Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by 33755, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. 33755 Member

    Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    Steven L. Hayes of Novus Medical Detox Center, a Narconon-styled center, mentions plans to open a second center in Arizona or California in 2009.

    BusinessCard2 | Steven L Hayes Clearwater Florida 33763


    Prescription drug addiction detox and treatment at private medical detox center | Novus

    I guess this is the place the Narconon and COS centers send their rubes if they need a "detoxification" prior to doing the purif program.
  2. Vir Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    What - if any - Scientology connection is there? This seems to be a medical program. They claim to be under the supervision of medical professionals.

    One of the problems with Narconon is that they let people go cold turkey, and have no medical supervision. IIRC, they don't put people in the sauna until their worst abstinence problems have stopped - but are you saying that they let their clients take a different program first, before Narconon?
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  4. Vir Member

  5. Vir Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    They use medication to treat withdrawal. This seems not indicate that they're not Scientology.

    They send people to rehab places afterwards. Do they send exclusively to Narconon/Narconon-rebranded places?

    The anti-psychiatric links they have make them look rather suspicious re. Scientology - but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are Scientology.
  6. 33755 Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    I found him and the Novus center while googling Sam Licciardi after reading of the newly announced wrongful death lawsuit re Denise Miscavige Licciardi Gentile.

    Steve Hayes is a scientologist lawyer. OT VII, L's rundowns, OEC trained, and been on the St Hill Special Briefing Course. A scio through and through.

    Steve Hayes - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Exposing the Mysteries of WWC

    Tim Bowles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    steve hayes scientology - Google Search

    Novus staffer Paul Weiss used to work for Narconon Oklahoma (2006).
    Novus Detox Centers - Staff

    Novus staffer Montana Spencer:
    The name Montana Spencer appears on
    Ex Scientology Kids :: View topic - Where are they now?
    FLO = Flag Liaison Office (Calif based)
    That explains the reference to "Hollywood, CA" and "spent much of his life working with non-profits".

    He's ex-Sea Org.

    Novus staffer Jean Ruble(s) is a scilon.
    Jean Ruble - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Summary: One scio lawyer with a heavy OSA connection past, one ex-Sea Org member, one ex-Narconon staffer. Do we need more scientology connections?

    Since Narconon isn't usually a medical facility and can't take some who is current ON heavy drugs, they must send them to a detox center. There probably aren't too many of those that would return the person to the original place (Narconon) so they have made their own. The "doc" has his own practice in Pinellas County, but this detox center is in Pasco County. I'll bet he doesn't personally supervise everything that goes on there.
  7. azonymous Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    some linking
    Information About Psychiatry: Label Me Sane

    Novus is here
    Scientology-related entities: links to other entities (through individuals)
    Scientology's Purification Rundown (Purif)

    My View: Novus, A life changing Medical Detox facility

    Scilon brothers Novus and Narconon

    Evidence points to Novus being cos front
    Are they coming to Arizona? Do. Not. Want.
  8. whatwhat Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    edit: ^^ beat me to it. Place is filled with scilons.
    Clinical director Steven L Hayes:
    Steve Hayes - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    His wife, Paula: Paula Hayes - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Admissions Counselor Paul Weiss: previously employed by Narconon Arrowhead Scientology library: “Paul Weiss”

    Support Counselor JJ Bush: "graduate" of Narconon Arrowhead
    "J.J. Bush, graduate of the program, is now withdrawing addicts on a daily basis."

    Support Counselor Montana Spencer: apparently sea org (Ex Scientology Kids :: View topic - Where are they now?). Also shows up in novus "success stories" page: "And thanks to Montana, he convinced me to attend Narconon!!!"

    Director of Nursing Staff Jean Rubles: Jean Ruble - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Sounds like they steer people toward narconon.
  9. 33755 Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    Big connections with the Feshbachs (scio financial people).

    Steve Hayes own business HAYES ADVISORY SERVICES, INC. - Department of State
  10. azonymous Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    Is this the "Steven Hayes" scieno attorney that "bought" the Cult Awareness Network?
  11. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    I'm guessing this is where the rich and infamous scilons get treatment.

    Surely they can't put someone like Juliette Lewis in a normal Narconon with no medical supervision.

    She might die or something.
  12. 33755 Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

  13. Guerillanon Member

  14. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    So what is up with Gianna?? She went to Novus Detox in Florida, run by Steve Hayes, Scientologist and has egg on her face for being so desperate as to fall for their deceptions Beyond Meds

  15. DeathHamster Member

  16. Kilia Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    I got this from the 'Alcohol Patient Successes" page.

    Alcohol Detox Patient Successes | Novus Medical Detox
    My opinion...Scientology does NOT do AA.
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    No place does AA. Places might describe themselves as a 12 step program, but not as AA. (Not that they do directly, a happy happy client does. but still...)

