NSA July 4 Protests- Free Press, Restore the 4th, Stop Watching Us

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Jun 15, 2013.

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    On Tuesday, a coalition of privacy, Internet freedom, and free speech advocates launched to halt the spying and clarify the laws that are supposed to keep our private lives private. Close to 140,000 people have already taken action.

    The coalition has also called on Congress to launch a special investigation that would reveal the full extent of the NSA’s spying programs. The investigation would be modeled after the Church Committee, which Congress created in the 1970s to investigate illegal intelligence gathering by the CIA, FBI and NSA.

    Another group, Restore the Fourth, launched on Friday. The group is pushing the U.S. government to respect Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. Activists associated with both of these campaigns are planning a number of actions for July 4 — including street protests and congressional call-ins.

    Much more at link.

    Worldwide Protest Schedule with planning links:
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    Yeah...I see the protests going not so well if it will be associated with #OpJuly4 which is likely what will happen....
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    293,933 signatures right now..... lets get 4,000 more by july 4th!
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    Gotta love that view count
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    Why so quiet?
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    Cause no one gives a shit?
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    Restore the Fourth protesters stage rallies against NSA surveillance

    San Francisco protest to target Senator Dianne Feinstein as part of demands for reform of Patriot Act across the US
    Restore the Fourth protesters in San Francisco plan to target the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the intelligence committee.
    Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images
    Protesters plan to rally across the US on Thursday, to demonstrate opposition to sweeping National Security Agency surveillance programs.
    The events are being organized under a newly hatched organization called Restore the Fourth, named for constitutionally guaranteed protection against illegal search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment. Rallies and marches are expected to take place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City, Washington DC and dozens of other US cities.

    Ryan Brown, a regional leader for the San Francisco Bay protests who has been coordinating with national organizers, said his participation in Restore the Fourth stemmed from concern over excessive governmental power implied by the spying programs. "I see it as ethically disgusting that the government has both the opportunity and the ability … to collect the data on us individually, without a given reason other than quote-unquote 'protecting our freedoms'," he said.

    Restore the Fourth describes itself as a "grassroots, non-partisan, non-violent movement", according to its website. Its central demands are to ask Congress to enact reform of the Patriot Act, which has been used as legal justification for the surveillance programs, to call for the formation of a special committee to investigate the extent of the spying programs, and to hold public officials accountable if they are found to be responsible for unconstitutional surveillance efforts.
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    Crowds across America protest NSA in 'Restore the Fourth' movement

    Fox News - ‎1 hour ago‎
    Protests were also scheduled in 100 other cities, according to the organizers, “Restore the Fourth,” who describe themselves as a grassroots, non-partisan movement. The organization estimated that national turnout would be around 10,000 people, Reuters ...

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGvMfScYjk-Xio6lLASLlX0MM9i6h-1
    Independence Day, NSA leaks inspire 'Fourth Amendment' rallies (blog) - ‎4 minutes ago‎
    Internet privacy advocates gathered both online and off Thursday, using U.S. Independence Day to rally for the "Restore the Fourth" movement — a reference to the Constitutional Amendment that protects citizens against "unreasonable searches and seizures ...

    'Restore The 4th' galvanizes over 100 nation-wide protests against NSA, PRISM ...

    VentureBeat - ‎28 minutes ago‎
    It's the largest online protest since SOPA. And perhaps an even larger offline protest, as protestors galvanized by the Restore the Fourth movement are using Independence Day to demand their government stop spying on them. The NSA's PRISM online ...
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    1. 800px-Coloradocapitolhill2_normal.JPG OccupyDenver@OccupyDenver 1h
      UPDATE! Possible second arrest. #OccupyDenver needs more info #RestoreTheFourth #RestoreThe4th #OWS
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    2. 800px-Coloradocapitolhill2_normal.JPG OccupyDenver@OccupyDenver 1h
      .@DenverPolice Dist.6 arrest Kendra Saulzman @ #RestoreThe4th #OccupyDenver #RestoreTheFourth #OWS Call 720-913-2800 demand release.
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    3. 5f044b1176bc2ee8de853b243f3d36c1_normal.png YourAnonLive@YourAnonLive 2h
      #Restorethe4th because privacy is an illusion no one can buy into anymore. #Anonymous #DTLA #YAL
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    4. View attachment 258844_104131489680984_104118713015595_32268_72128 Anonymous@YourAnonNews 2h
      Now you know why we wear a mask! Washington DC: #Restorethe4th rally

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    5. 5f044b1176bc2ee8de853b243f3d36c1_normal.png YourAnonLive@YourAnonLive 2h
      The Death of Democracy & the Rise of the Surveillance State. #Restorethe4th in #DTLA #YAL
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    thanks. i joined everyone at The Federal Building, making our way down to The Embarcadero. about 300 people, (some redditors say 500-600). there was chanting and stuff, some funny signs, some great costumes, a passionate speech, and a fireworks shower on a stick for the big finale. it was peaceful, no one got hysterical, no one got too angry. great group of young smart kids, and people older than me, all coming together. it was a beautiful scene. then they all wanted to march to the AT&T Spy Center, but i was worn out by then and ran home for a cool drink.
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    Not meaning to rain on anyone's parade, but when the majority of Americans appear to have been apathetic, in their response to a Government who has their citizens so scared & afraid to even stand up for their human rights, something is very very wrong.
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