northumbria idle fire .

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by charlie, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. RolandRB Member

    very blowy there. If charvers get too close they will be turned into slateheads.
  3. kernowanon Member

    There used to be a fake excalibre in a stone outside the Clamalot Castle Hotel, someone nicked it lol!! Any significance to the Clams?
  4. pedrofcuk Member

    Hubbard (pre-Dianetics) wrote a book called Excalibur or The Dark Sword which supposedly drove readers insane and caused a publisher to defenestrate himself, however there is no evidence of any of this, it's just another lie from the master liar.
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  6. timthephoto Member

    ITT: much gloating :p
  7. charlie Member

    Fake Excalibur is in the public park all they own is the building and the car park even the path is not there's LOL .
  8. RolandRB Member

    It's blowy there again.

    I keep seeing cupolas everywhere now.
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  9. RolandRB Member

    If the wind was from the SW then would it be perpendicular to the long wall in the burnt out section or parallel to it? If perpendicular or roughly so then I think the roof will have blown out.
  10. Sponge Member

    With this hurricane currently out above the north of the scottish isles, it will still have quite an effect. High wind warnings have been issued and they are starting to get up. Apparently it will peak around monday/tuesday, conservatively forecasted at nearly 30mph (which is worse with gusts and if you're on a hill like Windmill Hills is). What a pity they didn't KSW and get that lovely building renovated and used, instead letting fall into such disrepair and vandalism despite being warned several times to take even just basic measures. Ah well, if the roof comes off and kills someone then that about wraps it up for scientology in the North East of England and no amount of advertising their "Live Improvement" courses in the is gonna help them. LOL irony. ( )
  11. xenubarb Member

    Is Tommy Davis in any of them?
  12. Sponge Member

    Excuse us, but we Brits do like to talk about the weather a lot.


    Their handyman-cum-security scilon better leg it sharpishly, or stay inside his candy van (but don't park too near the structure on the lee side because I'm not sure that a rusty old Ford Transit can take a whole cupola falling from that height at 9.8 m/s²).
  13. RolandRB Member

    The roof will already be off from the 39 kmph winds from a week ago. The forecast winds for Monday/Tuesday will not be more than what they have already had.
  14. Sponge Member

    At the risk of boring the shit out of everyone...

    You're wrong, about the wind forecast I mean (I don't know if the roof has actually blown off already).

    Your 39kph = 24mph. Yet it wasn't all that windy in actuality, also because it wasn't really gusting. It's going to be even worse than the cheap'n'chearful BBC weather.

    Sept 12th 06:00 to 12:00hrs the wind is forecast to become SW @ 24mph gusting to 46 mph, temporarily (10:00 to 12:00hrs) WSW @ 32Mph gusting 50mph!!!

    Now if that somehow turns out to not so quite so accurate on the day then it'll still be very fucking windy. More than last week. Predicting wind is a lot more precise science than predicting rain for a given location so I expect it will be reasonably accurate.

    It helps if you can read aviation METARS (based on actual observations) and TAFs (Terminal Air Forecast). (input EGNT for newcastle airport),
    but if you can't then you can use this: and click the ""Explain these data" link and it more or less gives a plain english readable translation, including conversion from knots to Mph in a neat pop-up window.

    Of course airports are more windy because they are usually in a very exposed place with nothing around to act as wind breakers. But, being an almost solitary building on a hill, as the fail org is, it would be more akin to being at an airport. i.e. higher winds and more prone to the effects of gusts.

    [BRB, putting my detailed scale model of northumbria fail org into my DIY wind tunnel. Will report back with results. ;)]
  15. jensting Member

    They wanted this to happen - only sensible explanation.

    Best Regards

  16. xenubarb Member

    I have to agree. If they are Cause, this is what they wanted.
  17. RolandRB Member

    A bit more than seven hours to go before the wind gets up and then standing downwind of that burnt out roof will be hazardous.

    I can see a slate or two going through the windshields of the cars in the car park. If we are lucky then a few slates will get as far as the main road.

    And the scilons know about the danger and the local council as well. If a slate goes through the windshield of a car on the main road then they could get sued.

    I wish there were a restaurant I could sit in and watch this unfold, eating a fine meal and washing it down with some fine wine (not that you would get either in Gateshead but I like the idea). Wait for the sound of the crash and explosion on the main road then dab my mouth with a napkin.

    And the wind is forecast to last for 23 hours.

    It will be sunny and warm in southern Germany where I am so I think I'll go out for a meal and wash it down with a fine wine Monday evening and just ponder on the devastation going on in Gateshead at their Ideal Org and on the neighbouring main road. A slate slicing through a windscreen and slashing the throat of a truck driver. What's left of the glass sprayed red while they crash through the central barrier and collide head-on with another truck. A petrol tanker, perhaps.

    I think a Chilean red is in order with a piquant meat sauce with the main dish.

    Perhaps I should get someone to video me. I have the camera (I have hundreds of cameras). A Kodak Playsport would do. It's not often I look happy but on Monday evening I will be very happy.

