NoI/CoS Health Fair

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Triumph, May 22, 2013.

  1. Triumph Member

    Fred Shaw Hanan Islam...Tony Muhammad-ALim Muhammad

    Quack Fair 2013

    free HIV screening....

    when all else fails they Pray to Hell Ron Blubbard!

    more like when all else fails we Prey
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  2. The Internet Member

    American Health & Education Clinics. Never heard of them. Some other front group?
  3. Triumph Member

    its Alfreddie Johnson and Hanan Islam running a Narconon scam out of a dungeon back room At the World Literacy crusade offices in Compton...

    Hanan Islams Kid ...Rizza Islam is also involved...
  4. The Internet Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Triumph Member

    they run a dozen scams out of that old Compton address...

    they call it a Purification Lounge....the Security Gate Is a nice touch... keeps em from escaping
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  8. Anonymous Member

    More stuff from amhec dot org:


    Natural Health News

    Some of our favorite websites

    Rehabilitation Results

    My time in the sauna had its ups and downs but the end results were better than I ever could have dreamed of. It helped me out in many, many ways. I didn’t think I had any toxins in my body. I was wrong, I did. I had days when I was ready to get up and quit, but that’s not what I’m about. I stuck it out and I’m glad I did. After only a couple of weeks my concentration and my short term memory was improving drastically. I even had more energy. I got my memory better and made me more aware. My mind is clear. Whatever was in my body went away because I feel clean and have more energy, ready to continue with my next step. I am a believer. It works! All around I felt good about myself and my health. I’m glad I didn’t quit. I was at the beginning and stayed and went through with going in the sauna because it had changed me forever! Thank you, AMHEC!
    J. Johnson

    After the third week of detoxing everything became clearer in my head. My perception, smell, sight and temper all became keen and under control… I’ve become more in tune with my inner life force and source of real energy. I thank Allah and everyone responsible for bringing this technology to our people and community.
    A. Islam

    Since this program my head has been a lot clearer and not fogged up as it used to be. I find that its easier to feel euphoria without the drugs that had made that hard to feel or gain. My skin feels like new and so does my mind. I am glad I got the opportunity to have been able to do this and get a start fresh again.
    I. Cumbe

    When I first started gang banging I was very bad. I used different kinds of drugs, marijuana, primos, crystal, alcohol, cocoa puffs and I tried sherm too. I didn’t go to school. I dropped out ’cause I wanted to be with my home boys going to do bad things to my ‘enemies.’

    I stole a lot of cars and mugged a lot of people too. I used to tell my mom to borrow money from people so I would go and buy drugs, but she didn’t know what it was for. Sometimes I would come home sometimes days later. I went in and out of jail.

    But now since I have been attending AMHEC…believe it or not, but little by little I started to change. I would say to myself this stuff is nonsense. I didn’t believe I could and would change.
    L. Lopez
    Parents & Law Officials Speak Out

    Levell has been doing better in school. He has not had a suspension or detention in a while…Levell’s reading has improved and so has his self esteem. I am grateful for the program because he sees other students working and trying to improve, too. Levell enjoys going to the program, he comes home and shares with his father and myself all the things he does and plans to do. I am looking forward to seeing his grades get better in all his classes… Thank you.

    I am a single mom. It’s hard raising a child alone without a dad. I am so grateful for this program introducing Mr. E. [student mentor] to Adam and me. He has made a tremendous difference in my son’s life. His future looks so much brighter now. Adam is more focused and more determined to plan for his future…Thank you very much for bringing them together. Adam is becoming a responsible young man.

    The AMHEC Program… has built up his self esteem, taught him to set goals and how to accomplish those goals. I have a better relationship with him at home, communication between us had opened up. He has become responsible for his actions and understands that we care. This has given him the desire to want to help other children with their reading skills.
    B. Brown

    Join our success stories — all it takes is the guidance you’ll find at our Community Outreach Center. Call today to get started!
    A Teen Rehabilitated

    When 14-year-old “Andrea” entered our drug rehabilitation program, she had been addicted to crystal meth for more than six years.

    To say that Andrea’s life at home had been turbulent would be an understatement. She had been sexually abused by her stepfather as well as by other males in her family. To escape her pain, Andrea turned to drugs, and addiction soon followed. As a result, she began to experience mood swings and often turned violent with her family members. The authorities soon became involved, and the county placed her in a short-term group home to prevent further damage and a possible jail sentence.

