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    From Snowden's on line interview:
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    From the comments in that interview:
    Can someone explain to me how metadata alone is preferable to metadata plus content?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding this person's point. I suppose from the standpoint of running queries in order to map relationships among people over time, you don't really need the content. But I'd think in order to confirm that someone is working on some evil plan, you'd need the content.

    Personally, I'm more creeped out by snoops looking at content rather than metadata. But maybe that's because I don't really understand what all this means.
  4. You don't want to believe it's true: The government is all up in your bizness.
  5. Budd Member

    It has now come out that the government IS looking at the conversations themselves.
    In fact, a low-level government analyst can look at your conversation simply because they want to. They do NOT need a judge/court order!
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    I’m speculating as to the reasoning behind the posters comment, but one case where this could be so in the simple math of resource allocation. Going through an email or transcribing a phone call is quite resource intensive in comparison to analysing metadata. So directing all your resources into metadata analysis would target a much wider net, and potentially give you context faster, than if you had invested some of those resources into content analysis, which due to be resource intensive is very restricted in the net you can analyse.

    Not saying I buy this reasoning, just offering it as one possibility to which the poster referred.
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  7. PresidentShaw Member

    Where is that info from?
  8. Edward Snowden.

    Google might be your friend. You'd have to use it to be sure.
  9. PresidentShaw Member

    So it's hearsay that isn't backed yet by any proof. Gotcha
  10. That's right. Keep on using Internet Explorer, FB, and Skype with full confidence in your privacy.

    You're still waiting for video of Nicole Brown Simpson's murder also, I assume from your posting.
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    Still not exactly clear whether and to what extent this allegation is true, here's one take on it:
    Hark, is that the voice of summer I hear?
    Also speculation, but perhaps it's easier to get congressional and/or executive approval on this kind of gathering if you say you're going to limit your harvest to metadata. Not because the Prez or those congresspeople who actually manage to show up and stay awake during briefings necessarily care much about privacy, but because judging from the kind of spin reps of .gov are currently putting on these revelations they believe the public would feel more threatened by the gathering of content data.
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    All I'm saying is that there is a difference between was we know and what was alleged. Not everything is black & white and the story is still unfolding. I am just not in a hurry to make assumptions, would that be fair enough to say?
  13. A blanket denial from the NSA director is enough for me to believe that everything is just peachy.
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    Polarizing the discussion, with one team sucking the NSA's balls and the other team calling for revolution --that doesn't actually help.

    This domestic spying issue is important. I know we troll hard, but maybe we could rein it in just a little? Spice things up with a little generosity, just for the novelty factor?
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    That makes sense.

    There was an interview in which Nancy Many talked about intentionally stressing a target then monitoring who the target subsequently called. OSA didn't care so much for the content of the conversation, just the fact that a call went out. I took this to mean that this kind of stress-watch routine was happening in a lot of places at the same time. The analysts at the top of the information food chain were busy and needed to automate the work as much as possible.

    Then I thought, creepy cult is creepy.
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    i think this is frist part of leaks Snowden'... We can only now watch, Lot of people don't hear about NSA "Operation Prism" or something like that... People are still blind or they are scared movement government
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    Crossposted from another thread.

    Defence officials issued a confidential D notice to the BBC and other media groups in an attempt to censor coverage of surveillance tactics employed by intelligence agencies in the UK and US.
    Editors were asked not to publish information that may "jeopardise both national security and possibly UK personnel" in the warning issued on 7 June, a day after the Guardian first revealed details of the National Security Agency's (NSA) secret Prism programme.

    The D notice, which was marked "private and confidential: not for publication, broadcast or use on social media", was made public on the Westminster gossip blog, Guido Fawkes. Although only advisory for editors, the self-censorship system is intended to prevent the media from making "inadvertent public disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations and methods".

    The warning was issued by defence officials in the UK as the BBC, ITN, Sky News and other newspapers and broadcasters around the world covered the surveillance revelations disclosed by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The leaks, reported extensively in the Guardian and also the Washington Post, have made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic for more than a week.
    However, it is not clear what impact the warning has had on media coverage of Snowden's revelations relating to British intelligence. William Hague, the foreign secretary, who is reponsible for GCHQ, was not asked when he appeared on Monday's BBC Radio 4 Today programme about reports that the spy agency was involved in monitoring communications made by foreign delegates at the G20 summit in London 2009. Instead the subject was discussed in an item aired towards the end of the programme at 8.45am.
    A BBC spokeswoman declined to comment on the D notice, but pointed out that the broadcaster did cover the G20 surveillance story on its radio news bulletins. She said the BBC believed it had "afforded the story" what the broadcaster described as "the appropriate level of coverage" among other significant news items, "including the ongoing G8 summit, the sentencing of Stuart Hall, the Co-op Bank bailout and the Ian Brady hearing".
    According to the Guido Fawkes website, the warning said: "There have been a number of articles recently in connection with some of the ways in which the UK intelligence services obtain information from foreign sources.