    Rereading, the happy happy client doesn't say they used AA at the place, just that it was one of the options as they move forward, experiencing win after win after win...
  18. Kilia Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    Yes, but does Scientology even recommend AA?
    You know where I'm going with this, right?
  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    Vir seems to have lost its legendary touch again...
  20. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Novus Medical Detox Center (Narconon-y crap) plan to open more centers

    Novus? As in Homo Novus?

    Perhaps we should elaborate on the etymology of the name.
  21. YoshillerK Member

    Bump? I'm a newbie. Gimme some slack, please. :)

    I know it's a very old thread, but Gianna Kali is literally "beyond meds". Pun intended, obviously. On her blog @, she promotes Safe Harbor and Alternative Mental Health. We know those are $cio linked, if not directly owned.

    Not sure about Icarus/MindFreedom, Int'l, INTAR and all the other links she has on the left side of her page. If anyone could help me out, great. There are 35+ links on her page, and some seem a little too $cio for my liking.

    Gianna Kali is not her real name; it's a pen name. Her real name Monica Cassani. That name hasn't turned up any Scio links for me, and I don't have an email address for her, but I might be able to get one. It doesn't make sense that she's advertising $cio links if she's not 100% not connected to them somehow.
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  22. anon walker Moderator

    Good to know, thanks!
  23. Not seeing any overt sci links, mostly neo-buddhist and new age. Would approach the site with caution and a huge grain of salt, but they don't set off any scientology alarms.
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  24. After reading some of the blog, a sci would NEVER say this:

    Ron says people 'pull things in' themselves and PTS people and situations cause illness, etc always blaming the victim.

    These people at this site are moonbats, but they have more compassion than scientologists.
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  25. PS: They do acknowledge the use of psych drugs in a crisis situation. I think they are more a bunch of educated self-aware diagnosed schizos who are trying to regulate their disease primarily thru lifestyle. If one ever had to take those drugs and saw the effects of tardive dyskinesia, one might take a stab at it too.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    Other than Safe Harbor, I don't see any obvious CoS front links.

    Safe Harbor is CoS's low-key interface to the alternative mental health world of woo. (Dan Stradford. IAS patron Wendy Bolt.) From there, they make friends and then try to steer them towards CCHR.

    There's no CCHR link there, so I guess she hasn't been borged yet.
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  27. YoshillerK Member

    She does have Gwen Olsen's book listed.

    Still not sure about INTAR and Did a Who Is search and came up with nothing.

    I swear that Mindfreedom is associated. Oaks, something Oaks. Daniel? David? Not the OakEs that's listed in Scio donations. I'm not/ have never been a Scio. Just a blogger into medicine who has noticed too many anti-med woo woo quacks; specifically anti-psychiatry quacks.

    It's always Breggin, Breggin, Breggin. Two quick questions:

    According to Wikileaks, "Madness in America", by Robert Whitaker, was funded by CCHR. I read that "he" was paid as a consult. They didn't define who "he" was. Breggin, MD, or Whitaker? Breggin claims to have left CCHR in 1974 because of his wife, and even calls it a cult now. But he's constantly referenced on CCHR's website, so if he actually hated them, why would he allow this?

    Also... another question. LW (think 1980s, huge case against Scientology-- if you know who that is; I don't want to name drop on an open forum) couldn't answer it for me. It's about-- gasp--monarch butterflies. These anti-med forums seem to use images of butterflies. They weren't as anti-med when LW was apart of it, as it was the 70s/80s, and so many meds have come out since. Is there any association between butterflies and Scio? It could be a coincidence, and yes, I have heard about Hubbard's Moonchild project with that one author, but I think this is more recent. Does anyone know if there is a connection between butterflies and Scio? Yes, I have Googled, and saw one opening of a Scio center that released butterflies, but LW told me that the guy did it as some kind of Native American theme.

    It just seems a bit *too* coincidental for it not to be looked into, IMO... I know it's a funny question, asking about butterflies. :)
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. YoshillerK Member

    "As for MKULTRA & Monarch Butterflies? Don't even think about going there."

    Oohkay... I was thinking:

    1) "When the body Thetans (or "BTs") leave, they are Clear and are able to operate as Thetans. They have become "Operating Thetans" - a high goal in Scientology. They then supposedly decide to be flowers."

    2) "Tom and Cathy Steiner closed the ceremonies relating an Indian legend that if you tell a wish to a butterfly the butterfly will not tell anyone the wish but will carry it to the Great Spirit. According to the legend, in gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly its freedom, the Great Spirit always grants the wish. The Steiners then opened a basket and released 50 large butterflies into the air."
     Personal Scio blogspot link

  30. Anonymous Member

    If you can read this message before you run out of time, please edit the above message to break the link to the scilon blog spot, and/or put the link in code. Code is best - up there on the message editor, to the left of the right-sided quote mark icon.

