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Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by xenubarb, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    There are a lot of items that could muddy the main thread on the transcripts. However, there are things that stand out. I'll start, shall I?

    After the video of (presumably) Bang-Bang Muhammad making gun gestures and grabbing Sparrow's camera, Ms. Belotte denies knowing him, stating, "These people come and go."
    "These people." Not part of her church, she claims. They come and go.

    I'm sure NOI would like to hear what the Executive Director of the DC Org really thinks of them.
    "These people." Heh.

    Next, the delicious testimony of a Moxon-coached witness and co-worker of Belotte. She proceeds to perjure herself on the stand, claiming she saw with her own eyes Sparrow trespass onto cult property to prevent Ms. Belotte from getting in her car.

    Unfortunately, as Mr. Key pointed out, Ms. Belotte also stated that Sparrow never left public property during protests. It was all very embarrassing for the little clammie, I'm sure.

    Kim never came up with the "erection and blocking car" story until after she made a police report. Her long email to a detective the next day also failed to mention these things. Surely a man with an erection approaching you or preventing you from getting in your car would sort of, excuse the pun, STAND OUT? Yet poor little Kim's brain was full. Remembering is HARD! Even when you're a Clear with perfect recall, as Mr. Key pointed out.

    I liked the part of the trial where Mr. Key leads Kim down memory lane, to a day when coworker Vickie was out with a video camera, and another Scilon was out with pad and pencil. Kim deliberately walks past Sparrow, ostensibly to get coffee, changes her mind, walks past him again. Clearly, they were hoping to get video of Sparrow "doing something."

    The judge noticed that, more than once, Ms. Belotte goes out of her way to engage Sparrow and call him names. Surely this is not the act of a terrorized woman? "I just wanted to make him leave me alone," she tells the judge. Yeah. Marching out and calling someone "Scarecrow" works well.

    With all these allegations of stalking and erections, Ms. Belotte took no measures to protect herself. She failed to bring keys to the side door, even though she knew he'd probably be out front. She never asked to see video from either security cameras or her fellow Scilons. She never asked anyone to escort her to her car. She never asked anyone to bring a camera out while she walked to her car. She didn't do any of these things, because none of this ever happened.

    You can see when her TR-L drills fail, and she retreats to "I don't know. I don't know what that is. I don't know. I don't know." Doesn't play well in court.

    She can't explain why her husband threatens Radio Paul with the Brian Treatment. Nor can she explain what the Brian Treatment is, but it sounds like hubby is threatening a law abiding protester with it.

    Some humor, Mr Keys, "I haven't read Dianetics, but I saw Battlefield Earth."
    Judge, "He's wearing another tie that defies easy description."

    This just shows what a sharp, well-informed lawyer and a whole pile of video can do.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    This is great, Barbz! I have already sent one journalist to this thread and will send more. Continue for great justice!
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  3. xenubarb Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Guess who won the Birthday Game!

  5. RightOn Member

    what is up with her left eye and her cheek?
    it looks like two different faces
    did she have an accident or something?
    Maybe she is like two face in the Batman movie

    she wore a freakin' ball gown? lol!!!
    what a looooooooooooooooooooser
    EDITED: I mean winner!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Damn I thought she would have been at least a little hot.

    She looks like a locust licking dog piss from a cactus.
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Kim is was what they'd call an evasive witness that stretches credulity.
  9. I've read the transcripts (stayed up until 430am doing so) and am in the process of rereading them.

    All I can think about is Sparrow's erection & open shirt! *thud*

    Back to business,it is blaringly obvious Bellotte is incapable of knowing the truth from lies. One lie after another,then her confusion over understanding the question,then more lies. sheesh!
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Having read the transcripts I'm even more puzzled at the decision of the DA to take this case to trial. Had I been the prosecutor, I wouldn't know where to hide, with a witness like that. You normally see such horrible witnesses testifying on behalf of the defence, because the defence would try anything to get their client off. But you rarely see prosecutors bringing idiotic charges, simply because they have too many cases to try and they use their prosecutorial discretion as to what to try.

    Normally, victims and traumatized persons tend to remember every single detail of their attack, because it plays in their mind over and over again. Belotte could not describe one single incident with any particulars. She didn't remember anything: dates, time of the day, whether Sparrow was wearning the mask or not, why didn't she call the police if she was so scared of his erection, why didn't she try to film him. The Prosecutor should be ashamed of himself for ever bringing the case to court.