    In this group home, Andrea was provided psychiatric help — which led to the prescription of narcotics and other pharmaceutical drugs. Yet the prescriptions made her feel worse, and Andrea continued to sneak crystal meth whenever she could, often getting high in the school bathroom, a violation of group home rules.
    To prevent her expulsion from the group home, Andrea was brought to our clinic. She was weak, her limbs and fingers frail to the touch. She would hardly look at us.

    We told her that with the help she would receive from our community outreach programs, she could achieve her dreams — and we could see the love, knowledge and strength she yearned to share with others. She began participating in communication drills and one-on-one sessions with one of our staff. She committed to community outreach programs and unique detoxification methods.

    To prevent withdrawal and its harmful side effects as she came off the street drugs and “psych meds”, we provided Andrea with an intense protocol that included vitamins, exercise and a daily five-hour treatment in our dry heat sauna for up to 26 consecutive days.

    Once she was clean, Andrea began communicating honestly and effectively with our staff, the group home, teachers and counselors. She is currently drug-free and has even helped her younger sister also get off drugs.
    You too can be a success story — all it takes is the guidance you’ll find through our community outreach programs. Call today to get started!
  9. Anonymous Member

    More from amhec dot org:

    Drug Rehabilitation Program
    Our drug treatment program has a 78% success rate. More than three quarters of those who have completed the program over the past nine years have not returned to illicit drug use or been arrested.
    Program Description

    In drug treatment, the drugs are secondary to the underlying reasons a person feels obligated to ingest mind altering substances to escape confronting those issues which are haunting them. The LIVE Drug Treatment program is separated into two distinctive sections of education and treatment.
    1. The educational side allows an individual to introspect on those areas of normally unresolved issues, which originally caused the client to use toxic chemicals in the first place, as a way of “escaping” reality. Treatment is delivered in a safe environment, one which will not make our client wrong in any way and allows for full acceptance of the cognitions and experienced by the client.
    2. Treatment is delivered through a series of workshops, individual reflection sessions, group discussions and ultimately through the participation in the physical purification of the body.
    Program is delivered at schools, churches, community centers and in any venue which allows for effective delivery.

    Toxins such as street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, smog, lead, mercury and x-rays from microwaves, TV and sun are trapped in the fatty tissue of the body and cause a person to think less clearly than optimally desired and chronically relapse into drug addiction.

    Our drug-free drug treatment has students exercise, take specifically balanced vitamins and utilize a dry heat sauna to remove the toxins from their bodies, thereby dramatically reducing the incidence of relapse. Drug residue stays trapped in the fatty tissue of the body, being released through exercise or during moments of stress, which is the core reason for relapse. Stress and exercise burn fat, so one can see how a person with drug residue in their body can experience moments of severe stress like the loss of a loved one, which caused them to relapse.

    AMHEC utilizes a series of physical detoxification and cognitive therapies, which systematically return “students” to good health and a renewed sense of self. The drug program is outlined below.
    Phase I:

    Medical Evaluation

    Students undergo a complete medical examination prior to participating in the program to ensure the client is in good physical health.
    Truth About Drugs

    The Truth about drugs component is broken up into 19 one hour workshops highlighting a specific drug during each workshop. Drugs studied include the following:
    • Marijuana
    • Cocaine
    • Inhalants
    • Crack
    • Pills
    • Alcohol
    • Ecstasy
    • Pain Killers
    • Prescription Drugs
    • LED
    • Heroin
    • Crystal Methamphetamine
    Workshops are interactive, educational and therapeutic in nature.
    Anger Management:

    “Effective Communication”

    Empowers an individual with the ability to effectively deliver communication to another, while obtaining the ability to safely receive communication from others. Gives the student the confidence to accept various types of communication from others without going to the adverse effect of the individual delivering said communication or feeling the need to inappropriately lash out.
    Learning Empowerment:

    “Overcoming Study Barriers”

    .Teaches the student the three barriers to study. The inability to overcome these barriers is the primary cause for an individual to quite subjects in school and in life. Gives the student the tools to recognize when they have hit a barrier and the knowledge of what to do to correct the situation and put themselves in control of their own education and life.
    “Remedial Language Arts Support”

