northumbria idle fire .

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by charlie, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. charlie Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Terrible to see an old building be allowed to crumble this way.

    Bad news for us, as the Scientologists now stand to benefit from a big insurance claim.
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  3. veravendetter Member

    True, but the insurance company would also expect the property to be secured properly against entry, which it wasn't.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Plus, of course, they do have somewhat of a history of 'unusual fires in their buildilngs', don't they?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Have you confirmed who the owner is via Land Registry, i.e. still Richard Pickles or the Church of Scientology?
  6. Anonymous Member

    when did this happen is it in the local press yet!
  7. charlie Member

    Within the last 2 weeks as that's when I was last there , never seen anything in the chronicle .
  8. Anonymous Member

    I'd suggest 'pooning 1) the press, 2) the council (esp. the conservation officer who expressed concerns), and 3) the historical society again, attaching all relevant past/present photos - the open doors, etc.

    CoS page on the Northumbria Ideal Org: mod edit: Sci link:

    Maybe tell/remind the press that, following Pickles' successful planning application for a change of use, the Council has said that the CoS would be in breach of the use class if they occupied it, which is one possible reason why nobody's cared enough to secure and maintain the building.
  9. RolandRB Member

    Not if we can find out the name of the insurance company and let them know and show them proof that the building had been neglected and that they were told about the problem.
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  10. RolandRB Member

    Sorry, Northumbria, but the regeneration of your area has been put on hold.
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  11. Doubt it

    Ever heard of an insurance company that *wants* to pay out money? Me neither. I'll bet that the insurers are already conducting their investigation, and they'll be thorough. I can definitely imagine them browsing this board looking for incriminating dox.

    That's if it was even insured at all... Don't put it past the cult to try and cut corners on that sort of thing.
  12. wolfyrik Member

    It looks like there was a belltower on this building, the red-brick makes it look early 20th century, maybe pre-1940. Is it listed? This could be a problem for the cult.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Anons: Why not write to the local councillors to express - very politely - your shock and dismay that this listed building has been allowed by its owners to fall into disrepair?

    You could ask them if the council plans to take any action. 1PS
  15. pedrofcuk Member

    What is it with scilons and maps? Northumbria according to that ^ reaches all the way into Lothian and includes Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, bet the HAPIfags are none too hapi about that. The map also takes in large areas of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Humberside. And their tech makes people brighter? No, it doesn't.
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. So that's where Spangly got to...
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  19. RolandRB Member


    Now we need to know who insured it.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I wonder how long till Camelot Castle has 'a mysterious fire'?
  21. Anonymous Member

    My guess would be that it's not. Pesky wog insurance investigators are pesky, always sticking their noses into places where they're not wanted. With the "expansion" that follows the acquisition of each idle org, surely the cult has enough resources on hand to clean up it's own MEST problems. Surely.
  22. moarxenu Member


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  23. AnotherSock Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    While I can feel the bitter sweetness of Schadenfre├╝de, I can't also help but feel sad about the building. I have a soft spot for the brickwork and old, buckly window glass.
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  25. wolfyrik Member

    Thanks Anon for the writeto link, takes you direct to the ready prepared form, just have to fill in the details and your message can be sent to the MP's for Gateshead. Good work :D
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  26. Sponge Member

    Local scilons down at the Sunderland org will be mobilised immediately to handle this and make it go right. Oh wait....

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  27. veravendetter Member

  28. veravendetter Member

    With a Guy Fawkes mask left at the scene, covered in Mappin's fingerprints.
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  29. And well done RolandRB for ensuring the scientologists were informed about the risk their building was in from random vandals/squatters. Scientology will not be able to argue with their Insurer that they had taken adequate precautions and didn't know the shape it was in.

    You sneaky devil, well played. <3
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  30. Sponge Member

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  31. veravendetter Member

    Even better^
  32. Anonymous Member

    This stinks. The Scientologists buy a listed building and then find they've bitten off more than they can chew. It stands empty for a long while with no attempt to work on it... and then it mysteriously burns?

    The council and the insurers might do well to examine exactly how much money was sought for this project, what the money was supposed to be for, how much money was actually raised and where it went. It sure as heck didn't get used to operate that crappy little org in Sunderland that's never open.

    So where did all the money go? Clearwater, we have to assume. And if the insurers did pay out on this claim, would we get our listed building repaired, amde safe and restored? No. It would simply allow another draft of money to be sent to the headquarters of the UFO cult in Clearwater, Florida.
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  33. Anonymous Member


    Nothing hurts a criminal cult more that being lubelessly sodomised with the Great Dildo of Justice
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  34. subrosa Member

    "Nothing hurts a criminal cult more that being lubelessly sodomised with the Great Dildo of Justice"

    An outstanding, timeless quote
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  35. SwordofTruth Member

    Fantastic, laughed like a proper bastard and proberly woke the neighbours up.
  36. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  37. another123 Member

    LOL, PEDALphile warning sign.
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  38. Gary Busey Member

    Yea because rejoicing over a fire totally makes you guys look like the nice guys.

  39. Nice try Gary. People from this site sent 9000+ poons trying to prevent this completely predictable outcome. You are willfully misinterpreting the collective facepalm of massive proportions as jubilation. Not.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Fuck off faggot.
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