[Nov 5, 2012] Operation Nov Five- Occupy Australia (Across Australia)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Incompleted., Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Incompleted. Member

    Hey guys, due to the recent trolls and whatnot on the Pad, I thought it would probably be more beneficial to post this on here, that way no one can change it. PM me if you guys have any ideas, and I'll edit them and stick them in here.

    Okay Guys, I was thinking that each state should rally within there Capital, which would make it easier for the people who are going to physically rally. There will be an option for people who cannot make it to the locations and want to protest through the internet.
    Remember to bring masks, cameras, recorders and whatever else your specfic location needs you to have. Check in the descriptions. Try to take as many photos/videos as you can. However, you might want to post these after the intial protests to aviod cops coming to your protest early on and closing it down before anything is achieved. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas as well. We really have got the ball rolling here.
    Queensland: Brisbane-ABC CENTER (Near the Brisbane Wheel) 10AM MARCHING TO Queen St.
    New South Wales: Sydney: CHECK THE 'OCCUPY SYDNEY' EVENT HERE:
    Victoria: Melbourne
    Tasmania: Hobart
    South Australia: Adielade- STEPS OF PARLIMENT ON NORTH TERRACE( 10am)
    Northern Territory: Darwin
    Western Australia: Perth- FLASH MOB (MURRAY STREET) (10-11 AM)
    Internet rallies will be conducted on stations such as Facebook (targeting pages advocating the Government, obviously. Just keep it all legal). I was thinking that there should be an assigned page/website for each State to target. Please assist in giving any ideas and/or suggestions for websites.
    New South Wales:
    South Australia
    Northern Territory:
    Western Australia:
    Other than taking photos and videos, here is the place to put your ideas on what paticular slogans/signs/symbols we can use. Lets try and use these across Australia, as a message that we are all united. If you can/want to a few of us could also make up shirts with paticular slogans and/or the Anonymous symbol. If not, I was thinking that everyone should try and dress in darker colours, and dress neat, that way we represent ourselves in a better light. You might also want to get somone in your group to bring along a Medical Kit, just incase someone gets injured.
    The following is a list of slogans/signs/symbols and clothing that would perhaps benefit us in the prostest:
    1.Guy Fawkes Mask.
    2. If someone could make stickers/shirts for each location it would be appreciated.
    3. Please try and have someone in your group taking a Medical Kit incase injury does occur.
    4. Media devices, cameras, handcams etc.
    Here is the place to specifically plan your events (i.e times, before-hand meeting places (specfically for Canberra) equipment regarding your event, food organizing, medic organizing and mulit-media organizing).
    Brisbane (ABC Center then marching to Queen Street)
    -Time: 10 AM
    -Map: Grey street&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x6b915a092a9cb22b:0x13a08e1476014b61,114 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101&gl=au&sa=X&ei=6reIUInyJ-fmmAXBkoCAAw&ved=0CCAQ8gEwAA
    Canberra(Flash Mob-Guy Fawkes Tunnel):
    -Time: Between 10AM-11AM make your way to the GFT
    -No Map Avaliable due to the nature of the protest.
    -Bolt Cutters
    -Other Information, sent in by a very helpful Anon, much thanks:
    -No Location as of yet (No Map)
    Adeliade( Steps of Parliment)
    -Corner of North Terrace and King William Street: of north terrace and king william street&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:eek:fficial&client=firefox-a&safe=active&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl
    -Protest starts at 10am
    -No Location as of yet(No Map)
    -Murray Street Flash Mob Map:
    -Between 10AM and 11AM the Flash Mob will gather at the above location.
    -Masks, Information and Media being supplied by an Anon.
    -No Location as of yet (No Map)
    STEAM URL: and follow instructions. The chat network is #OpNov5. < Australian Pad, however has been targeted by trolls as of late, so the information on the Pad might not be relevant. However, there are usually some people in the chat there, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm usually lurking on either one of those chats as well.
  2. Great idea. Those trolls were getting annoying.

    Going to add a few questions here, as I'm new to protesting and not really sure what to do or expect.

