NYC Anons & the CLO

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  1. Anonymous Member

    NYC Anons & the CLO

    As it's not an 'org', there are few public, but staff sometimes train in the Academy and there are, obviously, mostly Sea Orgers about...

    And, per policy, are usually traveling in pairs...

    It's only a couple of streets away (walking distance) from NY Org and would be nice to see a splinter group tackle it as well...

    *CLO = Continental Liaison Office
  2. Mest Lover Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    I, having been the Security chief for that wretched jail cell, would love to see that happen.

    I am responsible for the marble facade on that place as well as many other things within the building.

    I absolutely detested my time there, had any of you anons shown up then I would have fled the building into your arms!

    Please help a few escape!

    I was the Security Chief CLO EUS from 1989-1991.
  3. 1957 Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    You affirm my gut feeling about that place. I live in the NYC vicinity and am stewing on some flashraid ideas -- which don't include the usual nyc anon puerile shenanigans.
  4. N.A.T.E Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    We've been there over half-a-dozen times as part of our regular protests, and there's a particularly good video of us continuing to do so during a good old fashioned New York summer storm. As part of our occasional unannounced mini-raids, we tend to stay away from that spot because it's a residential neighborhood.

    Also, you were the security chief? Boy would we love to talk to you.

    Motherfuckers Incorporated.
    (Expect trolls)
  5. Mest Lover Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    One of your recent raids on the place is what brought me out of my hiding a year ago. I did a search to make sure no OSA was tracking me and found CLO EUS pics on WWP. That led me in turn to ESMB and I have opened up my cage and emerged since then.

    WWP makes a difference, ESMB does also. The 2 of you have helped me free the last few chains they had on me. I FEAR NO MORE!

    Please raid them, tell them I sent you!
  6. N.A.T.E Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    Well until you actually do one of those things you're stewing on, you're free to fuck right off and leave the work to the professionals.
  7. Mest Lover Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    My story is on ESMB in the New Members section "Freedom Day from the S.O."

    Freedom day from SO - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    as well as other tidbits in the "my story from within SCN" section.

    I have lots more that I haven't told yet, it comes out of me from time to time and freely now thanks in part to anonymous, but mainly to ESMB.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    Welcome, most sincerely. Best wishes to you.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    "Mest Lover"

    There are no worthwhile staff left or were fired off to other places.

    People you may know who are gone:

    Tom Ondreicka (expelled, crimes of stupidity)
    Abbie Wertz (expelled, financial crimes)
    Scotty Chichester (routed off)
    Sharyn Ruyon (sent off to be LRH PRO WUS)
    Diana Runyon (declared)
    Gabe Metoyer (routed out of CMO-FLB)
    Bill Runyon (LRH House something or other)
    Tim Skag (unknown, probably declared by now)
    Arnon (the Israelie who was C/O OSA EUS) - now in Israel, offlines far as I know
    Mary McCintock (gone, unknown)

    And the beat ...much like they say Goes on and on ...
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    Apologies, I didn't mean to lump the Runyons in with "worthwhile people" :)
  11. Mest Lover Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    Nobody in that lot was there when I was.

    The staff shrunk while I was there, Lots of blows and route in and outs, These are some I remember.

    (circa 1988-1991)

    CO CMO EUS (Matt Henderson, Jeane Henderson, Christine(?) Aguilar, James Goodison, Debbie Freidman)
    CMO Carl Askew
    CMO Donna Sweeten
    CMO Vincent Short
    CO CLO EUS Dave Henderson
    Super Cargo Debbie Berch
    Super Cargo Jose Muarno
    Cont Finance Director: (Helen (Fink) Goulston, Alex ?)
    CO SMI Cary Goulston
    A. Treas aide Denny Daganais
    Snr Has CLO EUS Lynn Daganais (my senior, after she blew I wrote her SP Declare)
    Snr Has CLO EUS after lynn, Marty Tofil
    Comm Chief Robert Radsliffe
    Communications Bill Rhodes (I think that was his last name)
    Course Sup Eva Radsliffe
    Programs Chief Joane Gambino m. to Richie Gambino
    parents of Jennie Gambino (CMO EUS) and John Gambino
    Programs Chief Joyce Bowen m. to Cliff Bowen (IAS)
    Course room Erik Knaurhaus (Deceased) (step father of Lyci Binda (CMO EUS))
    MAA Pedro Bossio, I also remember someone named Neva in that post.
    Estates Chief (James Rogies, Dave Revel)
    Flag Rep: was Dan Sharkowitz, then a Rick Hilton(?), then Stan Boothe
    Receptionist Patsy, mother of Jay

