NYC Org taking a dive...

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anonakatie, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. anonakatie Member

    NYC Org taking a dive...

    We protest a lot in NYC.

    Just an update per our most recent 3 day continual protest. It showed more clearly than ever how deeply in trouble that org is.

    Per a post from our site:

    1. The CMO investigations chief is visiting the organization on W46 at least once a day this entire week; this means there's something that needs handling and people are being meter checked on questions regarding whatever it is - most likely financial

    2. The D/FBO MORE's were all in the Org on W46 for one day - this tells me that there is something they are trying to market or sell something because that's what a D/FBO MORE does; they market Org resources (books/lectures/courses/etc). Probably not filling their quota the last few weeks and their "battle plans" have not been working; the CMO reacts by micro-managing and doing #1

    3. There are a LOT of key staff members I just don't see in their pictures. Where are Karin Beatty? Jerry and Debbie Indursky? Where's George Hirsch the Purification In-Charge? Answer - PROBABLY out moon-lighting to pay their bills with real jobs

    4. There are very few people I recognize as "public" or those taking Division Six courses (problems of work, ups/downs of life etc)


    These guys are falling apart at the seams.


    They are biting it big time, financially and otherwise in NYC.:D
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    The CMO Investigations Chief there is a kid named Gerome. I remember he told me one time he wrote a children's book and while I can't remember the name now [it will come to me later] I checked it out and not only was it true but it was REALLY bad. I remember he told me one time he got of the royalties and the year he told me he had received like two hundred bucks or something. What a schmuck.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    I think most orgs are doing much worse. NYC's got its new Ideal Org opening this year, too - the public cash is still a-flowing.
  4. anonakatie Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    Well no doubt there are orgs doing worse, although that would be hard as our info on NY is pretty damn dismal from a financial and bodies through the door point of view. It's also pretty damn dismal in so far as staff morale too(see above OP).

    And no, the cash is not flowing. We are on site and we are very familiar with what is actually going on. They haven't even had their stress test tables out in weeks.

    And just to correct you, their "ideal org" opened in 2004. And they have been sucking wind ever since.
  5. mrfyde Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    Ive been told that royalties for a new author are usually under $500. But then found this:

    I guess it would depend on how much if anything he got for an advance.
  6. anonakatie Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    The interesting thing I would point out here is that orgs are frequently used against themselves. Listen up all Scilon plants so you really understand what is going on.

    For example, they tell folks like the people in Chicago for example that NYC has 300 new people through the door every day; it's a wonderful new ideal org. Hence why can't you Chicago guys kick it in gear. You know as a chicago Scientologist that your numbers suck. But you believe this. So you think the fault must somehow be your own. It must just be local. After all, ideal orgs are opening elsewhere. So what is our problem?

    But in fact, of course, the problem is pervasive and systemic. NY hasn't has 300 new people through the door maybe in the whole time we have been protesting, much less per day. And that number would include the curiousity seekers that just want to laugh at you Scilons and giggle with us about the movie afterward.

    The bottom line is that the ideal org openings are the last ditch effort to appear like things are going well. They ultimately will hasten the end as Scientology further overextends itself.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    This is 100% true. Most of the "ideal" orgs are being bought up with money already collected years ago, after the local org collects a percentage of the building value first of course. The local orgs are then responsible for the rest of the dough. Only now it's not coming in anymore. They are using orgs to try to kickstart others. Miscavige feels that at least he can sell the buildings for a profit if the local org fails. Unfortunately for him, the real estate market will be down for probably the next 5 years at least. Time is running out for them to start saving the cult.
  8. anonakatie Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    It was noted a year ago on ESMB, that the NY org was basically empty as far as people on course; that their concentration was on booksales.

    NY was supposed to be the leader in booksales.

    ESMB post:

    I agree with you there. NY org got stuck on the book sales and does nothing else. In fact the org is totally empty. This is why they have all staff and public out in the streets selling books since they opened the doors of their new building = they are trying to get people.

    NY org got announced in many events as the Mecca of book sales. All orgs from around the globe started sending their staff to get trained in NY org on how to boom an org by book sales, but they are struggling.

    Millions of dollars spent on the building and renovation to become a paperback bookstore.
    Since that post a year ago, their people thru the door has gotten even worse. And they haven't even had the tables out in weeks. They haven't been selling books.

    So if they are an "ideal org" and the model for book sales what does that say about how everyone else is doing?
  9. TypingChimp Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    It's times like this I really wish the Co$ were not tax-exempt, because property in NYC is fucking expensive, and any property taxes on large-ish buildings in NYC would be fucking expensive as well.
  10. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    They may not be totally exempt. I know they pay some taxes on their crap in Clearwater. Might be interesting to find out, if someone can be bothered to get the d0x.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    But .. but... They bought a new big screen TV!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    NYO is also the place where the mobile "stress test table" was either invented or perfect [I foget which]. Suffice to say for "management" it has always perplexed them why in a city of eight million they cannot get more than ten people a month to sign up for a division six course.

    The answer though is simple and one I always told them: people don't come to New York to be enlightened spiritually they come for good food, cheap women and lousy dime-a-dozen theater shows.
  13. Puppet Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    Women are NOT Cheap.
  14. AnonyMary Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    Well when I was there the org was always broke, lol. But that was many years ago.

    Summer stats always sucked at NY Org anyway, which is part of the reason. People who live there go out of town. And visitors are not from surrounding areas, so there's no real public to sell to in Times Square. Especially now that the cars are forbidden on the streets there. Those tables are probably being taken downtown instead, and stored in Peccoraro's office. The lack of body traffic, missing staff and the presence of the mission, however, are the real indicators. Thems in real trouble
  15. Anon1720 Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    Good report/job NYAnons. Keep it up.
  16. Puppet Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    I am not going to buy the propaganda from either side.

    I know that scilons are brainwashed but determined fuckers and there's lots of (uneducated) suckers in NY . That's a dangerous combination. What's more dangerous is that scilons now whine to cops and the cops ask us to leave: Raid Week Ends With Win. This is unacceptable and sets a dangerous precedent.
  17. Buttons Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...


    Thanks for posting. I have been wondering what has been going on with the once vocal NYC Anons.
  18. whoever Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    You guys are epic enturbulators.... <3
  19. FUCK Member

    Re: NYC Org taking a dive...

    good job NYC <3

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