[Nov 5, 2012] Defend your Freedom - Worlwide Protest - TrapWire & Indect (Worlwide)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by 5had0w5, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. 5had0w5 Member

    Anonymous are the people and the people are Anonymous.
    United As One. Divided By Zero.
    #OpNov5 #OpIndect #OpTrapwire

    Please organize in these pads:
    North America:
    South America:
    Middle East:

    IRC Channels:
    Step 1: Go to the link,
    Step 2: Type in a nickname, and channel name: #OpNov5
    Step 3: Look at the topic at the top and proceed to your designated channel based on your continent location.
    Step 4: Organize.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    Expect the Hive
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  2. Incompleted. Member

    Hey guys, I'm really looking for more Australian citizens to help plan this event with. If you're Aussie, please feel free to add the Twitter I made, and if there is already one, please link me too it. Greatly appreciated.
  3. Tyain Member

  4. Flyers for OpNov5 are now done. -->>
    Please print and spread these globally.

    In regards to Australian Protests: Sydney is the only i have heard of so far. This will be organised via the public space at Occupy Sydney. November 5th from 11am till late SEE OpNov5 Sydney Flyer.

    All Non hacking anons should hit the streets in their local capital with other anons/occupiers/activists/citizens/likeminded.

    There are no leaders, just organise amongst your groups for snap actions throught the day/evening.

    For information search #OpNov5 on twitter
  5. Hey you guys I'm from a small town near Fresno ca just wondering if their is any one out there like me that wants to protest with the rest of you Anon's but don't know how to get started and doesn't know what to look for if their is any one in that city that is going set up for nov 5
  6. Anyone organizing in LA?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Did you connect to the dedicated pads ?
  8. I did, still nothing on LA although I made it known I was looking
  9. Expect the hive my ass, I can't even get one fucking person from LA to respond!
  10. X-B0rd3r Member

    Did you really knock to every opened doors? What about followers among your real friends ? Any mind challenging -challeged- great ideas ?
  11. watchful Member

    We need to take the fear out of our people, We have to take back our control.
  12. Anyone know where the Nashville Tennesse Meet up point is?
  13. anybody knows how its like in Montreal?? is there a lot of people?
  14. kgstinthorys Member

    How successful was it any media or links?
  15. Expect the hive my ass, I can't even get one fucking person from LA to respond!

    I'm brand new to this whole thing as well as being new to LA so no I didn't go knocking on any doors and my friend group here includes one potential Anoner, so I was hoping to join an existing thing because I figured, this is LA, there's gotta be a bunch of folks already lined up; however when I went here and looked up LA, I found that the link to LA's cell is bad. So I decided to email which is who they say to contact to keep that site fresh and that email address is dead. So, I am a bit frustrated, but by no means giving up.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Um, we had a hive of two in SF... 99 problems but the hive ain't one
  17. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous must have short attention span. Talk like big man, nobody gets off their ass to get in the streets. Don't wanna hear NO MORE SHIT about old guard, only people showed up out here WAS og!
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

  21. X-B0rd3r Member

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