Nokia Siemens Disconnects People

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Nokia Siemens Disconnects People

    Last year Nokia Siemens Network Monitoring Systems sold and set up a system to curb communication among the opposition and to collect detailed information for prosecution and now we see it in action...

    Selling this type of technology to oppressive regimes is not in line with the ethical code Nokia Siemens presents on its web site, or maybe this is Nokias idea about making a positive impact on the society.

    From the business point of view, timing of this deal was perfect for Nokia since present situation in Iran provides an ideal environment for testing and marketing this kind of product. If it manages to limit communication among the opposition and efficiently restrict information reaching outside world, it will be easier to market to other fascist regimes around the world.

    For time being it is failing, and the regime invested their money in a pile of shit thanks to the dedicated individuals and organizations providing ways around it. Next time you are buying a mobile phone remember that Nokia helps to disconnect people for good.
  2. I've posted on twitter a suggestion to not buy Nokia products.
  3. That is disgusting...passing information to make it go viral...and asking ALL AMERICANS to boycott this shit...
  4. Nasty! I'm from Finland and this makes me really angry! Pistk suomalaiset tt uutista eteenpin. Perkele!
  5. Sickening.

    Call for a boycott of Nokia products worldwide, especially the US.
  6. Artaban Member

    such a shame really for them;
    now they use it to find and arrest/kill pplz trying to get their right for freedom;

    btw look at date they bought it! it's just a month befor election! seems they all preplaned this fraud, right?!
  7. Hopefully Nokia sees a huge drop in sales for this. Spread the info rapidly.
  8. Artaban Member

    hmm! I think it's better I close this page befor gota arrested; :(

    is this mean, they all know who am I and what I'm typing here and there?!

    Ok, I like to appreciate and thank nokia from all whos got in prisons, all who killed and all who leave this protest cause of their Greate Hi Tech tools and their efforts! ah and for the sake of bushiness, I think bin-laden would like to have one as well! so you will pass the crisis easily; go on! :rolleyes:

    It's really nice that they can monitor even contents typed of chats in Yahoo messenger! cheers for nokia staff! good job! :rolleyes:

    now I know at least, how they arrested alot of blogers (and some of pornographers too btw) in their earlier "gerdab" project! it was a question for me really how they did it! and nowa days how they can do something strange by net! so Nokia supports you! :eek::(

  9. I don't like the fact that they would sell this garbage to anyone. Iran, America, any government. Of course it's pointless in the US since the NSA simply runs splitters through the phone company data flows anyway. (Documented by FRONTLINE a couple of years ago).

    I'd be happy to spread this all over the place.
  10. Kevin L. Member

    What the fuck Nokia? Screw you. I hope you go bankrupt.
  11. oh, this year the tinfoilhat industries will boom lol

    this type of monitoring is normal, nearly ALL companys sell those gimmicks.
    Buy some cell -hardware from samsung, motorola, sony, or even the chinese companys, all of them the same.

    Your telephone-exchange is made by alcatel - similar software
    Your Internet hubs? mainly cisco, northel and HP - similar software

    but: this soft is not for supress people, it just a normal monitoring soft which is somtimes needet for the proper operation of the net. But as with all tools, you can use them also for nasty things.

    Please people: stop blaming innocent companies and start to focus.
  12. and a small addition: this article in the washington post has a lot of mistakes about nokia and siemens, or in other words: a lot of bull...

    and why did nobody starts the normal paranoia? the main accusation comes from an ex- cia man ?
  13. As a former CIA man, I can assure you that Nokia were also partly responsible for the Kennedy Assassination and 9/11.
  14. With you guys

    The Finns were awesome in the winter war, but this is BS. Does anyone know if they are putting money into the second Transformers movie like they did the first one(for product placement)? Must investigate further, hurm.
  15. tt23 Member

    Update from TWT:

    Iran prepared to track dissent on social networks

    Iran prepared to track dissent on social networks - Washington Times

    The Iranian government has high-tech equipment that will enable it to trace thousands of activists who have encouraged the recent demonstrations and spread news about them by using Twitter, cell phones and other Web-based social networks.

    The government recently bought sophisticated computer servers and monitoring devices from a German-Finnish joint venture that can catalog cell-phone calls and text messages. The regime also controls Web traffic through a single bank of computers, which makes it easier to filter sites such as Facebook and Twitter and to monitor Iranians who use these sites to communicate with the outside world.

    "Iran's pervasive surveillance of their digital networks and the use of unencrypted connections by dissidents could be a recipe for reprisals later down the line," Danny O'Brien, the international outreach coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told The Washington Times on Thursday.

    "The fact that Iran runs all of its Web traffic through a single bank of computers, which is how they block Web sites, is also a perfect way to monitor for key words. If you are not using strong encryption, then all those communications could be stored by the government," he said.