    Other staff:
    Joan (Wood) Tofil
    Tom Welch (was on EPF with me, then went to CMO EUS, then reposted as A. Data Aide CLO EUS after John routed out)
    Chuck (estates)
    Carlos Manrique cook left with Chris Darby
    Lor Parsons, wasn't there long, he blew quickly
    Jeffrey Stolper (Security Chief before me)
    Nanny Eugene (i think that was his name)
    Erika Kaufman
    Hector ? (was chosen to do some computer upgrade on all the Orgs but spread viruses to them instead)

    Darcey (?)

    Stephanie nanny left with
    jose Muarno (sp) his sister was a flag rep

    ABLE: Mr. Gasqueton, cant remember his first name right now, might have been Emile.
    Freewinds: Old sweedish woman and ? Paul Strickland

    OSA EUS (these people were at the NY org I think in an office on the 5th floor)
    Jeff Minor and his wife, always dressed in upstat civies suits.

    1988 CLO EUS Renos Mission:
    Renos mission
    Laurie Englhardt
    Dave Revel
    Mike Finley
    Ayel Lindemen not S.O. (He was a plaster specialist)
    Tom Wells (became purif I/C at NY Org)
    Dina Sawani (Palistinian who was seriously prejudice towards Jewish people)

    My role in the Renos mission:
    I was yanked off my flag rep training for the Chicago Org.
    put on the renos mission in order to facilitate purchases and research for them.

    I did these projects among others:
    Marble facade for the front of the building: Cremo Delicatto, the LRH architect did not want any gray in the marble that was the best I could get from the Marble contractors from Long Island, they were very slow in constructing the facade and were eventually replaced by another company that I had turned down because they offered me a bribe to get the job. Turned out that they were Scientologists and Laurie was pissed that I had turned them down. I never told them I did it because of the bribe offer.

    I also helped design and get a SCN flag for the building, there was no official "SCN" flag so I used the green and yellow colors and picked a design out of a book. I had trouble getting the flagpoles though and eventually Mike Finley drove to some place and got them.

    I also got a mammoth rolling filing cabinet for the 3rd floor filing room, it was the hugest filing cabinet I have ever seen, you walk inside of it and move the shelves back and forth on tracks.

    I also picked out the bedroom furniture, when I went to measure the rooms they hadn't finished the trim work on the rooms so when the furniture arrived it was too big in some of the rooms and had to be cut to fit.

    I also purchased all the marble tiling for the floors and bathrooms.

    I was a major fuckup about this stuff, never done that stuff before, but they did get it all to work eventually.

    Later I found a CLO Program with my name as a target to be posted in Security after the mission was over.
    That was their mistake, I took great advantage to help me get out eventually.

    edit: I have expanded this portion on ESMB:

    1989 audits mission:
    LaLa Jones
    Terry (?)

    I remember lots of others but can't drag their names and posts up right now out of my memory.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

    Wut about Gilles?
  13. WagTheWog Member

    Re: NYC Anons & the CLO

  14. Mest Lover Member

  15. RightOn Member

    Re: CLO EUS Floor Plan

    So glad you are speaking out. It will help many others.
    If you ever want to come forward and be added to the ex COS list of members that have spoken out, I would be proud to add you.
    You must however use your real name to be added.

    Continue with your healing and welcome out!
  16. Mest Lover Member

    Re: CLO EUS Floor Plan

    Not quite to that point yet, almost there though. I really feel that what I have is trivial and not worth noting. I know that I am extremely obvious to the right terminals now and no need to hide behind my name, but feel it isn't worth the change over yet since they know how worthless I am as a speaker for truth.

