No to more animal abuse

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Hacker12, Oct 2, 2017.


Can we really change animals abuse?

Yes, we can 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No, we can't 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. TheViper Member

    There are many kennels, circuses, zoos and many more establishments that mistreat animals to canvio or for lack of money. Is it okay to do this? Is it okay to mistreat an animal by feeling superior? We must remember the earth and what habit in it, it does not belong to us, it is we who belong to the earth.

    Can we really change animals abuse?

    Can you try at least?

    We are anonymous, we are legions, we never forgive, we never forget

    Before deciding your answer or closing this page, check the links below. Then, if you want to leave this page do it.

    Some pictures links: toro.jpg


    If you want some more information about this project, contact with me in the comments. Every day I see.
  2. No thank you.
  3. Also, lol.
  4. TheViper Member

    Ok, no problem. If you know someone who is interested, send this to the person. Thanks also
  5. We aren't the anons you're looking for. Please take your shit elsewhere. Also NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY. GTFO. DIE IN A FIRE. AND JUST GENERALLY FUCK OFF.
  6. TheViper Member

    I forced you to enter on the link? If you entered was because you wanted
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hacker12, Its generally not a wise idea to feed the trolls. I know of a couple of users here who may be interested in discussing this, they may respond when they see your thread. Patience is good on wwp, a thick skin is even better :)
  8. TheViper Member

    oh thank you, I will have patience
  9. Nobody opens dodgy links here dickhead.
  10. What's with the fucking stupid name anyway?
    Hacker12 ,lol. Is 12 your age?
  11. Did I mention that in my free time I like to punch puppies?
  12. Will you sit there like one of the dumb animals you are trying to save from abuse , or , will you not your keys and defend your stance?
  13. Boring thread is boring.
  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Vegan protesters.
  15. The thighs on those women. Vomit inducing!
  16. Thunder thighs.
  17. Stay classy
  18. Nuttin classy bout dem bitches one on right looks like she put her ass front to back.

    Goin out lookin dat way is obscene man it's downright bad fo de eyes.
  19. TheViper Member

    I'll tell you one thing, if you do not have anything better to do, you fuck with other people. Stop fucking me. And by the way, I'm not 12, and if I did, I'd be a lot more mature than you. If you want to hit the puppies, think of the stupid and low self esteem you have "CALLE" what name is that?
  20. TheViper Member

    Your type of thinking, really give me vomit
  21. TheViper Member

  22. "calle" is a Spanish word for road.

    "calle" has become a default name for anonymous posting, as a result of three things:

    (1) The current use of reCAPTCHAs for identifying street signs and addresses, which frequently results in the word "Calle" needing to be typed to correctly answer reCAPTCHAs

    (2) The tendency for users to reuse their reCAPTCHAs as their guest posting name

    (3) Force of habit after the trend was established
  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  24. Be sure to have a nice day now!
  25. The Internet Member

    Vipers are mean to animals.
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  26. Baka-Neko Moderator

    Even if animal abuse has many diferent fronts, I think that agreeing with vegans (in case you aren't one) does not really have to match. I mean, sustainable farming rather than battery farming? yes, but from there to completely stop eating meat...
  27. Roast beef with potatoes, carrots and peas plus those suety puddingy things you can't knock it.

    Give up meat? Immpossibru.
  28. God made animals out of meat so what's the problem?
  29. TheViper Member

    Even if animal abuse has many diferent fronts, I think that agreeing with vegans (in case you aren't one) does not really have to match. I mean, sustainable farming rather than battery farming? yes, but from there to completely stop eating meat...
  30. Baka-Neko Moderator


    Bet you made a mistake while quoting?
  31. Does that include dog meat?

    I love a nice bit of poodle marinated in red wine and cucumber served with poached kitten and frogs eyes on the side.
    For pudding a nice bit of stuffed owl and custard .

    Om nom nom.
  32. What is battery farming?
  33. It's like sheep farming but with batteries. There are advantages to it like not needing a sheepdog to round them up.
  34. Arielpv Member

    Hola estoy de acuerdo con ustedes y creo que deberíamos hacer algo en esta sociedad que maltratan como quieren a los animales asta el momento no tengo ninguna idea de cómo lograr eso

  35. Can you use rechargeable batteries?
  36. Are the batteries inserted up the arses of the sheep ?
  37. Loanonim-osca Member

    There is a town in Aragó called binefar that is going to build a slaughterer where every day 32 thousand animal species will be killed (this is crazy). In three months, the slaughterer will be able to do something for this slaughterer not to open it?

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