    The Times reported in April that Iran had acquired what is known as a "monitoring center" from a joint venture, Nokia-Siemens-Network, late last year. The computer servers and software in the monitoring center allow Iran's telephone company to monitor a vast array of wireless traffic including text messages and voice calls.

    "There are so many people using text messaging and Twitter," said Lily Mazahery, a U.S.-based lawyer who represents Iranian dissidents. "It might be impossible to monitor everybody, but they are trying. They are likely monitoring key individuals. I think they are trying and I don't know how well they are succeeding."

    A recent survey of Iran's Internet filtering system conducted by the Open Net Initiative concluded that Iran was expanding its monitoring and filtering capabilities.

    The report, issued June 16, said the Revolutionary Guard, the country's elite military force, "has begun to play an active role in enforcing Internet content standards. In conjunction with expansive surveillance, this increase in regulatory attention exacerbates an online atmosphere that promotes self-censorship and discourages dissenting views."

    On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that the Revolutionary Guard warned the operators of opposition Web sites that "legal action will be very strong" against individuals who continue to operate sites deemed a threat to the state.

    In the interim, some Iranians have begun to find a way around the censors using a new technology known as the "Tor Project," a Web site that lets the user disguise his Internet provider address through other proxy sites around the world. Also on Twitter, a call went out on Thursday for all non-Iranian users to change their time zone to Iran in order to confuse Internet censors.
  16. Write to nokia and boycott

    LET'S FLOOD THE NOKIA CORPORATE OFFICES WITH LETTERS! It will only take a moment of your time. GO to Nokia - Corporate feedback
    and post a complaint. Get the word out and tell everyone you know to boycott Nokia products. The best way to get our point across is to hurt them financially!
  17. i wrote a mail concerning this issue to several major german newspapers friday night. I didn't get a response yet.
    Something smells fishy.
  18. There is a private German company involved

    The Washington Times article points out the following:

    "On March 31, NSN sold the portion of its business that services the monitoring center to a private German holding company called Perusa Partners Fund LLP."

    Who invests in Perusa Partners?
  19. I don't get it.. Why people here get so worked out about Nokia-Siemens and not about other companies active in Iran? It shows sheer stupidity of posters here when they neglect to acknowledge the fact that western companies have been trading and supporting Iran for years. If NS hadn't sold that system to Iran someone certainly would have sold similiar system also you don't need very advanced system to track down people.. Simple GSM technologies that have been around since early 90s are sufficient. Police and other authorities can use them to track down people based on their location if ppl keep their phones open.
  20. Let me put it this way. A german company selling software which could be used to oppress people, to a country whose leader openly states that he is going to destroy Israel and wants to drive the jews into the ocean leaves a very bitter aftertaste.
    where are the people taken who has been arrested thanks to intercepted sms/phonecalls?
    I think u get what im hintig at.

    greetings from germany
  21. darezy Member

    I just posted this to facebook. As a businessman in the mobile industry + a background of Iranian Im disappointing. Lucky Im much closer to Ericsson businesswise. From now on I will have another view on the cheap NOKIA.
  22. Fancy Member

    For Money most corporations will sell their soul.

    It is why i am for a different way of doing things. A different economy.

    Sadly I read Nokia press release about this and I don't have a link to it but was posted as a response to a blog about this issue. They say all systems has this feature but they may be doing standard PR on this issue.

    I am not doing anything with Nokia and will tell others as well.

  23. All the more reason to support Tor any way you can.
  24. so happy i went iphone over the nokia n97
  25. Nokia makes shit phones anyway!

    DEATH TO NOKIA! Or at least the company and its marketing staff.
  26. It sickens me that western companies support this kind of activity. I still have a bad feeling about Yahoo because they were so willing to sell out Chinese dissidents on order to get on the good side of the Chinese government.

    I want to point out though, the same economic engagement by european countries that made this deal possible also makes it very difficult for Iran to just cut off the Internet and telecommunications all together. If they did, their economy would quickly collapse which would make things even harder for the regime. As it is now, people are still finding ways around this. I hope that the protestors can break the regime before the regime has a chance to really analyze all the data they've gathered.

    Of course, the flip side is that embargoes mean that companies can avoid temptation. Its great that Google and Facebook rushed out better support for Farsi, but it was easier for them, because they didn't have to worry about their actions threatening any business deals. They didn't have any.

    For now though, I've set up a TOR node to try and do my part to help. And Nokia and Siemens can rot.
  27. Show your support for the Iranian people's FREEDOM movement !

    Wear a green wrist band or anything green...Thanks !
  28. bbc article related

    hello everyone Also worth to read, this article from bbc site
    BBC NEWS | Technology | Hi-tech helps Iranian monitoring

    about mobile phone and web access networks being right now controled /monitored by the regimes watchdogs and used to track and arrest all kind of opponents. Cyber repression and Big Brother are on their way and the Nokia sposkesman quite clear on their views
    Are there any specialists in (tele)communication technologies that could be reached through blogs or tweets to help (around whole-wide-world) in any way?

