"numbers down" and fun alternatives

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by bananaboatnavy, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Sure, protest numbers are dropping off. Imagine your favourite band touring once a month indefinitely, playing the same songs every time. The first two times would rule, but then... you get my drift.

    An attention shift to public postering/stickering , blackops (legal disclaimer here), government rallying, overpass banners, leaks to media, letters to police/FBI/etc would perhaps reinvigorate some people (which was the whole point of the 888 video I think).

    Take the 100 or so hardcores from your city and get into some ops specific to your region.

    tl;dr Protests are losing numbers which is the case with any repeated, indefinite thing. Do something exciting/effective in your city that will reach the same numbers as a protest but require far less people.

    Overpass raids - Cheap, easy, reach tens of thousands of people in a single morning

    Traffic light poles - Envelope lables with a statement and URL to give people something to read

    Chalk the orgs by cover of darkness (mask up for CCTV)

    Call the orgs with the newly released Xenu audio (shorten it to "A fellow by the name of Xenu" to get it in before they hang up)

    Each of those takes 1 or 2 people. Imagine 100 or so in your city alone.
  2. Flynn Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    you lost me at
  3. KeepAnon Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Good ideas for small numbers.

    "100 or so" from a region is a big number for some places without Orgs, though.

  4. JMac85 Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Yeah, the most we ever got 'round where I am was 19.
  5. AlphOhm Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Many "Class IV" Orgs (not LA type Orgs) are lucky to have 10-30 students on course.


  6. twelve Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    tl;dr: Think of something big and lulzy. Then DO IT FAGGOT.
  7. **zero** Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    its really kind of late for this, numbers will go up slightly back in september (better wether, college student /b/lackup)

    But I think the forefront of our war has really changed to flashraids and "overt ops" (basically anything solo mission related, you found the card stuff)
  8. Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Monthly protests are always good, but the overall win comes from flashraids--smaller numbers of anons raiding at random. Unlike the monthly protests which are broadcasted weeks in advance, the scilons can't reliably defend against miniraids. And given the current state of LRH anti-critic tech, the scilons are more likely to run bawwwwwing into the org with their eyes covered and ears plugged than to try bullbaiting you.
  9. enronanonron Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Worldwide, there are are more people AGAINST scientology that there are scientologists. Don't lose sight of this.

    Ask Hartley Patterson for demographics (look for his posts, he knows what he is talking about). He has been keeping track of the scientology membership numbers for many years, along with number of orgs worldwide, Missions come and go rapidly, but scientology org stats are crashed worldwide.
  10. overt Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    How about everyone tries to bring one new protester with them in September?
  11. tazor Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    I am chomping at the bit for our local university to start fall session! Gonna have some good raids there. Huge foot traffic all around there. We can reach thousands of people with just a couple of anons!
  12. Vir Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    You know, numbers are up in some places. For example, Israel had their largest raid ever at 18. Oslo had twice as many as they did in July. But I agree that operations like in the OP are more intruiging. And yes, flash raids.

    Relevant forum: Current Projects - | Scientology Critic & Activism Forum

    Lulzy mass actions are also good. How about some city be a hero and organize an all dancing demonstration. Or a parade?

    But look at the last part of this video, starting at 5:30; or starting at 4:00 (the mention of Epic Fail Guy): or the whole thing. Remind you of something?
    [spoiler=Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Coplex 1st Gig, last episode]YouTube - Philosophy of the Stand-Alone Complex[/spoiler]

  13. iaxiloll Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    Numbers might be down but support is on a constant rise.
  14. mojo Member

    Re: "numbers down" and fun alternatives

    let's see what happens in the next couple of months, i predict numbers up!

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