    The primary goal is to increase reading abilities with homework help and subject-matter tutoring. The teaching methods used also promote the development of personal responsibility and ethical behavior. Project LIVE uses the Smart Way Reading and Spelling™ program, a research-based reading and language arts program published by Bright Sky Learning. Each student progresses at their own pace in this phonics-based program. A normalized, standardized pre-test, Franklin Decoding, shows exactly where a student should begin. More than 1,500 students over the last seven years have demonstrated an increase of one to two grade levels in reading in only 26 hours of instruction.
    Character Development:

    “Morals & Ethics for Life” (The Way to Happiness)

    Takes a student step by step through an ethics program consisting of 21 non-religious moral precepts outlining ethical behavior and thinking.

    Students participate in activities, which give them full certainty of the application of these positive examples in their lives. The activities include creating a 3-D model out of clay (clay demo), depicting each of the precepts as prescribed in their Individualized program. The purpose of the clay demo is to ensure an individual is able to understand the viewpoint of proper mores shared by the vast majority of humanity and to apply them in their own lives. This means that instead of a youth “being” a gang member, or “being” a criminal or “being” a drug addict or his father or brother; he now has the capability to be himself. This is empowering and causes an individual to now take full responsibility for raising his own awareness level.
    The student’s reinvigorated morality enables him or her to regain the satisfaction of a healthy self-esteem.
    The AMHEC Therapeutic Detoxification and Rehabilitation Program

    While drugs and their metabolites quickly become undetectable in blood and urine, often as rapidly as three days after the last usage, certain drug metabolites remain stored in fatty tissue for years. When fats are metabolized during times of stress, hunger or moments of physical activity, drug residue is mobilized as well. This may lead to a reactivation of drug effects, a “flashback” experience or, in the case of a recovering drug addict, mobilized residue might trigger a reactivation of the craving impulse. In an effort to completely rid the body (i.e. fatty tissues) of drug residue and other accumulated toxins, AMHEC employs a rigorously methodical regimen of exercise, dry heat sauna and nutritional supplement ingestion. (available at AMHEC site only)
    Phase II: (Per Counselor’s Recommendation)

    "The Recognizing and Creating a Safe Environment Course"

    Drug use is generally a social affair. Most addicts associate with other users who lead a lifestyle of abuse. This section of our program is designed to help students identify and terminate destructive associations that may have harmfully influenced them in the past. The course work also supplies students with fresh guidelines for positive future behavior.
    “The Decisions for Life Course”

    This portion of the rehabilitation process teaches students how to appropriately formulate their own personal values, even in the face of hostile social pressure. An emphasis on integrity and honesty enables each client to accept his or her past mistakes, but also to avoid revisiting similar pitfalls in the future.
    “The Changing Conditions of Life Course”

    At this point in the program, AMHEC supervisors lead each client through a systematic exercise during which he or she is asked to divide his or her life into several separate, yet interrelated segments (self, family, group, spiritual, etc.). This procedure allows each student to carefully examine and (with guidance) repair damaged aspects of his or her person and relations.
    "Alternative Mental Health"

    Delivers mental health options to treat symptoms of mental illness holistically and without the use of mind altering and dangerous drugs. Many youth referred to our programs have been misdiagnosed and prescribed harmful drugs for symptoms which are actually related to the violation of basic education precepts. Students entering into the Alternative Mental Health program, who are currently on Psychotropic drugs, complete the sauna detoxification as a first step to ridding their bodies of the harmful effects of drugs, prior to becoming involved in individual and group session treatment. All components of the drug program are also included in the alternative mental health program.

    When properly administered, AMHEC’s Therapeutic Drug Rehabilitation and Detoxification Program boasts an astounding 78% success rate!

    This means that 79% of the students completing our programs never return to a life of drugs and irresponsible behavior but instead go on to become responsible, participating community members.
    AMHEC programs satisfy court ordered drug and mental health treatment requirements. Parents, social workers, teachers, probation officers and judges love the success AMHEC participants enjoy!