    Also this post (guardian live blog today around noon) offering proxy help
    Iran in crisis: live - 22 June 2009 | News |

    "A group of Dutch students and academics is setting up a project to encourage organisations to allow their computer servers to be used as proxy servers for people in Iran to get round Iranian restrictions.
    "Since it is summer a lot of businesses and institutions like universities have their servers running at well beneath their normal capacity. This means that they have ample bandwidth," emails David Suurland, one of the organisers of I Proxy Iran.He adds: "It costs next to nothing to do and requires little effort but is of tremendous importance for the Iranians capability to organize themselves without the fear of detection.
    "We have our ways of distributing the resulting anonymous proxy addresses to the people involved." "
  29. ariksan Member

  30. Betrayal

    It is sad and disgusting to think that the Finns who so bravely and effectively resisted two horrendous totalitarian governments in my lifetime should allow their most widely known company to participate in such tyrannical repression. You may be certain that I will never again knowingly purchase any item that has any connection with either Nokia or Siemens, and I will spread the word to my family and friends.
  31. "With NSN the future has already begun"

    NSN uses Iran as a showcase for spy-tech and business is booming...

    In June 2008 Nokia Siemens Networks participated in ISS World Asia Pacific, “ISS World Programs present the methodologies and tools to bridge the chasms from lawful intercept data gathering to information creation to investigator knowledge to actionable intelligence.”

    One of NSN presentation info:
    “Monday, 9 June 2008, 10:45-11:15,
    With Nokia Siemens Networks Intelligence Solutions the future has already begun. Enormous amounts of information yesterday a bothersome burden for analysts and agencies, today and overwhelming challenge and tomorrow? Despite all legal limitations and compliances, disperse data can be compared to a buried treasure. This presentation will deliver a realistic picture of today's and tomorrow's challenges as for preemptive security. Innovative ways of correlating and consolidating data from different sources with improved quality will be exemplified.
    Speaker: Tilmann Gabriel, Program Manager Intelligence Platform, Nokia Siemens Networks”

    In February 2009, for the first time ever, Nokia Siemens Networks, was the lead sponsor of intelligence gathering conference in Dubai. The events hosted by NSN included some topics demonstrated in practice in Iran over the past month.

    For example:
    “Thursday, 26 February 2009, 8:30 - 9:00,
    This presentation covers a wide range of monitoring aspects that go beyond standardized active monitoring. It deals with topics like satellite communication monitoring, service/passive monitoring, integration of surveillance equipment and communication data retention as well as location tracking of wireless communication. Other subjects are the application of biometrics, classification and natural language processing for automated information assessment which greatly improve the efficiency of monitoring centers.
    Speaker: Jesper Mathiesen, Head of Solution Sales, Nokia Siemens Networks”

    For more of the same and a complete program visit:
    TeleStrategies' ISS World MEA Dubai - Intelligent Support Systems for Lawful Interception Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Gathering

    The sad outcome of these marketing activities is that Nokia Siemens Networks helps to disconnect people for good. Now it also seems that these marketing efforts are paying off. Jun 26, China closed three tele communcation technology deals in Helsinki worth 700 million €. Two of the deals were with Nokia. What these deals ware about was not disclosed.
  32. It's just possible that the company I am working for will be sold to Nokia Siemens. Now, if that happens, i could quit my job or... Maybe I'll just be able to hand over some access info to Iranian comm. servers to the Greens.. Who knows. Yeah I probably shouldn't be writing this from work but whatever...
  33. me2.

    Nokia had a chance to rethink its sale while it was still pending federal approval. Several expert panels were convened and called the transfer a clear violation of both national security and human rights interests. Following the sale to Iran in April, nokia stock has remained essentially unchanged. The story was recently rereported in the WSJ, so the meme is out among brokers and traders. Once the general public gets it, the stage is set for massive boycott.

    This is called free market enterprise. If you disregard public opinion and sell sensitive technologies to enemies of human rights for your own selfish profit, eventually that truth will be investigated by the United States Congress in public view. I trust Nokia to begin backpedalling right quick.
    Markets have volatility, and nokia stock has been stable since the sale. On nokias eventual downturn, there will be ups and downs as greed rears it ugly head in cycles predicted by fourier transform. Greed will eventually be the undoing of ALL CORPORATIONS WHO SELL SENSITIVE TECHNOLOGIES TO GOVERNMENTS THAT DISRESPECT BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS (NokIran, ???North Korea, CiscoChina, don't make me continue that list.)

    During 'indeterminate' times like these, companies SHALL switch to the three basic principles for survival:
    1) Loose lips sink ships.
    2) Help spread our wings, not our technology.
    3) Don't copy that floppy.
  34. Protip, it's in common use in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, and all your happy 'free' 'democratic' countries.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

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