    But looking on the bright side - it's a major win for Chanology, because that transcript is a gold mine.
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  12. RightOn Member

  13. amaX Member

    Finally done. Sparrow's attorneys did an excellent job. I agree with this:

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  14. xenubarb Member

    The judge's concluding remarks bothered me, as he included "blocking her car" as one of three actions of concern.
    The car is in the parking lot. The parking lot is cult property.
    Belotte stated that Sparrow never left the public sidewalk, never trespassed on cult property, so how could he possibly have harassed her at her car?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Additionally, he didn't follow her to Whole Foods (or anywhere else), and it drives me crazy that it's referred to so much in the closing like it actually happened. And the info about Kim's sister is something anyone who reads Marty's blog regularly would know---there's been some lurid stuff (way more than the fact that she works on the Feewinds) about her in the comments there on more than one occasion. Not that I'm agreeing that it was the best idea to mention her sister, but it was not a case of "researching" her family .
  16. Anonymous Member

    The judge's decision not to allow to question Belotte about fair game policy was also peculiar.
  17. xenubarb Member

    I think they got enough about Fair Game by questioning her about Radio Paul's behavior. There he is, doing the same thing as Sparrow. So how come Sparrow gets the lurve? was pointed out in court that Belotte never called 911 until after Sparrow got his goldenrod. Lied to, tricked, destroyed, etc.

    The judge had a damn good idea of fair game after that sesh.
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  18. BLiP Member

    Its a tricky one. It would seem that a person's "religious" beliefs are not entirely relevant to the facts of the case. Also, its tempting to go after the cult itself in court rather than stick to the facts and concentrate on getting the actual charges dismissed. I think Sparrow's lawyer did a good job in that he did refer occasionally to the way Scientology deals with its opponents, but stayed on target in terms of dealing with the specific case. There were significant mentions surrounding Clyde's comment about "the Brian Treatment". The time for an examination of L Ron Hubbard's scripture will be when the cult is "the defendant" and facing a RICO prosecution. In the interim, we have the Court of Public Opinion and can tell as many people who will listen just how pernicious and criminal an organisation Scientology really is.
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  19. lostatsea Member

    I agree. It was far more effective to keep it relatively simple, and keep the bulk of the focus on the charges at hand. Scientology beliefs/practices/shenanigans are a gaping black hole that could have sucked in the case (and not in a good way), and Sparrow's lawyer was wise to tiptoe around that hole.
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  20. xenubarb Member

    The judge made a differentiation between "beliefs" and "teachings." Teaching that SPs can be lied to, tricked and destroyed is why the SP directive was introduced in the first place. Because it was germane and suggested the scilons might not be too honest in court. Kim was as honest as her cult allowed. That other witness just lied her face off, showing the judge that these people are not to be trusted.

    Also lol @ Kendrip's attempt to control the witness with head motions. Naughty, naughty Moxon! Remind me not to take any legal advice from you. Did you tell that witness it was okay to lie, or did you direct her to stick to the truth and she ignored you?
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  21. attackgypsy Member

    She could have a small case of Bell's Palsy.

    Small cases of it are more prevalent than people believe they are. My wife has it on the left side of her face. She can only smile on one side of her face and her left eye droops slightly. Its kinda weird that she'll be sleeping, and her eye is looking right at me because she can't close it properly. I've gotten used to it over the years though.'s_Palsy
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  22. RightOn Member

    but I think it is more like TR palsy
    sorry can't stand her
  23. Anonymous Member

    There are a couple of things I note in reviewing the transcripts:

    1. The judges closing remarks were made with KB in the courtroom. (She apparently was NOT in the cortroom the previous day, when the judge dropped the first count.) I *believe* the judge addressed the evidence so thoroughly in the closing for her benefit, to *soften* the impact of loosing both counts. If that is the case, I give props to the Judge for compassion, as well as Integrity.

    2. In the DA's closing, he goes out of his way to stress NO COLLUSION amongst the witnesses. Also, it is a huge omission that even though the "Church" had hours of video of Brian, NONE were produced. KB even went so far as to say that it was not at her request, nor did she have any control over it, and even threw DM ubder the bus when pushed about it per the Org Board and DM's prior sworn testimony.

    It is almost as if they were building a "firewall" about it. Obviously, conspiracy to deny a person his civil rights would be a very bad thing for the church to be convicted of, and obviously, from some of the evidence presented, a case could be made that they attempted to do just that. And with a lawyer from the ACLU sitting in as an observer, I wonder how much (if any) this "cramped their style."

    In the end the CoS witnesses came across as not credible. At all. The judge can't say that, of course (as an impartial finder of fact, etc), but he doesn't need to. At the end of the day the acquitals speak louder than words.
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  24. Mitsu Too Member