    American Health and Education Clinics collaborates with the AMHEC to deliver components of our program, which include the Narconon New Life Detoxification program and The Way to Happiness to deliver the greatest success rate possible to our students.
  10. Anonymous Member

    X-rays from microwaves are stored in fatty tissues? OMG!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    It's hard to imagine Hanan Islam pimping stuff that might contradict her Scientology flavored scam. So these brands mentioned on her web site probably need investigating:

    Project LIVE
    Smart Way Reading and Spelling™
    Bright Sky Learning
    Franklin Decoding
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  12. Anonymous Member

    wow thats an awful lot of "Dr.s"
    expose these fake ass docs for the slime they are
  13. Anonymous Member

    I googled "Franklin Decoding" and got nothing.

    "Bright Sky Learning" isn't study tech but something else run by Scientologists:

  14. Anonymous Member

    Rinder had this on his Blog...
    He asks the question ...Has the NoI taken over the inglewood Morgue...

    Yes Mike ...what do you think they are in Harlem for!
    Harlem and Inglewood are NOI He-Man whiteyhaters clubhouses
  15. Triumph Member
    Defending Farrakhan...featuring Brother Scientologist Tony Muhammad...

    Goin Clear and Taking out SPs....Is the plan for Defending the Great Scientology Profit Farrakhan...

    Clearing Engrams will revel the NoI scripture...what a knucklehead grifter

    76 trillion years of engrams *LOL*

    don't save me a seat on the Mothership..

    what a Loopy goofball,Keep yappin Minister Tony...your thetans are showing
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  16. Triumph Member

    Rizza Islam Is the spawn of the phony Docktor Hanan Islam and haz the Pretend title of international Youth Ambasador for the World Lunacy Crusade

    Reuben Muhammad worked for the WLC in 2005..and was one of the first gunia pigs for the Nation of Alfreddie Johnsons covert Master Learners scam...
    they used Frank Gerbode's TRI to train members of the squirrel tech

    Rueben also worked in the Purification Hell Hole at the WLC

    they are butthurt over a thread that pokes fun at mostly Farrakhan and Alfreddie the Scientology Profits ...

    Meet your World Lunacy Crusade doofuses

    Attached Files:

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  17. Triumph Member

    Scientologist Louis Farrakhan: Satanic Jews Are to Blame!

    Posted on May 24, 2013
  18. Triumph Member

    expert Dr Alim Muhammad
    AIDS is a Biological weapon of the satanic goverment

    makes that free HIV screening worthwhile when the pannel of experts includes this QUACK
    Alim promotes the use of a placebo called Kemron
  19. Triumph Member

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  20. Triumph Member

    Meet Fred Shaw Jr
    Fred Shaw got Alfreddie Johnson hooked on the scientology juice. he was Alfrauddies Mentor

    Fred,Alfreddie and Hanan set up the phony Compton Branch of the NAACP to award Hell Ron an award...and promote Scientologys agenda

    Fred now preaches alongside Alfrauddie on the Inglewood CC pulpit, on sundays..about all things Scientology....

    Fred Shaw dabbled in acting...was breafly shown in the John Sweeny BBC interviews...

    Fred Shaw was briefly in politics like hiz pal Alfrauddie... Fred had a celebutard endorsment from the late Isaac Hayes
    Fred's Mother was Marcine Shaw was a long time mayor of Compton Ca...home of the WLC
    which helps when your son and his crooked cohorts get caught selling bogus fraudlent section 8 vouchers out the back door of the WLC

    Fred now follows Alfrauddies lead and haz become a phony bait and switch Minister...
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  21. Triumph Member

    Alfrauddie ...Hanan Islam and Tony Muhammad tried/failed at the Health Fair thingy last year...

    The CoS realized a psych was infiltrating thier meetin

    Dr Woods was invited to speak in Inglewood.. about Mental Health....
    the cult locked the doors and pulled the blinds at Inglewood..and cancled the meetin
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  22. Triumph Member

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  23. Triumph Member

    what happens in Ghana..stays in Ghana
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  24. Anonymous Member

    they better smoke some bowls before they listen to Bowles.
    'cause it's gonna be brutally boring
  25. Triumph Member

    Phillip A Muhammad...haz a few loose screws

    this was a podcast a week ago...

    the more these clowns yap... the deeper the hole
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  26. The Internet Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    they are Koo Koo for Co-Co puffs
  28. Anonymous Member

    yikes robot talk
    such bad English and grammar.
    Congrats Louie! You are turning people's minds from utter mush to uber mush.

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