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  2. Andy Downs Member

    A Real Surveillance Leak
  3. Anonymous Member

    its the higherr masters that worrie me bildnberg you know how u are
  4. Anonymous Member

    We try to keep the memes associated with UFO believers to a minimum, due to the cancer. Please feel free to post dox on the Bilderberg conspiracy if you have them, but maybe in another thread.
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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Audio excerpts and a few photos from the first Bilderberg meeting:

    I'd post something more recent but you can find that as well as I can. If you are still unaware of the reality of these meetings, you have only yourself to blame, at this point. A minute on any search engine will show you both the increasing abundance of independent coverage as well as the "kicking and screaming" nature of mass media coverage of the meetings. It's more than obvious that (a) the meetings have been taking place since 1954, (b) big media moguls are always there along with many other very high-level "movers and shakers", and (c) the same big media moguls do not like to report any of it and prefer instead to laugh and pretend anyone interested is crazy, just as you seem to have done here.

    Here's even their own web site, it seems: (If it's fake, it's a really good fake, with apparently real data)

    The meetings, as well as the name-calling and ad hominem crap like your post, are an anachronism from pre-Internet days when such things could fly under the radar. Now it's just silly for them to pretend to be mysterious.

    What does any of this have to do with UFOs?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Bilderberger are reptilians silly.
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Andy Downs Member

    They are not victims....Lavabit is prime example. If all of them held a press conference and said they would no long participate, the public would go crazy Congress would run for cover and that would be it.
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    And where's Lavabit now?

    The problem in fighting a dragon is, nobody wants to be the first one in.
  10. X_L33t Member

    Extremely well said. Add to that, it is nearly impossible to rouse full, sheltered, otherwise comfortable people to open rebellion, and we have a serious problem. At least, until the only way to eat or have any form of dignity is to battle the dragon for it, and the first few brave so sacrificed herald the flood of knights trampling each other for the privilege..
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  11. Andy Downs Member

    Lavabit is gone because they acted alone, and bravely. If the tech companies acted together, it would stop the NSA in their tracks. But it would take all of them acting together in defiance of the programs.
    Now like with Microsoft, as with other tech companies, they get government contracts almost as a bribe to keep them from making waves with NSA.
    My point is if they wanted to stop these programs, they could.
    But do they really want to stop them....???
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  12. tinfoilhatter Member

    I do not see this ending well. Prism is pandaora's box X e^1000000. You have the most sensitive intelligence in the world in one convenient location. It was compromised once by snowden. We are very fortunate that he leaked it out, and didn't take important bits overseas to give to the highest bidder. With the information that the nsa has gathered, you could master the global finical market, predict market trends, discover corporate finical strategies, discern corporate growth, etc.

    The corporate espionage angle is limitless, and because of this, prism and the nsa IS the most dangerous threat to the free market and capitalism that has ever been conceived. The sad part is that they have tricked the masses into thinking that its for their protection. Yet once this get compromised again, which i think it will, the damage will be very severe.
  13. tinfoilhatter Member

    Here is my hypothesis.

    God, i hate to derail with moonbatery but:

    The only real connection to ufo's and these meetings would be spy planes. Keep in mind that the cold war was most of the 20th century( i know you know this, but public school grads reading this wont). What most likely was going on was that we were informally letting countries know that our spy planes were flying over them in order to avert some panic and give them time for a cover story.

    The best cover story was "ufo". The term ufo is fucking brilliant. it simply means "unidentified flying object". This is commonly misconstrued as to being "we don't know what it is" but in reality it means "we are not going to tell you what it is". the PR people then shut up about it, and let people's imaginations just go crazy. Also it passes the blame conveniently on to something else.

    When people claim to see a ufo, everyone assumes that they are crazy and ignores them. Now imagine a different scenario: a farmer comes out to the media and claims to have seen a new American airplane flying over head. People would get upset. They would demand action to stop military planes from flying over their country. this is bad for the united states, and the counties that they bribe to use their airspace. But if people think that the farmer is seeing aliens, and if thanks to the media, the farmer also BELIEVES he is seeing aliens, then the sane people will be tricked into forgetting about the incident, and no one is the wiser.

    Now what does this have to do with prism? The only thing i can say is that:
    a) we know that they have a history of doing dirty tricks
    b) we know that they are watching us

    Other then that, i do not know what the true motivations for spying on everyone are. And everything else said without dox supporting it. is just moonbatery.
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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Not bad. You may have something there, although it would only account for some of the puzzle pieces (not that anything can explain everything in one nifty swoop, of course).
  15. tinfoilhatter Member

    these are only a handful of the meetings between countries and governments. In reality, things probably do not start out sinister. Some people try to get together to do things for the betterment of humanity, then like all good intentions everything falls apart.

    I am under the strong suspicion that ALL the governments knew about prism, and ARE corroborating with the US government. I have a horrible suspicion that the US government might have given private, confidential corporate information to foreign governments in exchange for information on suspected terrorists and terrorist groups. Worse still I suspect that the reason why some of the internet companies are corroborating with prism is that they either have secured deals protecting their corporate data, or are getting other companies data from the NSA.

    It is no secret that spies trade information with each other. This has been going on forever. Now thanks to prism, the nsa has a huge source of valuable information that they can trade for anything that they want. Worse still, there is no oversight.

    I believe that we need to push the corporate espionage angle in order to get prism shut down. Talk about privacy and decency and constitutional rights, then all the stupid Americans do is stare blankly, talk about money and that this program helps SOCIALIST nations one up us, and they shit their pants and complain. Furthermore, there are more dox out there to show corroborations between US spy agencies and European spy agencies AGAINST us companies, so its easier to back up this claim with facts.

    Now, what does this have to do with your bilderberg meetings?
  16. Andy Downs Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    There is a slim chance of change because of NSA exposure. Heres hoping.
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