    Live south of Perth (I'm the guy with arthritis). Want to head into the city for what should be a great Guy Fawkes/Bomb Plot day (even though Australians, as a British colony, don't celebrate it like other countries with anti-British sentiment do. I'm from South Africa).

    1. But how will I know I'm in the right place?
    The map seems to point to Forest Chase (Murray Street is a long street). Is that the general meet-up area?

    2. I don't have a mask. Was thinking about just covering my facewith a bandana. But a Perth Anon will be supplying masks. Obviously, we'd have to meet up before-hand. Any way you're going to stand out of the crowd so other Anons can recognise you? (At a mustering point or something).

    3. We'll be having a flash mob in Perth. Any particular reason?
    Do cops here arrest protesters?
    We could do so much more. Remember, it is Guy Fawkes day. We should remind people where the mask comes from, that the fight against government oppression comes a long, long way and that we are only continueing the fight (peacefully, not threatening to blow up parliament).

    4. Also, many Anon groups are putting out videos and info on their Nov5 projects.
    Protesting various issues from anti-privacy laws on the internet to new surveillance cameras in the street.
    What exactly are we protesting on Nov5?

    5. Again, as per flash mob, we come and go. What can I expect from a flash mob? (Doesn't a flash mob get more police attention because you catch them off-guard? Not that they don't have Anon spies who tell them everything we're going to do, but they'll never admit that).
    Anyway, wouldn't it be better to sit/stand around Forest Chase handing out pamphlets or something? Perhaps do so throughout lunchtime. Maybe even from 9am to 4pm. That way, more people will see us. Media could get a few shots. And police will get frustrated. Public area specifically for congregation. Last time I checked, they're not allowed to give a move-on notice. And if the do, we move 500 metres down the road, always seeking high foot-traffic areas.
    What do you think?
  3. Incompleted. Member

    I'll try and answer these as best I can:
    1. There should be other Anons around there at the time period (10-11AM). And yes, that is the general meet up area. The Perth Anons from there can discuss what course of action they want to take next. It may also be beneficial if you get in touch with other Perth Anons, that way you can all make your way there on the same bus/train if you are catching public transport and can start protesting straight away other than having to wait for other people to show up.

    2. Go for anything that can cover your face. You can usually buy masks from Ebay or some costume stores will have them. If not, go for white paint, and yeah a white bandana would be fine. I'll see if I can get in touch with that Anon so I can get him to PM you with his details and whatnot.

    3. Police will probably be on edge with a big gathering, and often jump on protesters before a protest has even started. In a flash mob, the Police won't have the chance to turn people away before they have even started. After the commence of the flash mob, you guys could perhaps march down the streets or something, you'd just have to lug some extra equipment in. Due to the fact that this has been a pretty publicized Operation, I would think the police would be on high alert this Nov 5.

    4. Nov 5 is peaceful protests from exactly what you have described- from anti-privacy laws to camera surviellence. It's generally protesting against the government laws, as well as being mixed with Guy Fawkes day. If you have a look at #OpTrapwire and #OpIndect, there is some more information there.

    5. Good idea. Keep that in mind and we shall discuss it with other Anons. Perhaps you could combine elements of both? And, as far as I know some great people have already been handing out phamplets around the place. If you wanted, I could see if I can find some of those people and get you to PM you a copy and then you can alter it to your needs- if you don't want to make your own, that is.
    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Found these Flyers. Thanks to @AussieActivist/xX_An0nymuys_Xx (I think that's your name, sorry mate. He/She is running the Occupy Sydney Event) for the wonderful flyers. Find them in the following link:
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  4. Anonymous Member

    We do not condone illegal activity or planning of same on this site.
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  5. hushpuppy Member

    This is a site for legal activism only. The above text is not appropriate here.
  6. Incompleted. Member

    Sorry, will delete.
  7. the date is within reach...
  8. The Viking Member

    Thank you so much for the info. Would be great if a Perth Anon could get in touch with me.

    I saw some youtube videos of the Perth Anons in action a few years ago. Small group, but looks like they really enjoyed harassing Scientology here.
    Hoping to meet these people one day.

    I was thinking about getting a mask on eBay, but delivery takes some time. And definitely too late now. Will do so and use the mask for future protests.
    At the moment, only a black bandana. And as I have a full Grizzly beard, face paint could be difficult, hehe.