    (Can I win a schadenfreude award with this?)
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  18. xenubarb Member

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  19. RolandRB Member

    Loose slates on roof at Windmill Hills and the forcast gales‏

    From: Roland Rashleigh-Berry (
    Sent: 12 September 2011 05:24:01

    Dear Sirs,

    according to weather forecasts there could be gale force blustering winds starting on Monday (today) at 11am and lasting for 23 hours. There is a building on Windmill Hills that has a burnt out roof and slates from this roof could be blown across the neighbouring main road which could cause these slates to smash through windscreens with resulting possible cause of accident and loss of life. I am bringing this to your attention so that you can consider the possibility of closing this stretch of road for safety reasons during this weather period.

    The condition of this building can be seen here.

    Yours sincerely,

    Roland Rashleigh-Berry
  20. Sponge Member

    Later aviation TAF forcasts even higher winds. Gusting 63mph. TV weather has 70mph warnings (presumably high ground).

  21. RolandRB Member

    GAME ON !!! Major destruction has started.

    I hope one good gust lifts off the roof and sprays it over a busy main road on both sides, raining death and destruction down upon the wog motorists. If it gets a motor cycle rider decapitated then so much the better.

    The forecast:

    Fairly up-to-date conditions:

    53 kmph wind as of 11:25 local time. It will be gusting up to twice that.

    51 kmph from WSW at 13:13 local time. Perfect!
  22. Anonymous Member


    Live webcam from just up the road lots of shaking due to the wind!
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  23. RolandRB Member

    I think it is safe to say that the east side of that roof is off.
  24. xenubarb Member

    Wow, 70 mph gusts? Time to grab the paragliders and head for Windmill Hill! (and wind up somewhere in France)

  25. Sponge Member

    Look at this, just a wee bit south in County Durham...


    And that was an intact low-lying building, not a delapidated wreck on a hill like the fail org.

    Power cuts in parts of Newcastle, lots of damage reported.

    The battering is forecast continue into the wee hours of tomorrow, before it starts to show the first signs signs of dying down a little. It'll be a good few days before people will be able to go out and repair roofs, chimneys and cupolas etc.
  26. veravendetter Member

    I saw one of those big round trampolines everyone has in their gardens nowadays, getting blown across a park.
  27. xenubarb Member


    Have you been affected by the severe winds? Send us your comments using the form below.
    Send your pictures and videos to or text them to 61124 (UK) or +44 7624 800 100 (International). If you have a large file you can upload here.
  28. Anonymous Member

    The Church of Scientology Sunderland just recently won £25,000 in the "First Ideal Org Football Tournament". I guess that'll come in very handy for the emergency repairs then... right?

    This is according to (Scilon site) http:// www dot idealorgfootball dot com

    David Banks, "Chief Football Correspondent The Sun Newspaper" is pictured holding a certificate proclaiming him to be "highly commended".
  29. Sponge Member

    I see, so the cult organises a contest and miraculously the failest org project in the country wins it. That's a good way of not admitting that Sunderland is not self-supporting and desperately needs a hand-out.

    In the Sunderland org catchment area there's not likely to be enough clams, especially of winning football-playing age, to form a team and enter even a 5-a-side contest.

    Is there are tax advantage in arranging a contrived contest involving "skill" as opposed flat-out giving a hand-out? Maybe this should be looked into.

    How recently is this? Any date?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Just a couple of weeks ago, afaict.
  31. veravendetter Member

    His cupola runneth over.
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  32. Sponge Member

    I've got a kids pedal go-kart in the garage. I could get a broom handle, some tarp or a sheet and road-yacht down the street. I'm not sure the plastic bearing-less wheels could take 35 - 55mph though (and the go-kart's little owner would be very upset).
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  33. xenubarb Member

    Do it...and don't forget to take video! This is what I use:

  34. Sponge Member

    All we need now is for the sink hole in the car park to open up and we can change the thread title to "Northumbria Fail Org - Earth, Wind & Fire".
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  35. RolandRB Member

    It's had plenty of rain for the Water part if you needed the complete set.
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  36. RolandRB Member

    At 19:00 local time the wind is 55 kmph from WSW. That is bang on perpendicular to the east side of the roof. It must be off by now. Maybe the west side is down as well. If not it will be picking off slates from the west side top row of slates and launching them over the main road. And it is some drop down so there will be added energy when they slice through the car windows. It's the scieno equivalent of ninja death stars.

    And it will get dark in an hour so they won't be able to see it coming. Somebody working late and driving home - perhaps with flowers for the wife or a birthday present for a child gets a slate through the side window that gashes open their throat. And this is "outflow" from their local "church" of Scientology. Free slate copies of their "Way to Happiness".
  37. Django Member

    It looks like the kind of building where, back in the '50s, kiddies were being diddled ...
  38. xenubarb Member

    Well, as long as it's not haunted...
  39. RolandRB Member

    19:56 local time and wind is 63 kmph from WSW

    20:14 and still the same

    21:08 and 58 kmph

    This is way above what was forecast. And with it gusting and for such a long time there is a high chance the roof would have caught a gust. And the "good" part of the roof as well.
  40. RolandRB Member

    Well, I had that sumptuous meal that I promised myself and washed it down with a suitable wine (the durum kebab left over from Saturday and a supermarket Chardonnay) and I am well pleased with this result. I think there might have been enough wind to lift tiles from the good sections of the roof but we shall see when Charlie gets there next with his camera.

    But whatever -- this should be nice and expensive for our bivalve buddies.

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