Norwegian TV NRK2 Aktuelt, Andreas Heldal-Lund ( to talk about CoS and CCHR

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Education Minister critical of scientology "sect" propaganda pushed by former Turbonegro frontman Hans Erik Dyvik Husby, aka Hank von Helvete:

    "– Dette skal absolutt ikke inn i norsk skole. Det virker overfladisk og lite seriøst. Lærerne har et langt bedre materiale. Dette hører ikke hjemme som en del av et seriøst materiale, med mindre elevene skal læres opp i kritisk tankegang, sier Halvorsen."

    "This material does absolutely not belong in Norwegian schools. It seems shallow and cannot be taken seriously. Teachers have far better materials to work with. This does not belong in and amongst serious teaching materials, unless the students are being educated about the importance of critical thinking, says Kristin Halvorsen (educational minister)"

    Nice one Kristin, well done.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Hehehe, seems good old Hank got played there...

    Paraphrasing Andreas: "CCHR is the same as CoS, they are both spawn of the same entity, and they use people like Husby without their knowledge. I am sure Husby means everything he says, but he does not see that he is being used."

    Hank: "Mr Heldal-Lund is stupid, and i dont think we should listen to him just because he has a blog."

    After showing a short clip of the über-american cheesy sales-pitchy "give us money and be happy" videos from TWTH, most norwegians are likely to judge Husby as a bit of a fool. He is now a prime target for any norwegian comedian looking for some new material. Nice.
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  5. Sponge Member

    Andreas was also interviewed in an article for Dagbladet on saturday (don't know if it was related to this) but I can't seem to find it online.

    ref: Andreas' personal Twitter....!/spirous/status/130328233374793728
  6. Anonymous Member

    Andreas has been at this for many years and still he powers on.
    Kudos to you Andreas!!!
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    I'll try and remember to grab a paper after work.

    Edit: I forgot. :p
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    My unqualified attempt at an english translation from the Norwegian source and MS/Google auto-translator mash-ups (feel free to correct)......

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    Oh, and yes, the band Turboneger that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby was former singer for, really does cross-translate as "Turbonegro". Also, back then he preferred to be known by the name of "Hank Von Helvete" or "Hank von[from] Hell".

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    Backtracking a week, here are the Dagbladet articles that I couldn't bring up before, with a mostly robot translation in the quote box (which I'll try to tweak if I get time or if I get some help).
    First-up is the main one from 29th October....

    [Photo: Dagbladet 29 October]

    Idol-Hank sprer scientologi-propaganda på Twitter
    Ren sjarlatanvirksomhet, raser Olav Gunnar Ballo - som mistet datteren etter scientologi-test.
    Trine Høklie Jonassen

    ...article continues in next post....
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    ....article continued....
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    Next up, the Dagbladet article from 2nd November...

    Slik vil Idol-Hank frelse norske skolebarn
    Kunnskapsminister Kristin Halvorsen reagerer etter at Idol-Hank har sendt Scientologi-filmer til over 3000 skoler.
    Marie L. Kleve

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  14. Sponge Member

    Finally, a comment/editorial article from 7th November....

    (Once again, please excuse the mostly robot translation. I'll tweak it if i get time or if someone wants to PM me proper translations)

    Hank von Hubbard
    Hans Erik Dyvik Husby er blitt rusfri med scientologimetoder. Det fritar verken ham eller scientologikirken for kritikk.
    Geir Ramnefjell

  15. Anonymous Member

    han er dumm
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    Village Voice's mention of this Norwegian story in their weekly Thursday stats round-up

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