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  1. anonymous256 Member


    I've lurked threads for the past few weeks. I've found some anons in Alabama, but have yet to find organized cells. I'm not sure if I am overlooking anything or what.

    Most raids I've seen go down in Atlanta, Nashville, or Biloxi. Granted there aren't any scifags here. Dixie has always been famous for doing nothing. Not much benefit for Co$ here, and there would be so much criticism the scifags couldn't profit.

    But that is common knowledge.

    It would be nice, however, if Bama could be more of a rallying point. Maybe I'm just being new to this, and granted Alabama DOES aid to Atl, Nashville, and Biloxi raids. However it would be cool if we could actually get some REAL legit organization going on. You know, putting out flyers, spreading the word, etc. and actually putting in an effort to build up dixieland and just a stronghold of sorts. That way, if a raid goes down in the major Co$ sites around Bama, we could send bama anons that way to aid, plus there would be support here.

    Please post if you have any comments on this. I think having a large statewide muster that could bring in new anons and be a point for mass support of regional raids would be a pretty cool thing if enough work and effort was put into it.
    Anonymous has done some pretty big stuff, I'm sure this wouldnt be too small a task.

    So who likes the idea of making Alabama cities support points for Southeastern Co$ raids? Anyone?

    I'm in Huntsville, which is in North Alabama. So if any one is local up here like myself please hit me up.
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  2. JohnnyRUClear Member


    I like it, but I'm a long way from Alabama.
  3. anonymous256 Member


    haha, well at least i have a good, supportive second opinion. :D

    know any dixieanons?
  4. RedShieldwolf Member



    I think this board might be relevant to your interests. Has an Alabama activism board and a mainly southern audience. You could get something organized there perhaps.

    I'm active in KCMO, but if I'm ever in Dixie, I'll know about your raids. :D
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    I am in huntsvegas as well and while I just joined this site I have been keeping track of this movement since the start.
    I would love to help you organize a cell in any way possible.
    PM me and just let me know what I can do to help.
  6. AnotherSock Member


    If the place where you live doesn't have a Scilon base, you can still have some laughs doing shoops of Miscavige and the Hubtard. You can still take part in the srs bsns by writing letters to politicians and launching harpoons at the media... and you can try to fit in a protest next time you're travelling out of state.

    When you only have a few minutes to spare, you can digg or tweet chanology stuff, and vote up (and comment) YT videos. Minor actions like these all contribute to the high profile of anti-Sci resources in the search engines.

    It's all good!
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  7. anonymous256 Member


    oh trust me, ive been actively recruiting (so many anonchan nerds down here that need motivation towards chanology its not even funny) and i think ive dropped "youfoundthecard" flyers in about every copy of dianetics that i could find in bookstores around here. im planning on going to nashville very soon, and ive heard some rumor about a birmingham location, but im not too sure about that
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    Hey there. I really support your idea of organizing, or rather, uniting several anons around here (I live close to where you are: [Under 30 min]). I'm actually new to this as well.
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  9. Anonymous Member


    You could join us in Nashville. B'ham isn't too far away....
  10. anonymous256 Member


    is there a place in b'ham??
    Also, I think a narconon center is coming to huntsville. nearby is arab, the meth capitol of the world so you know...
    ive heard ads on 2 different radio stations.

    we hate

    sorry to far
  13. Anonymous Member

    I am from Huntsville and currently attending school in Birmingham so I'd be all over an event in either city (I'm also new to this, but really want to attend a protest). I'm gonna try to make it up to Nashville for a protest sometime in the coming months. Narconon is indeed coming to Huntsville, not sure if they have already opened or not....
    Initial Google search revealed nothing in Birmingham, but I'll look more in depth later on

    Sorry if I'm bumping this thread, just trying to hook up with some locals
  14. shaydhein Member

    Im moving into florence this weekend and would really like to find other anons for socializing and protests. Im from Minnesota so im gonna be lost in alabama.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to the South :)
    If you're moving to Florence you gotta check out Ricatoni's, it's an Italian place with some awesome pizza. I live in Huntsville but we go out that way to eat there sometimes.
  16. shaydhein Member

    Oh lol. I will check it out. But right now id like ta try to find some friend there from anon based beliefs. I am moving to florence but don't know anyone there :/
  17. Truthful Member

