in many countries, not just here) have moved more and more to what they conceive as "the center", because there most voters seem to be. Which has lead to politics where you often can't tell any more whether it's coming from the "left" or "right"... :p
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  16. guille Member

    left or right? what the fuck is that?
    ones say, we're left, others say, we're right.
    but in fact no one explained me who they are... what's right and what's left? (I know the official explanation, but the real one is..?)
  17. kilzom Member

    In Canada, similar to Germany, we have multiple political parties. The Conservatives (aka Alliance aka Tories) who are very right wing, the Liberals (middle, but slightly right), then we have the National Democratic Party (NDP) which are left, the Bloc Quebecois (who are only relevant in Quebec and are a French separatist party), and the Green Party (basically insignificant because it has NEVER WON A SEAT). The party that gets the most votes doesn't necessarily win, they must meet a certain target of seats. Depending on how many seats the winning party gets will decide if they govern with a minority or majority government. If the party in power wants to make a new law, they have to team up with at least one other party to pass it if the party in power did not get that majority. Plus they have a shorter term before a vote if they did not get the majority.

    I liked it because it kept them fair.. until CSIS upgraded Stephen Harper's laser eyes from stun to KILL. Now no one is safe.

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