    Always best to break and code cult links. N00bs can make very silly mistakes with those.
  31. YoshillerK Member

    Thanks. I guess I just wanted to source it and make it accurate. Damn noobs, I know, sorry.

    I guess if anyone wanted to verify the validity of something, they could do a Google quote search.
  32. Anonymous Member

    As for the review of Hugh Urban's recent articles and published books, WWP cult critics are very up-to-speed with Hugh's work. I think it's the best work to date on the "occult" roots and connections to the cult of scientology.

    As you may have already discovered, there is some moonbat shit crazy stuff on the 'net about all that crap. Ingo Swann, Russel Targ, Hal Puthoff, the CIA, remote viewing, blah blah blather...

    Here's a link to some major lulz...
  33. RightOn Member

    this may or not be another NN....
    I haven't looked into it.
    But as you know, everyone is aware that COS changes names of things when they get "too hot".
    Be on the look out for any new rehab openings statewide.
    Like Xenu Barb said long ago, they are like the "wack-a-mole" game at the fairgrounds, only sadly this is not fun and not a game.
  34. YoshillerK Member

    I'm sure you guys know of this site:; I don't think the guy is a conspiracy theorist, but where the hell are the papers regarding the IRS's change of mind about making Scio tax-exempt? Hmm.

    There aren't any Narcanon centers in my state, but they do have 2 CCHR centers... I can only guess that my state has very strict requirements for drug rehabs, and niacin overdoses + saunas don't meet those requirements.

    Fun? I don't think they know how to have fun. The head honchos only think money is "fun". Who cares about hurting and killing others when there's a 30K bill attached. Vomit.
  35. YoshillerK Member

    So... Can I/ should I link butterflies with Scio? (Yes, I have plenty of examples.) Opinions?
  36. DeathHamster Member

    Novus looks like a front end for Narconon, where people can detox for a week or two before going to a drug rehab program.
    From their site:
    • Use the least amount of medications that will make the withdrawal process more comfortable and safe;
    • Medications as needed to handle drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms;
    I wonder how often (or seldom) they decide medication is needed?
  37. grebe Member

    Butterflies hasn't been a big secret symbol that I've noticed.

    Small stuff I associate with Scientology slightly more than other stuff:
    - Wearing a black jacket and a red shirt or a black shirt and red tie.
    - Pyramid logos.
    - "Tech"
    - "Psychs"
    - "Total Freedom"
    - "Ethics"
    - "Competence"
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  38. YoshillerK Member

    You could always call Novus.

    I called The Coleman Institute (non-Scio thus far; however, Peter Coleman MD has the same anti-med theories CCHR does) regarding a detox that you *need* medication for. When I asked if medications were used, the secretary said "sometimes", and when I asked her specifically what meds were used, she gave me some bonkers answer about "adrenal gland suppressors".

    Link (non-Scio so far): Yes, a monarch butterfly.

    They use "rapid" detoxes for alcohol and benzos-- the two detoxes you can actually seize and die from if not done properly. I asked if it was safe. Secretary said yes. Flumazenil (what they use to "reset" a certain neurotransmitter) is NOT safe, btw and should medically only be used for benzo overdoses (which are next to impossible to OD on alone) in benzo tolerant people. "Detoxification for benzodiazepine abuse [using Flumazenil], even if performed with adequate-dosage AED (Anti-Epileptic Drug) treatment, may not be as safe a procedure as previously considered, because not only convulsive, but also nonconvulsive seizures may occur and go unnoticed. It is therefore strongly advisable to perform
    this detoxification under close medical supervision and to maintain a low threshold for EEG monitoring in the event of sudden onset of behavioral changes."

    Cost? Almost $6,000 for a week--no insurance accepted.

    ***About Gianna Kali/Monica Cassani: That deserves it's own thread. Leaked emails regarding Breggin, her private email addresses, and so much more. Whether she's a damn Buddhist or Scio, she's a quack, and she's getting a bit too mainstream and popular for my liking. Expect to see that thread next. ;)
  39. RightOn Member

    using niacin is a BIG alarm
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  40. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Wait, wait... how did we miss this incredible money-saving offer?!?

    1. EOC
    2. Return as a BT to an active OT
    3. Get cleared by the OT
    4. Become an instant OT
    5. PROFIT

    In fact, all we need is ONE OT to keep clearing BTs. All other Scientologists can simply become BTs to that OT!

    This will save ENORMOUS amounts of money and time doing all those Scientology courses and individually clearing all those pesky BTs from all those OTs!

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