    Or how bout no. If I'm not mistaken the owner's been dealing out the back of the place for years.
    And have you seen his commercials? 50/50 I'd punch him in the throat if I ever saw him on the street.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Idk anything about the owner but doesn't change the fact that the pizza is delicious. Even if it's just because its laced with crack
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  19. shaydhein Member

    ^^^^hahahahahaha its ok guys, I moved outta state so thanks tho!
  20. AnonAL Member

    I'm in central Alabama. I am currently looking for any Anonymous looking to organize. Please contact me on Facebook, I'm AnonymousZero.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I would like to organize and rally, however we don't have a location. It seems that the NarcAnon that was supposed to be opening in Huntsville mentioned somewhere either in this thread or another one was false. No one has been able to locate any information on it as far as I'm aware.
  22. AnonAL Member

    If you'd like to join me next week in handing out flyers I'd be most grateful. I spent a couple hours handing them out today with some pretty good reactions from people. I can provide the flyers. I have my own Guy Fawkes mask,lmk if you need one and I will order it. Thanks and good luck!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    I already have one. I know a couple other people that would probably get in on it. Where did you do it at?
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  24. AnonAL Member

    At the mall and again at a shopping center in front of a Gamestop. If we could get a group together that'd be great. I may have another person to join over at You should check it out.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I'm free this mon, wed, and fri evening or tuesday morning. Madison square mall or parkway place? And the target shiopping center or the one over in south huntsville somewhere? If you wanna post or send me your flier i'll see if I can get some copies too and i'd also just like to see it because I believe in educating myself on what I protest about. Hopefully we can get 4 or 5 people and get a little publicity
  26. AnonAL Member

    Friday will would be great, say around 5 or 6 pm? here is the link to my flyer. The download is safe, it is just a flyer.
    Check this thread from others who can verify it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    I can do Friday at 6. I get off work at 5. Where shall we meet up? I'll drag along as many people as I can.

    I have been working on making a site for the Alabamanon cell so we can be official. We can start for real recruiting members. I live in Huntsville for the summer, but I'm in school in Birmingham so I'll be headed there again in August and can start a second group down that way. The flyers will be a good start and we can get in on Project Andromeda to recruit more. Alabama may be known for something more than being better than Mississippi.
  28. AnonAL Member

    Indeed we will! How about we meet at the Madison Square at 6? Good luck with the site, establishing an organized cell will be a major step for us.
  29. Anonymous Member

    I will be there. I'll try to get as many other people as I can as well.

    Check out and let me know what you think.
  30. AnonAL Member

    The site is extremely well designed,very nice job. I'll be sure to post links to it over at I'm going to try to do a flyer handout once every couple weeks over the course of phase 1. I'm thinking of making a dvd to give out also.

    Here are the 3 clips I want to include on the DVD.Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Starting it off with this clip -Charlie Chapman's Emperor Speech.

    Second up will be this clip.

    Last the Phase 1 clip.
  31. AnonAL Member

    Well hey man I've got to work doubles the next two days but I'm definitely there for Friday. See you then.
  32. AnonAL Member

    Are you still active? I just want to make sure it is all set for me to make the drive tomorrow? Madison Square Mall at 6 right? What area of the mall will you be outside?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Yep still sounds good to me. We can just meet up at the front entrance I guess by where the food court is. I don't think any of my people can show up, but maybe we'll get a pleasant surprise....if you have an extra mask you might wanna bring it just in case.
  34. Anonymous Member

    What are we gonna do in the event of severe weather? At this point im still planning to meet you there but its gonna be hard if its pouring don rain the whole time..
  35. Anonymous Member

    I hung out and drove around for like 15 min but never saw you anywhere....I wasn't able to print any flyers so there was no point in me just standing there
  36. AnonAL Member

    Sorry man,I filled in for a guy at work and plus like you said there was severe weather. I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I still want to plan a handout with you as you're one of the few Anons in my state I've come in contact with.
  37. Anonymous Member

    It's no problem. I work right down the street from there so it's no big deal. We can figure out another time.
  38. AnonAL Member

    Hey you should REALLY come over to I've came in contact with 4 Anons in our state over there and we're planning a meet up.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I have looked around it and read some post but I haven't joined up. I'll head over that way and get in on it.
  40. ravenanon Member

    website looks great. Good Luck

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