Norwegian Anon needed as museum source

Discussion in 'Prosjekt Chanology' started by Protestor, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Protestor Member


    I know calls for Anonymous "spokespersons" are dime a dozen, but here we go again:

    Knowing someone who knows someone who knows etc, I have been asked if a (preferably) Norwegian Anon would be willing to be interviewed by a curator from the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo for an exhibition. The exhibit is about freedom, as part of the bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution. The curator seeks someone from Anonymous with experience from Operation Payback (Wikileaks) or Operation Tunisia (or other Arab Spring operations) to give some input on a section devoted to internet freedom.

    I know the answer to this will probably be "post the questions on the open forum, and we'll answer it there", but I am not the curator, I merely passing on the request and I don't know what questions he want to ask. For the usual questions about credentials and validity, PM me. I am a regular user on this board, so I want to take all potentially identifying questions per PM. And before you ask, I don't want any identifying information on you. I presume the curator too is OK with you being anonymous, and that he's smart enough to understand if you are the real deal or not.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Justor is the Scandinavian Forum Moderator at WWP. Justor may be helpful with this.

    To send a private message:
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  3. RightOn Member

    very cool
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  4. Protestor Member

    Thanks Night Owl!
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  5. Juster Moderator

    As I mentioned in my PM, I've only taken part in Chanology.

    I have no idea where the Norwegian Payback/Tunisia crowd went, I'm afraid. Have you tried IRC?
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  6. wolfbane Member

  7. With all the latest infiltrations from the alphabet agency cunts, and the amount of paranoia going down there lately .. Good luck with that.
  8. Protestor Member

    Good point.
  9. Juster Moderator

    True. Also, most of these operations seem to have been "fads" here in Norway. I've got the impression most participants have left by now. I might be wrong, though.
  10. conchosunwi Member

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  11. conchosunwi Member

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