[Nov 5, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by applerama, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. applerama Member

    Since this is Guy Fawkes day and I couldn't find any initiative taken in my city I decided to add one. In addition, I am kind of new to this website, but if anyone is willing to participate in some kind of event in Gothenburg, Sweden, feel free to let me know!
  2. villian Member

    Guess I'll put my mask on to run around in random smalltown nearby, if so, so be it: alone ^_^
  3. If you're serious about "alone" I am compelled to state that I think that is a very bad idea. Goes against one of the most important rules about protesting - Never Do It Alone. Witnesses are essential! Good Rule, imho.
  4. villian Member

    I'm not alone just because I look like I am in our "common threedimensionall yadda-java etc etc", aka: space, or am I? Hade some thought here some minutes ago about pen and papper and creativity, ... but lost it ;/ ..., ..., ..., Aaah! Got it! Noted something right here; in my mind, notes! Think that the thought I minded to thinkmind so I can do this mindact alone was for the simple reason: can't go gothenburg on that day. The idéa: If people protest here and there over the world, and one or another places reminders of personalized notations at their local "whatever-information-hiding"units maybe, my baby oh so supernaturally ultrasonicepowerblastingorganiclaunchingly-maybe,... it could affekt, infect, defect or maybe just reflect... So god damn high tech thou, pen and paper that is... ;S

    Just trying to expand I guess. Not trying to go alone. What shall the ones who can't make it to places do? Suggestions? {.made}
  5. Perhaps an examination of on-line activism/protesting is in order?
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  6. villian Member

    Got at minimum a "trippelspectrum" here now:
    I} Affect those who has been to busy (or something?) by show "mass of idéaholders" to the a "mass of potential idéaholder" (regular: stand up?)
    II}Logicbomb down from keyboard to AFKirl with interactions on this viritual plane where we're @ atm prehaps? (use the internet?)
    III}Call for some sort of 'nostaliga' in the 'creative-part' in us people to remind out of subrealty into the common-reality
    There kind of has to be more in the specra? politics? law? sience? Disco-dancers from the 70s for freedom unted inc etc Card games? /all in ...Tell me if you find this type of threat. /bow
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. salander Member

    I wish I could participate but geographical distances makes it impossible, however I'd be glad to join something else in a near future!
  9. Safehaven Member

    You must put more pressure on politicians, otherwise there is the risk that you will be overlooked among bigger headlines that the governments will make up sooner or later. Nothing is going to happen if the politicians arent affected.
  10. James Spader Member

    You must not spam your message across this website. Feel free to take part in a discussion, or start one.

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