NYC "Metro" has soft, fawning piece about the cult.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Chester has followers. How lovely.
  3. Anonymous Member

    gak. commented.
  4. Anonymous Member

    gak is nice, But it did not show up. BOO. :(
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    It showed up, but formatting was lost

  6. Anonymous Member

    I saw a comment from OBT. That reminds me of the Google bots. *sigh* I must get to work again.
  7. Optimisticate Member

    Nice masturbatory piece. When you look at one side of the story and merely repeat what you are told without getting the whole story, you come out looking like the NYT reporting on a gang rape in Texas.

    Maybe the last line of the article was the beginning of the other side of the story?

    Why the article would have ended there is unknown. I'm guessing she probably had to go out, eat, or use the bathroom, and that looked like a good place to end her "story".
  8. Sponge Member

    Dead body thetans, for recycling....
  9. lol
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    "First of all, John Carmichael is lying about the number of people coming in; I should know, I am there all the time-I can see how very few people are actually entering. I noticed how they are so crowded in those pics that you have-not! Where were all the people? Secondly, Thalia and Adam? Run while you can and don't waste your money and your life. Jeanne Bassoon and Louanne are well-known members of their "intelligence team" that patrol the net looking for any articles concerning Scientology. Google their names and see what they spend all their time doing. Louanne, or should I say Lisa? You're a better photographer than you are a shill for Scientology. How long are you supposed to be on this amends project or don't you ask yourself that question? Google the truth rundown and the New Yorker article with Paul Haggis to actually read more about the "rumors" of slave labor and abuse"

    hehehe, :p
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  13. Anonymous Member

    ^^^comment written by TONI CHRAMBANIS - D/CO EXTERNAL OSA EUS
    Oh hai why is she writing such bad stuff?
  14. tikk Member

    I just can't help myself from violating Godwin's Law just this once: "Nevermind where those trains go--hop on!"
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  15. HellRazor Member

    What a POS article.
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  16. Optimisticate Member

    The weirdness radar is going off.

    Two of the top articles showing up on news aggregate sites are "tours" inside scilon buildings.

    "Look, we're not scary, we spent money!"

    Something just isn't right. Disturbance in the force if you will.
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    lol, lying liars who lie!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    prolly just damage control for all the fail lately?
    With only more fail to follow.
    Dont' forget the new NOI members are now heavily involved too, they have to do the "don't look at the man behind the curtain" BS
  20. Anonymous Member

    I think that linkedin is someone else; Smurf posted that in another thread but search is showing her living in Massapequa, NY with parents and listed as mid 20s. Her father is 56.
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    Weird, I commented via my Facebook account and they deleted my name but left the comment standing.

    For context, Metro NY is a free paper handed out near subway stations, or sometimes just left in a stack near the platform for anyone to grab. There's no real pretense that it's a journalistic pursuit, but even so this article is an unrepentant blowjob.
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  25. Sponge Member

    and then TIME gives it a leg up...

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