    I found the info put out by various anon groups regarding #OpIndect and #OpTrapwire to be confusing. It's like everyone has a different spin on things. And there seems to be a lot of disinformation out there.
    Hopefully, hanging out in the chats more often, I'll get a greater sense of what's really happening and who to trust.

    I see what you mean about a standing protest. Let's face it, many (not all) cops are on ego-trips and have itchy fingers. Best not to provoke them, of course.

    Thanks for the link to the flyers. I'll save this as a template for future flyers too.
    Unfortunately, being unemployed, I don't have a printer at home. And I doubt my local library would let me print 1000s of these :p

    Again, thanks for the info.
    And please, any Perth Anons, get in touch with me. I really feel I need to help make a difference. But I'm running blind here. Lol! Don't want to be the only one there, or show up at the wrong place.
  9. Incompleted. Member

    No problem! If I find any other Perth Anons, they will be directed to you. Perhaps someone else could print out the flyers. And yeah, there is heaps of confusion going around with all these Ops.
    Only five more days!
  10. syndr0m3 Member

    An encrypted IRC room or similar where we could gather would be of use.

    I have "ideas" in regards to certain gov. websites that could benefit from our "attention".

    I need multiple participants. I dont think I need to say anything more to get the attention of the people capable of assisting me carry out what I have in mind.
  11. I have four mask in perth. Does any1 need them for the rally?
  12. Incompleted. Member

    @ Syndr0m3, do you know how to make an encrypted IRC? That way we can use it. And I'm sure a few people I know would be happy to assist you in this project.
    @ Anon Irish in OZ, PM The Viking, he is after a mask. You two could also collaborate together.
  13. The Viking Member

    @Anon Irish in Oz
    I need a mask for the rally here in Perth. Would really appreciate if I can borrow one of yours until I get my own (ordered on eBay, won't be delivered in time).
    Will you be attending the event?
  14. The Viking Member

    Double post here, sorry. Couldn't find an edit function.

    I forgot to mention, I live in South of the river and will be using public transport, ie. train.
    Not sure how others feel, but I feel safer in a small group.
    If anyone will be travelling from the South, perhaps we could meet up at say, Rockingham train station, for example. And catch the Perth-bound train together.

    Also, I'm still a bit nervous about attending, as it's my first event. Don't want to look like the only fool showing up. Will I be able to find a group in Forest Chase?
    Or should I just walk around asking people if they support Anonymous? :p I don't mind the weird looks I'll get, but perhaps I'll freak a few people out, haha.
  15. The Viking Member

    Anons, it's Saturday. The time is close at hand.

    I hope to see a large group of you in Forest Chase on Monday. And I'm hoping we just have a lot of shy Anons here in Perth who don't like chatting in forums.
  16. Is anyone interested in some online protesting in NSW or Australia wide? Being located in a rural area I am unable to attend the events, anyone interested? Not sure how we could do this. Shoot an email to mod edit: address removed
  17. Pique Member

    Randy, perhaps a better advised strategy would be for you to sign up as a member and ask people to PM you through WWP's Private Messaging system. It likely would be less worrisome for folks than emailing an unknown address from an anonymous guest poster. :)
  18. Where is it in melbourne, australia? Dont fotget about us!!
  19. are there any rallies in wagga or canberra? and if not I am happy to help oniline, I'm in.
  20. Incompleted. Member

    If you look above, there is a Flash Mob in Canberra.
    Hopefully everyone is making there way to their events as we speak.
    Expect Us.
  21. The Viking Member

    Really dissapointed in Perth. I know it was raining, but rain won't keep them from taking away our rights and liberties.

    To the Anons whom I met, you have my respect for showing up. I hope we can rebuild the Perth Anonymous scene and get these lazy slackers back on their feet.

    I was hoping my first protest/rally would be more interesting than this, haha.
    But I've not given up. The Legion will prevail.