    I tell my stories now, they are as they are and were as I remember them. I have boxes of reminders should I need that at any point.
  17. RightOn Member

    Re: CLO EUS Floor Plan

    any voice no matter how small is worth it's weight in gold for the list.
    Never feel your story is worthless, trivial or not worth telling. Every voice counts.
    Strength in numbers.
    It also can be very liberating for you. Others have expressed that feeling after they went totally public.
    The list will be there waiting for you whenever you are ready. I will be honored to add your name.
    And if you decide that you don't want to be on it, that is ok too. ;)
  18. AIN Member

    Re: CLO EUS Floor Plan

    Hey, no story is trivial. How do you think we got most of our info? From ex members telling us their stories, while it might seem trivial, it could be helpful when put in the right context.
  19. I remember all those names...I was there too....not ready to come out..lost my mother to it to the NY there my whole childhood....terrible childhood from it all....and I was everywhere....born in nY org, PAC, Flag..all rotten places especially for kids
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Does anyone have any reasonable numbers for the current CLO EUS?

    I'm trying to plug all the vague numbers in for the Sea Org:

    Category:Sea Org Bones
  21. sallysock Member

    I am sorry to hear that you experienced all of this, Welcome to wwp, glad you made it out.
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  22. Dude you are an asshole for listing these peoples names here. WTF? Delete this post.
  23. It sucks to be a scientologist; to see your name, or the names of those you work or worked with, and see the these kind of facts, and NOT BE ABLE to think objectively and understand why they are on the internet.

    But you are here. That's a start. Go now and look around the forum, search for and read all you can that you have always wanted to know but were never allowed. It's OK. There are thousands of scientologists who have found themselves here, and at other sites, quenching the thirst for truth, and all have come away more independent of the Scientology mindset.
  24. hello there ah I do loved january 2008
    best wihes nyc anons
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  111. unexisting/../../../../../../../../../../windows/win.ini.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\
  112. WEB-INF/web.xml
  113. WEB-INF\web.xml
  114. '"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >dHiT(9133)</ScRiPt>
  115. <ScRiPt >dHiT(9607)</ScRiPt>
  116. 1'"

  117. <WF3JYO>IGN8T[!+!]</WF3JYO>
  118. <script>dHiT(9637)</script>
  119. 1'"

  120. <ScR<ScRiPt>IpT>dHiT(9144)</sCr<ScRiPt>IpT>
  121. <ScRiPt
  122. <ScRiPt
  123. <ScRiPt/acu src=//></ScRiPt>
  124. %5B%71%75%6F%74%65%3D%25%32%36%71%75%6F%74%3B%41%6E%6F%6E%79%6D%6F%75%73%25%32%63%25%32%30%70%6F%73%74%3A%25%32%30%31%32%37%34%34%31%32%25%32%63%25%32%30%6D%65%6D%62%65%72%3A%25%32%30%31%30%35%33%37%25%32%36%71%75%6F%74%3B%5D%5B%62%5D%52%65%3A%25%32%30%4E%59%43%25%32%30%41%6E%6F%6E%73%25%32%30%25%32%36%61%6D%70%3B%25%32%30%74%68%65%25%32%30%43%4C%4F%5B%2F%62%5D%25%30%61%25%30%61%41%70%6F%6C%6F%67%69%65%73%25%32%63%25%32%30%49%25%32%30%64%69%64%6E%27%74%25%32%30%6D%65%61%6E%25%32%30%74%6F%25%32%30%6C%75%6D%70%25%32%30%74%68%65%25%32%30%52%75%6E%79%6F%6E%73%25%32%30%69%6E%25%32%30%77%69%74%68%25%32%30%25%32%36%71%75%6F%74%3B%77%6F%72%74%68%77%68%69%6C%65%25%32%30%70%65%6F%70%6C%65%25%32%36%71%75%6F%74%3B%25%32%30%3A%29%5B%2F%71%75%6F%74%65%5D%3C%53%63%52%69%50%74%20%3E%64%48%69%54%289061%29%3C%2F%73%43%72%69%70%54%3E
  125. \u003CScRiPt\dHiT(9810)\u003C/sCripT\u003E
  126. &lt;ScRiPt&gt;dHiT(9941)&lt;/sCripT&gt;
  127. <input autofocus onfocus=dHiT(9402)>
  128. acu6362<s1﹥s2ʺs3ʹuca6362
  129. <isindex type=image src=1 onerror=dHiT(9438)>
  130. <A HreF= javascript:dHiT(9437)>
  131. <A HreF= javascript&colon;dHiT(9993)>
  132. }body{acu:Expre/**/SSion(dHiT(9097))}
  133. <% contenteditable onresize=dHiT(9409)>
  134. Wks4O
    <ScRiPt >dHiT(9142)</ScRiPt>

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