northumbria idle fire .

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by charlie, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Sponge Member

    ..but since we don't have a pic yet, a shoop will do....

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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. Sponge Member

    We should send them some of ours.

    I lol'd considering scientology's penchant for mocking up 3d computer generated tours of prospective ideal orgs and in view of the actual state of the place as it (barely) stands.
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  4. Random guy Member

    Anyone phoned Naylors and asked for the price?
  5. Anonymous Member

    "about 100 dollars"

    I'm an excellent driver.

    Three minutes to Wapner.
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  6. charlie Member

    Builders have took their sign down so I guess is going up for sale as is (ouch thats got hurt the pocket) tarps looking a bit tattered too .
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  7. Sponge Member

    Thanks eversomuch Charlie, that's a brilliant pic.
    The open window and soot marks from the fire, the tarps on the burned roof and the general mess of the scafolding skirted by the graffiti covered boarding, beatifuly shot in the stark, frosty, low winter sunshine. It's high art! It also has space at the bottom for a caption :D

    Scientologist and Estate Agent, Richard Mark Pickles paid £1,500,000 for this pile of shit in March 2007

    Data fom the Land Registry (obtained 2nd Oct 2008).......
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Building infested by Thetans
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  9. Anonymous Member

    It's just... beautiful :')
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  10. xenubarb Member

    "The mines and minerals are excepted." So what happens when the sinkhole from a collapsing tin mine swallows the parking lot? Who owns it then?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I'm still sad to see such a nice Victorian building come apart like that.
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  12. Sponge Member

    "Hello, welcome to my sinkhole"
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  13. RolandRB Member

    They won't be able to sell that place if any potential buyer has to restore the building. The only way they could sell it is if the building burns down to the ground and then the whole plot can be redeveloped.

    To all you Scientologists in the area - ask yourselves this - what would Ron do?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    He would run with the money,take large amounts of anti psychotics and fuck bitch's.
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  15. Sponge Member

    What would Ron do?

    Make it go rite

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  16. xenubarb Member

    "fuck bitches?" Word clear 'flaccid.'
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  17. Moar Shoops time again:

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  18. RolandRB Member

    Dere Scientologists. I know you have put a lot of money into that building but you see it has been damaged. It must have pulled in those things through out-ethics. It is now just a DB (Degraded building) stopping you from making progress up the Bridge. It is against people getting better and improving their lives. Yes, you guessed, it is actually a Suppressive Building - one of the truly dangerous 2.5%. Maybe it is time you put ethics in on that building and "made it go right".
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  19. RolandRB Member

    I think they could come out with a profit in the right circumstances.
  20. Finkelstein could make it go right for them.
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  21. DeathHamster Member

    Their stats would go through the roof!
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  22. Sponge Member

    The local residents must have been really pissed off over the last 4 years. They'll reminisce about the days when this place was a functioning building, with Max Bygraves records and Hammond organ music wafting on the wind from the open windows as the locals walked their dogs past the Windmill Hills building. As well as caring for the elderly, it even provided jobs to locals so I expect there was great anctipation amongst nearby residents as to what would become of it after it closed and was sold to wierd cult.
    Now their little public greenbelt area has been marred by this shameful burned out wreck courtesy of the so-called "church" of scientology whom locals now know had no intention of doing anything with any sense of urgency or respect for the area.
    Ironically, scientology is an organisation that is the very antithesis of the previous building's purpose with regard to the cult's treatment of their own, especially the elderly, less able, "non productive" members of their closed society...... a former purpose which a sign bears and still remains fixed to the east side of the building: Windmill Hills Care Home.

    Not enough of this historic grade II listed building is sufficiently damaged enough to even consider having it demolished IMO and if they are expecting a queue of "investor" types or developers to rush in with anything like the previous 2007 purchase price of £1.5million then I think they'll be sorely disappointed. So, although this fail is welcome in terms of not having a scientology org, it will be a long time before it is sold and use is made of it.

    Dear Richard Pickles, Scilon, Super Power Conerstone Member, and estate agent,
    this mess won't even begin to make up for your IAS and sooper power donations or the profit excised from the Birmingham Pitmaston House purchase with the sale of excess land. You fail. You failed your leader, you failed your fellow members and you failed the local people of Gateshead. You are assigned the condition of a "PTS Finkelstein".

    Anyway, enough of the rhetoric. Question is: Has the cult really given up on the north east of England? We have seen before, in the USA, where they have bought then sold a building that ultimately wasn't suitable only to purchase another more manageable one instead.
    I doubt it though.
    Not in the UK, and certainly not in the North East and not in the current climate, unless they want to be expensively bloodyminded about it.