    Any news from the other major cities in Australia?
    How were the numbers?
    Did we get noticed?
  22. omega man Member

    Hey Viking, I only just found this site for the protests. I didn't know about the Perth meet up this morning. I live South of the River as well. Maybe we can link up and organize something for tonight 6pm. I have a few Anon friends who will attend. Get back to me mate.
  23. Hey guys, it's Incompleted.
    Apparently a few sites were taken down. Not sure how the other physical protests went. Hopefully better than in Perth. What did you guys get up too? Glad to see that a few people actually met up because of this thread, however.
  24. omega man Member

    Hi Incompleted, only just found this site this morning. I have a few other Anon friends in Perth, who did not think anything was planned. Maybe we can move forward from this debacle in Perth and expand our numbers. Have you got any Anon Perth members you could suggest? Maybe we can link and rally for tonight.
  25. I only know of Viking. However, jump on this: and you might find someone.
    If not, perhaps organize for tomorrow, or the weekend? Might be better, considering it's not a working day.
  26. hi all you have my full support when i am back from work i will support in any way i can
    i am 100k south of Perth WA

  27. omega man Member

    Thanks Incompleted will check out the link, alot of us want to get out there but cannot find other Anons. Only online. Will see if their is anything planned for Perth tonight.
  28. The Viking Member

    @omega man
    Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier.
    It's hard to get around on short notice. I have arthritis, so any ''outings'' I need to plan ahead for.
    But I'm definitely interested in meeting up in the future. I'll check here regularly.
    I don't think it's a question of expanding our number (although, that would be great), but rather, having a proper communications channel. Anonymous is pretty chaotic (as well it should be), but it seems Perth Anons are ill-informed.
    Spoke to other Perth-Anons in chats and other forums and redirected them here. None replied. Perhaps they were not serious after all.
    Either way, we'll just take it from here. Can only get better.

    Thanks again for all your help. I wish you were in Perth :p

    Work sucks. Look forward to seeing you at future events.

    01000101 01111000 01110000 01100101 01100011 01110100 00100000 01110101 01110011
  29. Ha, Viking, might rock up there for a protest one day. Seems as those a lot of the people jumping into these IRC's and what not are one hit wonders. We need more people who are willing to put in the effort instead of sitting around going 'i'm anonymous lololol!111' The amount I have seen over the last month or so is crippling.
  30. The Viking Member

    I'll admit. It took me nearly 4 years to actually ''join'' anonymous. Knew about it, but was too afraid.
    So I understand people who talk big but won't show up and deliver on promises.

    I was thinking, obviously, the group of Anons here in Perth are sleepers. Maybe active amongst themselves, but no longer publicly active.

    So, how about we start our own cell?
    From the sounds of it, there's already a fair few of us South of the River. We could call Rockingham our base of operations (most central area for most of us).
    Even if there's only 3 of us, with active communication and recruitment, I'm sure we can get at least 100 in the first 3 months, just South of river alone.
    Plus, if Perth cell decides to wake up, we can work together with them while still pursueing the interests of people South of river (why does Perth have to have the smallest population for a capital city, but the largest, spread out area *sigh*)

    @omega man @fats699
    Would you guys be interested?
    I found this info (list of cells is not up-to-date and site seems to be dead), which should help:

    If you guys are on-board (and serious) about this, I'm even willing to pay for web-hosting and get us a website (long as it's not too expensive :p ).

    EDIT: Just read the article properly, haha. Ning sounds pretty good. What do you think of using that?

    However, we need some way to protect our privacy. Of course, as web-owner I won't be able to but we'd need to protect our members.
    Does anyone know much about the technical aspects of online privacy?

    Regardless, I'm ready to do this. And if we start with only 3, then so be it.
    What do you guys say?
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  31. The Viking Member

  32. Incompleted. Member

    I didn't hear anything either, which is quiet dissapointing.However, if any of you are interested, there is a new Operation going around called OpAnonRevival. Might be a good idea to check it out.
  33. The Viking Member

    Someone in the London OpNov5 thread posted this link to an article:

    At least someone took notice. Not a bad article, actually.

    I just browsed around for OpAnonRevival and all I could find was a brief description about getting the word out that Anons are not terrorists. Also, there is a poll which I filled in. The results are actually quite interesting. I recommend everyone take part in this poll. But remember, be honest with yourself and all other Anons when giving your answers.