    "Although none of these recent articles has contravened any of the guidelines contained within the defence advisory notice system, the intelligence services are concerned that further developments of this same theme may begin to jeopardise both national security and possibly UK personnel."
    Given this, it is interesting to see al of the other "important" news under "most popular." Whether this label is gov't helped or true idk. It is sad.
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  20. Well, I live outside the US and I monitor many different news outlets. There's a kind of hush all over the word, you might say, regarding this story. Many news outlets are not carrying it. It's enough to almost make one believe that Operation Mockingbird was/is for real.
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    From Wired article on this subject:
  22. Am I the only one creeped out by George Bush being honored by President Obama at the White House? I can't help but think there's more going on. Bleh.
  23. Jimbob Member

    Whats going on is they have always been on the same side.. spying on us all was in both of their agendas from the get go.
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  24. Andy Downs Member

    George Wallace Was Right..."There ain't a dimes worth of difference between the two parties."
    God help us when a racist Governor makes more sense than those in DC....Oops we are already there
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    New Snowden leak: NSA program taps all you do online

    (CNN) -- You've never heard of XKeyscore, but it definitely knows you. The National Security Agency's top-secret program essentially makes available everything you've ever done on the Internet — browsing history, searches, content of your emails, online chats, even your metadata — all at the tap of the keyboard.

    The Guardian exposed the program on Wednesday in a follow-up piece to its groundbreaking report on the NSA's surveillance practices. Shortly after publication, Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former Booz Allen Hamilton employee who worked for the NSA for four years, came forward as the source.

    This latest revelation comes from XKeyscore training materials, which Snowden also provided to The Guardian. The NSA sums up the program best: XKeyscore is its "widest reaching" system for developing intelligence from the Internet.

    The program gives analysts the ability to search through the entire database of your information without any prior authorization — no warrant, no court clearance, no signature on a dotted line. An analyst must simply complete a simple onscreen form, and seconds later, your online history is no longer private. The agency claims that XKeyscore covers "nearly everything a typical user does on the Internet."
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  29. AnonEaskUK Member

    Almost glad in that I live in the UK now.

    Oh no wait, we've got GCHQ watching us. We're fucked as well.
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  30. Boris Korczak Member

    And I thought that East Germany's government population control belongs to the dark past. Here in US we have the same police methods, probably more sofisticated, to make sure every Tom, Dick and Harry is under the gov. control and the government can just come and pick them up or put them in prison for not going with the stream flow.
    What happened America? Have you lost your nuts?
    Stay safe.
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  31. Andy Downs Member

    What do you all think about sending messages and getting a campaign going to get the Intelligence Committee in the House and Senate to call Tom Drake, Mark Klein and Bill Binney as witnesses on the NSA issues?
    They are the guys the NSA and FBI would hate to have under oath. I'm in if someone can show me what to do...a bit ignorant on these issues so lead and I will follow
  32. Andy Downs Member

    Everyone should write Senator Patrick Leahy who is really seeing the ineptitude of the NSA these days. If representatives hear from people they respond. Remember SOPA?
    This is his website and he is on the side of privacy....let him know what you think
  33. dpm Member

    in 89 traceing started i will tell u the truyh they have been whatching a lot longer what they call intell we call invasion in my ex world intel fears a nation
  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    And that's why I've always objected to the phrase "Google is your friend": because it's not only not your friend, it's your police state nanny/informant.

    Bleah. The whole thing is mind-bendingly convoluted to begin with, since here we are discussing violations of our privacy, via a system invented by the gummint in the first place....
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  35. Andy Downs Member

    With the terror alert that has no specificity on methods, continent, country, city but everyone is supposed to be week the narrative will be
    "If not for the #NSA spying programs we would all be dead now..."
    "Gen Alexander the whole world loves you and needs you so we as Congress promise to not take your toys away at NSA..."

    In the mean time we will bring back out Tom Ridge and his color chart to assure the whole world is sufficiently scared so your funding can be increased this next year.

    Tom Ridge Threat Levels.JPG
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    On July 31st Gen Michael Hayden was being interviewed by CNN's Erin Burnett Outfront. It was the day more info came out from Snowden confirming that analysts can access all data.
    Gen Hayden was in the middle of saying (contradicting earlier statements that Snowden was not credible) something to the effect of "This is exactly what you want an analyst do have access to do their jobs...." Then without any goodbye from Erin Burnett "CNN Breaking News" cut into Hayden to announce George Zimmerman had been pulled over in a traffic stop in Texas.
    Hayden was being caught in his lies and they cut the interview....I have not been able to find this clip on YouTube or anywhere seemed like CNN helped Hayden cover his ass.

    Can anyone find that clip? It is very important seeing Hayden admit he had been lying about Snowden.

    I don't do videos very well...I hope someone will go back and show how Hayden has changed his story and been caught in lies over the years. Also VP Biden in 2006 was complaining about metadata ... we never hear from Biden on this anymore
  37. Andy Downs Member

    Since all International emails are read by NSA....I have an idea.
    Let's all get international email buddies and send set up dummy email accounts. Then we send back and forth links to bestiality websites so the NSA analysts have something to know we are thinking of them....and what we think of them
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Nothing beats showing all your cards on a public forum.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I do not think these cards are sekret
  40. Andy Downs Member

    Nothing is secret anymore....I heard TOR went down by a hacker the other day...not sure if its true, but did have problems getting on the other day.
    Either way it would be funny as hell to make that happen.
    Its also funny because when they raided BinLAden they thought that porn was being used by him to send messages. So guys in the CIA were actually ordered to start watching porn they were collecting all over the middle east from raids to see if secret messages were be passed along....
    I can hear the analysts sitting in a room full of flat screens, dvd players, a bottle of Lysol and tissue paper going,..
    "Big cock little twat means something is going to explode....well maybe the ethnicity of the girl tells us where? ... I think she is a Dutch girl so we need to get our assets ready in The Hague....wait, a German Shepard just came into the girls maybe the attack will start in the Netherlands and go to Germany....there are still hard feelings since the war you know...and on and on and on

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