    I'm wondering, with this and the previous reports of the Sunderland Org being closed a lot (and the York mission shut down), is the North East of England the most successful harbinger of visible scientology fail for the minimum amount of actual activist effort that we have seen so far? It's almost too easy, like someone is watching over us....
    Just got to get rid of that local business rates relief anomaly and I think we're done with this particular bunch of pudknockers.
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  23. RolandRB Member

    Northerners are either skint or skinflints and not worth the "Church" bothering to try to turn them into money.
  24. Sponge Member

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  25. RolandRB Member

    If that building were a burnt-out wreck all over then it would be impractical to restore it so it would have to be demolished to make room for a modern luxury apartment block. The land would be worth a small fortune in that case and the profit on it would rocket those contributing Scientologists to the top of The Bridge(tm) where they would be further empowered to help their local community and bring about a regeneration of the area and get people off drugs.

    These people are the most ethical people on the planet so I am expecting an ethical solution to this.
  26. RolandRB Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Any local press interest in this poons?
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. RolandRB Member

    The last thing we want is to read an eye witness report about a group of youths wearing Guy Fawkes masks being seen running out of that building just before it caught fire and was completely burned to the ground thus making that plot of land worth 4x what it is now.

    I certainly hope not to read about such a thing over the next few days because it will mean the end of the Anonymous movement in the UK (and perhaps the World) and the mega-expansion of Scientology in the UK and the first Cleared Continent. I will Flo Barnett myself if that happens!
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Random guy Member

    That would probably just be new research on the "wall of fire incident".
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  32. xenubarb Member

    It'd look something like this:

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  33. Random guy Member

    A wee bit cooler than the lame IAS crusader promo.
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  34. RolandRB Member

    I've just been watching some footage of when Windsor Palace was burned so bad. So sad. I hope it never happens to that fine old building that we all love in Gateshead.
  35. RolandRB Member

    It would be nice to have an update.
    Like I said, the only way that building could be sold to break or at a profit is for it to be totally destroyed by fire. And I mean totally destroyed as in "burnt to the ground".
  36. Anonymous Member

    FWIW, Council dox from September and January mentioning the repairs to Windmill Hills.

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  37. xenubarb Member

    O snap! Fucked by their own delusional need for prominent buildings, bwahahahahaha!!!
  38. BigBeard Member

    Why does the phrase "It'll be done in two weeks." from The Money Pit movie keep running through my head whenever I take a peak to see if anything new is going on with this place??

  39. Sponge Member

    The cult did know their long term plans for the building. Well documented on their own websites, they wanted to make it their "Northumbria Ideal Org".
    See the cult's own promo artwork with magical King Arthur excalibur 'n'shit....
    There are also 3D computer renderings of the interior that have been posted before.
    After the fire damage the local scientologists even "won" £20,000 from the mothercult in their "ideal org football contest" for the express purpose of going towards their local ideal org building.

    "Unsuitable for their purposes". Riiight. lol.
    They paid £1.5 million for this shit exactly 5 years ago, sat on it all this time whilst purchasing and opening other buildings round the world, and somehow failed to spot the that the property/land value has steadily tanked over the last 3 years at least.

    You may ask: what's that "S.215 notice" menioned in the dox? Basically this....

    S.215 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) provides local authorities with an
    additional, discretionary power for requiring landowners to clean up 'land adversely affecting
    the amenity of the neighbourhood'. Local authorities also have powers to undertake clean up
    works themselves under s.215 and to recover costs from the landowner.

    Hmm, isn't that Royal Fleet Hotel building which the cult bought in Plymouth not so long ago also a grade II listed building which, if left to go to ruin like the Gateshead Northumbria building, could see a S.215 notice being ordered? Isn't it also in a similar kind of neighbourhood with residents in the immediate vicinity? I wonder how it faired this winter. We could do with some recent pics.

    Note that s.215 notices do NOT have to be complaint led. They can be used proactively by local councils (and I would imagine especially so, if a decrepid property sits within an area that has been designated for regional development and a persistent failure on behalf of the building/land's owner to tidy it up would hamper such regional improvement plans).
    Costs are very easily recovered from the owner through various means if the council uses direct action to undertake the work themselves (as opposed to prosecuting for non-compliance first). See s.215 guidance docs...

    Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Section 215. Best Practice Guidance

    Derelict Land and Section 215 Powers: main document
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