    I will be getting a more secure VPN in the near future. When that happens I will start a website where Perth Anons can get together. Or, if need be, we can make it Australia-wide.
    The only Australian Anon website I could find is dead. Does anyone know of a current one?
    If not, lets start something together.
    The Brits' success in London really bolstered my courage.

    Also, here on WWP forum is a section called Regional with only Canada having its own sub-forum.
    Think we could ask Admin if we could have our own sub-forum for Australia?
    Would go a long way to organising better and having Australian Anons share ideas in one place.
    This would also help any new AusAnons find a quick reference point to get started.
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  34. Incompleted. Member

    Great idea Viking. You should be one of the more active ones on the IRC, you're full og good ideas.
    Once you get that VPN up and running, I think it would be a great idea to get a website up and running, probably better if it is Australia wide. If you want, I could help manage it, if you ever wanted some back up support.
    And yes. Australia seems to be behind the ball game when it comes to Anonymous. Not much happens here in the way of physical protesting, and it's time those who are part of the collective stepped forward.
  35. The Viking Member

    Thanks Incompleted.
    It's been years since I used IRC. I downloaded mIRC the other day but can't remember how to use it, haha.
    The only IRC I know is, but you need to know the names of the channels in order to get to them.
    If you could PM me the details on some of the IRC channels, I'll definitely be more active there.

    I'd really appreciate the help in setting up and running a website. I'm not too good with the technical stuff. I used to be a journalist and also studied philosophy, so my greatest strengths lie in critical thinking and the written word.

    Oh, we'll get them off their lazy arses. Things are happening too quickly for them to ignore any longer. The world is going to shit. And with the obviously rigged US elections (I don't support any particular politician/party, but I do care about free and fair elections that reflect popular opinion, not trans-national corporate interests), things will start happening even faster. US policy directly affects Australia whether we like it or not. And with a second term and not facing re-election, Obama basically has free reign to become a dictator. He no longer has to pander to popular opinion. Anyway, best not to get into politics here.

    Someone posted this video. I thought it was hilarious. Definitely made my day.

    Also, an article on Hacker's Cafe about the #OpNov5 results.
    Seems we have decent hackers here in Aus. That's great. Now we just need the foot-soldiers too.

    EDIT - I've been locked in a dispute with Paypal for almost a month now.
    I purchased 6 months of OpenVPN with PrivacIO. Paypal flagged the transaction and opened a Buyer Chargeback on my behalf. I've been in constant communication with with PrivacyIO and we've both replied to all requests from Paypal. However, Paypal has now been ''reviewing' the transaction. In the meantime, my money is frozen.
    I was thinking about just putting through a new transaction (maybe credit card this time, as they only take Paypal or CC, but promise no transaction records are kept *shrugs*)
    However, if I do that and Paypal decides to put to transaction through, then I'll have 2 accounts when I only need 1.

    Any advice? Any other, good, VPN providers out there that actually have it in their privacy policy that police can fuck off because they keep no records?
  36. omega man Member

    You can count on my full support in any way Viking. Lets get this party started.
  37. omega man Member

    I remember creating a site on Ning years ago, called the Illuminati Resistance Army. We need to get our numbers South of the River, yes Rockingham is a good location. Iam willing to use my house as a homebase. Have it set up for an office.
  38. The Viking Member

    Great to hear, omega man.

    Lol @ the site name. I love how ubiquotous the abbreviation is. On purpose? Or happy coincident? :p

    Well, for a start, I'd suggest neutral ground first. Get together in a park or some place public. Once you feel you can trust someone, then invite them to your home ;)
    But for the future, that would definitely be great.

    Of course, that doesn't mean we're only focussing on South-of-River Anons. Northerners are also more than welcome to join us.
    And if need be we could alternate the venue of meetings between north and south.

    Either way, none of that will happen unless paypal stops fucking me over.
    I need to save up some money again so I can get VPN. Once I have a website and/or forum up and running, it'll be much easier to refer Perth Anons there.

    Anything else you think we could do in the meantime?
  39. Honigdachs Member

    don't tell me you're a conspiracy moonbat.
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