Northumbia idle going up for sale

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by charlie, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. xenubarb Member

    That isn't the definitive source, Roland. Our collection of data is from the internal magazines. Not everyone is mentioned in them yanno.
  2. veravendetter Member

    I love this one. Could hang in a gallery
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  3. basil Member

    Don't give Ted Stourton any ideas...
  4. BigBeard Member

    Looking at the second picture it's pretty obvious water is seeping through the walls, and mold has developed in the wall coverings and plaster. That kind of damage is not cheap, as it usually means stripping the walls down to the bare lath, letting it dry out (assuming the source of the leak has been fixed), replastering and refinishing the walls.

    The fact this building has been ignored long enough to get to this point tells me there are no plans to actually create an Idle Org here. From the look of things it would cost more to do the repairs than they paid for the building to begin with.

    And that's not even taking into account what kind of damage the water may have done to the floors.

  5. RolandRB Member

    I'd say the building was a write-off. They would hve to get the plaster off the walls in huge areas, fix the leaks in the roof and put lead flashing in where the water was seeping through, let it all dry out which would take a whole year, replace the celings everywhere, maybe have to put in new floors throughout, would probably have to replace the window frames. It might have been rescued when they first bought it if they put the work in then but it is beyond repair now. The building is worthless to anybody. And as for the land, there's a sinkhole developing in the car park and that could turn into something majorly bad. The whole lot might be worth less than 0.5M GBP now. Some of those OTs must be letting their postulates slip.
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    It's a mystery, isn't it. Like our San Diego Idle org; purchased and left to rot. Oh, they had a couple of events on the grounds, Disaster Preparedness events that nobody came to, and a Halloween party featuring the Hallway of Terror or some such.

    We left the neighbors well supplied with numbers to call and complain about deteriorating buildings, trespassing skateboarders, and weed abatement. They would have ignored it otherwise.

    At some point they jacked three "mission style" buildings, shooped 'em together, and claimed they were gonna develop a "Mission-style campus" that would of course become the center and focus of the community. I don't think these guys think things out. Indeed, they are exhorted, "Act, don't think!"

    So I guess nobody asked how they were gonna pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, so they wound up paying $50,000 or so twice a year in penalties. Once they got a donation and paid everything up to date, but six months later they were back to paying penalties again. And now, alas, it is for sale again.
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  9. BigBeard Member

    With the track record Cof$ has with 'Landmark' buildings, it's too bad there's not some way to get them banned world wide from ever buying another one.

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  10. RolandRB Member

    They did a good job renovating Darcy House at 146 QVS but I think that represents their maximum capacity in the UK. All other Idles in the UK will fail and rot apart.
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  11. RolandRB Member

    In the case of the Northumbria Idle it is no longer sellable as a building because due to their negligence the building has deteriorated beyond the point where it can be restored. They have ruined what was once a fine old building and robbed the people of Gateshead of their heritage. Some "leaders of the community" they turned out to be.
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  12. RolandRB Member

    Dear Ms Lacy,

    I would like to bring to your attention the deterioration of the old nursing home on Windmill Hill in Gateshead. This was purchased by a Scientology consortium in recent years and they have neglected the building to the extent that water damage is ruining the structure. If the owners do not make extensive repairs to the property immediately then it could be that the building will go past the point where is can be restored and this beautiful building may be lost forever as part of the heritage of the people of Gateshead. I would like you to follow the links to the following pictures that were taken in 2011.

    In the first one you will see in the upper photo that the ceiling has collapsed and the lathes can be seen sticking out of the door on the left of the corridor which seems to indicate that there has been a complete collapse of the ceiling in the room as well.

    In the following two photos you see one photo from 2008 and below a photo from 2011 and it is clear that there has been a worsening of the condition of the ceiling between those two times.

    As Senior Conservation Officer for Gateshead council I hope it is within your powers to force the owner of this property to make proper repairs to protect this building before it is too late.

    Roland Rashleigh-Berry
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    ^^^^^^ a good reason to proofead your thead titles before pessing "post"
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    Thead? Pessing? Was lingwadge is u spiekie?
  15. RolandRB Member

    Is that a Stourton original on the wall upper left? It looks like the long lost "Merlin and Teddy Bear Apprentice" painting.
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  16. RolandRB Member

    Just reading this about "compulsory purchase order":

    I think this needs to be pushed very hard. I think I would never be able to smile again if that building were not protected and fully restored for the edification of the people of Gateshead.

    5. REPAIRS

    5.1 If a local authority consider that a listed building is not being properly preserved they may serve on the owner a 'repairs notice' under Section 115 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971. This notice must specify the works which the authority consider reasonably necessary for the proper preservation of the building and explain that if it is not complied with within 2 months the authority may make a compulsory purchase order and submit it to the Secretary of State for confirmation. If the owner deliberately neglects the building in order to redevelop the site, the local authority may not only acquire the building, but may do so at a price which excludes the value of the site for redevelopment. If the building is unoccupied, the authority can serve a notice on the owner giving him 7 days' notice of their intention to carry out repairs which are urgently necessary to secure its preservation and recover the cost from the owner. These powers may also be exercised by the Secretary of State. Owners of listed buildings can, in some cases, get grants or loans to help them with repairs and maintenance. The next section explains the position.