    Just got done reading the transcripts. I concur that Kim's testimony was seriously not credible nor was the other cultie. Hard to imagine they had all that time and they couldn't do a better job of getting their facts straight. And what struck me is that they had so few witnesses. Perhaps as someone pointed out DM was more worried about opening the line of questioning too much and get some serious shit on the record about the churchs' tactics and practices. I think someone seriously fu*&%$ up. I wonder really with such a weak case the prosecutor even brought it forward at all. Did someone pulled a few strings downtown to do this? Or perhaps this was just another delaying tactic just to get Brian out of their hair at least for a while. God knows the cult is not wanting when it comes to spending parishioners money frivilously just to harass critics. As a taxpayer it pisses me off to think of this waste of court time and I really really hope that Sparrow wins his civil case. Did anyonbe else lol'ed at Kim describing the org structure? Who reports to whom and who is really in charge. Just like Abbot and Costello's routine of who's on first base! LOL!
    Looking forward to Tikk's analysis. I felt Mr. Keys and Lester were well prepared and Mr. Cook for the prosecution must have picked the short straw on this one. And seriously Kim you insult all women who have genuinely been stalked, followed and harassed with your fail. I hope you feel some shame deep down in your cult mind. Saving the planet my arse.
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  25. Perhaps for a round of enturbulation, we should have femanons call the ORG and ask for advice for reporting stalking charges.
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  26. Mitsu Too Member

    Better yet an all female anon raid....:) Of course all wearing sparrow shirts would be pretty awsome sight to behold.
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  27. anonsparrow Member

  28. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I will second that. It has been lately, maybe we can have a wet Sparrow T-Shirt contest?
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  29. Mitsu Too Member

    Careful now we don't want Sparrow to go all rigid on us and give Kim any ammo...LOL. Hey Sparrow you must have a pretty impressive chest since it obviously enturbulated Kim so bad with your provocative open shirt tech. Why have you not posted to the awsome male anon thread huh?
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  30. anonsparrow Member

    It was also interesting that the prosecutor originally said he intended to put on 5-6 witnesses.

    Vici Turissi and Elaine Campion were seemingly set to go as witnesses - dutifully showing up each day (as did three police officers) and leaving the court room when proceedings resumed.

    Then after Bernadette's fiasco, suddenly they disappeared off the radar. And the prosecutor only called three witnesses total.

    I feel bad for the three cops for spending four days waiting around for nothing. I feel bad for me and my DC tax money that paid for them.

    For an organization that pays no taxes, they sure have no problem spending it.

    But I digress. Why didn't the prosecutor call the other witnesses? Did they both have family emergencies and couldn't show up that last day? Did the prosecutor make a last minute decision to not call them?

    (Those are rhetorical as I don't know the answers.)
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Vici is easy. One word: OSA. By letting her testify, it would open the door on croos to who she worked for, who she reported to, did Kim ever tell her about your almighty wood, etc. Major lulz fest. As for Elaine, who knows? What is her post? Why did her husband commit suicide? What previous "out-tech" led him to jump into the Potomac River alledgedly near Great Falls?

    One question for you Sparrow: were they priorly deposed? If so, what was the substance of their testimony (if you can say...)?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Oh, and where is Tiny Balls (William Powell)? Will he soon be available for protesting? I've never seen such a wound up Ronbot before.....
  33. anonsparrow Member

    Not yet.

    The Vici thing isn't as simple though. The prosecutor shouldn't care about the OSA dilemma - only Sci's care about that.

    He had a job to do and felt that Vici's testimony would help him achieve his goal. No amount of fancy talk by Moxon should have convinced him to pull her out for reasons relevant to covering the cult's ass.

    I don't get it. Yet.
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  34. You will,you never fail to figure it out! :)
  35. It is interesting about the three l.e.o. If they are wise they now know more about Scientology's misuse of the legal system and will advise their peers.

    Maybe the DA thought it would have an intimidating effect on you and your lawyer but knew if they testified it wouldn't help his case.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Well, personally I don't think he gave a rats ass about the case. He certainly let Moxon run with handling the spousal exception. I think they cut and ran, leaving KB to twist in the wind.....if they let them on the stand to answer questions about "The Brian Treatment" and "scarecrow", pulling that string would lead into a place that would be ripe for further invest. And with the ACLU watching.....who knows?

    I agree that many unanswered questions remain. Hopefully some of this can be addressed appropriately at some point.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I read the transcripts, and William Powell's name was brought into question. From the 05/02/2011 transcripts, Kim Belotte said this:
    Q Isn't it true that you and Powell -- well, first
    of all, who is William Powell?
    A He's a person who used to work on staff.
    Q Okay. He's a Scientologist ?
    A Yes.
    Q Okay. And isn't it true that you and William Powell had a conversation about Brian before July 3rd?
    A Yes. William made a comment to me as we were walking out of the building.
    Given that he said those things as a staff member, we would probably not see that wound-up Ronbot side of him ever again.

    Sparrow, hear anything about whether he's blown or if he just left staff?
  38. WogDoc Member

    I found it interesting that Kim Berlotte broke down towards the end. I think she saw the writing on the wall that she was going to lose the case, and be in BIG TROUBLE with DM afterwards. Serves her right-I hope she's on the RPF right now and re-thinking her miserable, lying existence. Talk about a "degraded being"...
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  39. Anonymous Member

    She flunked her TR's.
    And the fail tech failed her.
  40. Anonymous Member

    But instead of putting the blame on Miscavige, Moxon, and Hubbard, she probably blames herself.

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