November 28 - CINCINNATI - postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by _You_, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. _You_ Member

    November 28 - CINCINNATI - postgame

    A great day to protest, full of WIN for us as we enturbulated the clams. We had a guest anon from Nash join us today. Sauce on Florence, most excellent. Sauce on the psych exhibit...even more excellent. We will be sending in shadow anon to the anti-psych deal, anyone who wants the sauce on that please send private message. This will be most excellent :) A impromptu passerby joined up with us bringing the total to 11, WHEW one short of a full moon. I might have to amend my moon direct to 12 at one time :D that should save me. A great turn-out over all, was great to see old faces, and especially nice to have the tune dude back:) so I could get my groove on while waving signs. Naturally we informed them of the lawsuit against the asthmatic dwarf, but they didn't believe us. One guy laughed...makes you wonder what the hell the clams are being told about all the trouble they are in usual, probably nothing. They org was basically dead, very few people in and out. No cops called this time, guess Karen could not think up anything new to call them for. CINCINNATI, MASTERS OF ENTURBULATION!

    We are also the masters of the HONK...tractor trailors, street cars, COPS, OH YES WE GOT EPIC honks today, more than ever before! One guy never told us why he was hating on the cult, but he must have driven by 10 times HONKING his heart time he pulled over we gave him sauce on the cult, but apparently he didn't need it. Whatever the cult did to him, or a loved on, let me tell you this man was on FIRE with anger at them. YES!
  2. Anon123456 Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    how many sigs did you get on your petitions?
  3. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    More from Florence. Spotted today.


  4. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    There is little to no foot traffic near our org. If we had petitions we might have gotten four signatures:( sorry. Our org is away from everything.

    Re that a MOVING VAN? So glad the cops over there have already been highly educated about the cult. We look forward to enturbulating across the river. I have a feeling the cops there are not going to be all that hot to be running out bothering us all the time..for nothing!
  5. Anon123456 Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    well no sigs sucks but the raid was still win.
  6. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Yeah I know..but we just do not get the foot traffic there. The org is in an odd spot. We could have gone to fountain square to try to get siggys, however that area is now an ice rink and crawling with cops. We are not permitted to wear our masks outside the protest area :(. We had another mission to run post protest so we had to let that one slide. Hopefully our gang is doing their part in this with 'poons ect. online.
  7. spunkmeyer Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Any sauce picts of the protest itself?
  8. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    yeah, there are pics..we got a HUGE laugh out of something they had on their wipeboard..they have something new each month. This time they have some contest going...and one side of the board says THE GAME :D the other side has the cheesy gift you get...a t-shirt..LOL We are not sure what THE GAME is they are talking about, but we know they already LOST THE GAME.

    have to wait until our camera anon uploads the photos.
  9. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Yes that is a moving van. I watched the two, count 'em, two scilons unloading and taking things in. Office stuff mostly, desks, some boxes filled with files and other misc looking office sort of things.
  10. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    WOW two is all they could spare? We shall keep an eye on this...must not ever miss a protest :D And, we will not. Cause, we have sauce!
  11. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Yay, Cinci!
  12. the_cloak Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    I zoomed in on the board and I should have the details of The Game. I also have a closeup of the shirt. I'm gathering up snapshots now. I didn't do extensive vid this time. We've pretty much seen it all and I kept the camera mainly on quick standby in case of trouble. So I won't be making a vid since it's just more of the same. Butthurt people in the org and honking cars. But I did take vid snapshots of anything that looked interesting and I got all of us in a short arrival vid too. Got a few funny things as well.

    Here's a teaser to keep you laughing while I hunt for more interesting stills. They tried to make their org look classy by tying the verticle blinds together at the bottom. I've never seen anything so ghetto in my life.

  13. the_cloak Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame



    This is the best zoom I could get. The big text above the small unreadable stuff says " The Great Dianetics and Self Analysis Get Cincinnati In Session Game".

    Here is a picture of the shirt you can win. A picture of one of their ugly mugs also will go on the board for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

  14. the_cloak Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Last update - Some random pics of anons showing the org how it's done.






  15. greebly Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Nice work Cincinnati!
  16. _You_ Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    thanks for posting the pics:)
  17. Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    That has to be one of the worst shirt designs I've ever seen. But considering scis' general ineptitude at graphic design I shouldn't be too surprised.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame

    Thanks to the Cincy anons for letting me tag along! I enjoyed laughing at your Scilons and their sorry org. The car guy was a hoot!

    Cincy Anons know how to raid. It was an honor to be included!
  19. FUCK Member

    Re: CINCINNATI 28 NOV postgame


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