    (The term 'grant' in this section can be taken to include loans). 6.1 Grants are available in certain circumstances both from the HBMC and from local authorities. They are always at the discretion of the body giving them: listing does not give any automatic entitlement to a grant. (For details of conservation area grants, see Section 9.3 below).

    Dear Mc Lacy,

    I believe your local authority has the powers to protect this fine building from further decay. Please follow this link for information:

    I hope urgent action will be taken on this issue.

    Roland Rashleigh-Berry
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  17. RolandRB Member

    I can only conclude from their actions that the owners of that fine building are happy for it to become a ruin so that they can knock it down and redevelop the land and make a big profit out of it. Such a shame. What a loss that will be to the people of Gateshead. :-(
  18. RolandRB Member

    Are we sure that this is a Grade II listed building? I've not seen it on any list as such.
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    Snap ..... will ring tomorrow .
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    Loose the hounds
    Lose the game
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    No intrest there .
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    Maybe somebody could put together a "Northumbria Ideal Org Grand Opening Celebration" glossy with some of those photos inside it.
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  32. charlie Member

    Picture's up , nice comment Roland LOL .
  33. RolandRB Member

    Can you send them three photos from inside the building? The recent one in the conservatory area, the corridor with collapsed ceiling and the wheelchair one?
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    H̢̗͓̱ͬ̌͛̍ͭ̂͢E͌̃͋ͫ̾̏҉̞̦̖̩̦̳̹ ̴̣̫͚͎̭͚͈̹͚̑̈̀͠Ç̰̻̮̦ͬ͐̄O̵͉̜͓̯͎̦̺̎̚͠M̡̹̖̪͍͒̉ͨͨ̏̈̓ͥ́Ȩ̶̠̱̝͍͔̖͓͊̄͋͐ͣͅŞ͈͓ͬͮ̈̌͐ͩ͞

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    T̛̯̤̖̪͍̥͐̂̅͟͞h͚̟̐̍̀͝͞aͥ̽̾̈́͏̢̮͎͖͍̖̦̀ṱ̠̪̻̥̔̔ͮ͢'̭̣̖̹ͯ͆̉ͭͬ̚s̖͙͍̥̪͉͑̉ͪ̌̐̀̕͢ ̱̣̪̖̘̰̣̐͐͊ͥͭs̻̘͉̜̥̩̟̲̐ͤ́̀̕͜õ̢̼̺̫̣̇ͨͦͫͣ̈́̚͞m̱̗̓ͤͬ͒͑̇̾ͬ͠ḙ͈͉̮̩̂̂ ̳̪̱̝͉̯̮͎͕̾̓s̥̯͈̯̟̪̯̙͌̍͢c̨̖̲̣͕͇̝͍̤͖ͬ͑ͮͨ̌̂̀ą̵͓̻̞̑ͥ̓̽ͫͣ͌ͪͮ͠ŗ͎̠̺͓̫̼͈̣̅ͧ̃ͥͨ͝y̧̪͇̺ͧ̅̒ͥ͌ͭ̈͒͘ ̳͖̭̄̓̀ͩ̑̕s͖̳̈́̋̓̾̉ͫ̚͢͡͡ĥ̴̦͙̖̟̥ͩͬ̅͌̽̃́i̓̔ͫ́͏̴̠̘̹̹͎̦t̛͇̟͕̻̠͌̾́̒̆ͬ̑,̱͈̤̘̤̈́ͯ͆ͦ̏͜͠ ͈̩͕͍̒̃̌d͔̪̏ͤͫ̎ṳ̵̬͍̝̞̟̦̏̈ͫͫ̏͛̈́͋͡ḑ̛͉͑̑ͪ̀e̢̱̼̤̤͖͙̔͋͘.̧̛̖̺̣̑ͣ͗̄ͅ
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    How is your "investment" going, my dears? You know, all that money you could not afford that you borrowed and poured into the Northumbria Ideal Org project with the certainty that the Org would open and the public would flock in with their cheque books open ready to sign up for thousands of pounds of courses each?

    Well, it didn't quite happen as you all hoped, did it now?

    And look at the above photos. That building is worth about half what you paid for it after all that decay. I bet you were hoping to make a fat profit on it.

    And as for the land, then there is a sink hole developing in the car park.

    Oh well, better luck next life!
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    "And as for the land then there is a sink hole developing in the car park."

    O RLY....tell me moar! Leaky pipe? Secret tunnel collapse? Tidal vandalism?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar.
  40. RolandRB Member

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