[Nov 3, 2012] cLeArWaTer nOvEmbEr RAiD: iT's 80 oUtSidE~iT MuST B fALL! (Clearwater, Florida)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by amaX, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. amaX Member

    We're raiding again in Clearwater! If you EVER wanted to join us here in mecca---this would be the month to do it because the weather is really nice right now.

    We'll be holding another Super Power Grand Opening because our grand opening sign hasn't fallen completely apart yet. Maybe we'll serve refreshments this time!

    Protips: Wear comfy clothes and shoes. If you want to remain anonymous then wear a disguise. Guy Fawkes masks are allowed in Clearwater. Covering your face is allowed in Clearwater. Park well outside of the downtown area: 8-10 blocks if not more. If you don't want to walk that far then take a bus. We don't recommend that you take a taxi. If notice that you're being followed while on foot then go to the police station. If you feel you're in danger then dial 9-1-1. ALWAYS BRING A CAMERA WITH YOU. ALWAYS HAVE IT READY.

    Get ready to stay hydrated. We drink lots of water and we take a lot of breaks.

    We don't condone any illegal activities. We live here. If we see you break the law then we will call the police ourselves.

    We have signs. If you want a sign that says something specific then you can make that up yourself.

    If you get to City Hall Fountain late then you can walk around till you find us. We're on Watterson Ave. a lot--especially during the lunch hour. If you hear horn honking then go toward the horn sounds. If you're not hearing horns honking then we're probably on Watterson/Sea Org Alley.

    See you downtown!
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  2. amaX Member

  3. fathertony Member

    Hey MOM I just emptied the uhaul lastnight. I have to go clean on wensday then I am hoping my wife will let me get away for the day :)
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  4. amaX Member

  5. fathertony Member

    The Boss has to ok it. Her worry is about Gas. The car we are using now is awsome on gas so I am hoping it wont be an issue!
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  6. moarxenu Member

    Is Xander going to be there :confused: ?
  7. amaX Member

    Yup. That Xander kid is gonna be here.
  8. blue78 Member

    You can count me in. Mod Edit: please to be keeping your personal information private. OSA is watching.
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  9. i will try to come. i really dont know if i can make it or not.
  10. blue78 Member

    My bad thanks for looking out. Will Not Happen again.
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  11. fathertony Member

    I will bake cookies for OSA!! Come on over to my house :)
  12. amaX Member

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  13. anonysamvines Member

    this came up on another thread and I thought it may trigger some fun for you guize
    a nice new sign/shout out for the clearwater crew I think[
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  14. amaX Member

    We've got a lovely grand opening sign...
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  15. anonysamvines Member


    are you inviting the press to the Grand Opening by Proxy?

    that would be lulzy
  16. amaX Member

    Ya never know!
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  17. amaX Member

  18. Grim0111 Member

    Im going to try to make it
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  19. amaX Member

  20. anonymous612 Member

  21. anonymous612 Member

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