NZ bans UK couple over Scientology case...

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 3, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Interesting story.

    Here's the short version:

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  2. More Scilon on Scilon Fighting! Delicious!! The Civil war of lulz will always be funny!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    The "Industrial Espionage" charge is amusing. The "tech" is industrial! LOL!
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  4. Excellent catch, Auntie!

    Robin Scott is a bit of a legend, having 'liberated' OT materials from the org by posing as some senior Sea Ogre and 'Tone 40'ing' (bullying) the local schmucks into handing them over.

    Didn't know about the cannabis farm, though. Ironic, for a former kool-aid drinker.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Thank you.

    Yeah, it takes some serious moxie to get secret stuff out of an org but I didn't want to proffer too much praise for illegal activities and raise the ire of our dearly beloved and esteemed moderators.
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  6. peterstorm Member

    lol squirrel wannabes
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  7. Anonymous Member

    now we know it´s a industrie.

    not a cult
  8. Anonymous Member

    now we know it´s a industrie.

    not a cult
  9. Anonymous Member

    does this mean the UK has to have these ones back?
  10. Anonymous Member

    The UK would be lucky to have them back, IMO---they're decent, lovely people. The Scientology "industrial espionage" (LOL) thing was a long time ago, btw. They're organic farmers (and Adrienne's a teacher) who like to do yoga and hippie shit like that (ok, I'm partial to hippie shit like that, I know not everyone here is--s'ok). Robin's got a great sense of humor. I like them.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I like them, too. Robin wrote a long letter to the MRs earlier in the year, offering an olive branch of sorts for the new year, and they didn't even acknowledge him. They're smart, funny, and very kind.They still imbibe in the Kool-aid it seems, but in a much different manner than many of the other exes I've spoken with.
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  12. Sponge Member

    Not smart enough though. He had lied to the NZ authorities. On the face of it, it sounds like a bureaucratic overreaction but I guess one might argue that they don't want to set any kind of precedent for other immigrants with more serious undeclared criminal pasts to have cause to appeal. If he and his family was producing, paying taxes and not being a troublemaker then it's New Zealand's loss (unlike the parasitic cult of scientology).

    What I'd be interested in is: why now, 4 years after moving to live there? If the cult had something to do with shopping them to the authorities then what would be the point? They'd only bring on another active critic against them (who was apparently resigned to getting on with what seemed to be a simple quiet life). Is it all just circumstantial or is Miscavige really so overwhelmed with stinging butthurt for anything "squirrel" related that he is incapable of seeing the full consequences of his actions?
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Relax, guys. It's just their Scientology retirement plan kicking in.
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  14. Natter Bored Member

    In my opinion, Scientologists, whether CofS flavor or Freezone, tend to think Elron tech is far superior to silly wog laws. Stealing Elron hard copy dreck from an org is just plain stupid.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    They're dishonest. Scientologists lie. Always.
  16. LocalSP Member

    Just another example of how scientology ruins lives.
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  17. Except for those rare cases where the truth is or can be spun to their benefit. One can be led to the wrong conclusion by using facts in a misleading manner.
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    True, and that makes it foolish to "set your clock" by the expectation of them -- or, for that matter, anyone else -- lying. Mental work and good old-fashioned discernment is still required.

    Failpost follows.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Yes - it's good to be discerning.

    How can you tell when a scientologist is lying? Their lips are moving.
  20. Robocat Member

    When Freezone goes wild!

    NZ bans UK couple over Scientology case

    Last updated 05:00 04/05/2011

    ROBIN SCOTT: Revealed conviction four years later.

    SARA SCOTT: Unhappy with decision that forced her parents to leave.

    A British man who failed to disclose that he was deported from Denmark after "industrial espionage" against the Church of Scientology has been refused permission to settle in New Zealand.

    Oxford University-educated Robin Scott, 62, and his wife Adrienne, 61, a teacher, left their Canterbury organic farmlet in March after the Immigration and Protection Tribunal turned down their appeal against a direction that they had to leave the country.
    In visitor and work visa applications from 2005, the couple disclosed that they had both served prison sentences in Britain in the 1990s for growing cannabis that they said would help research into the medicinal use of the drug.

    However, four years later, they revealed to New Zealand authorities for the first time that Mr Scott had served a month in a Danish prison before being deported in 1984. He later agreed he faced a criminal charge but said it was essentially a civil dispute over "industrial espionage".

    He had waited outside a Scientology property in Copenhagen while two accomplices wearing the insignia of senior church officials gained entry and obtained teaching materials to use in a business he had set up for students wanting to study Scientology from outside the organisation.

    Mr Scott, originally a member of the Church of Scientology, formed a breakaway group when he thought it was no longer acting in accord with the spirit of its founder, LRon Hubbard.

    In 1996 he was sentenced to four years' jail, and in 1998 he was sentenced to another two years and six months on the cannabis charges.
    Mrs Scott was sentenced to 15 months, and later 240 hours' community work, on the charges she faced but she was accepted for registration as a teacher in New Zealand.
    The Teachers Council said it was impressed with the open and honest way the Scotts answered questions.

    Mrs Scott said she had never condoned recreational cannabis use and renounced her earlier cannabis crusade as "misguided".

    Two of their three adult children had come to live in New Zealand in 2006 after falling in love with the country during a visit the previous year.

    Daughter Sara Scott, known as Sally, said she and her brother Edward would follow their parents back to Britain later this year. Both had been granted permanent residence but Miss Scott said they did not want to stay without their parents.
    The family's 9.5-hectare organic farmlet near Darfield is for sale. As well as working on the property, all the family members had outside work.

    Their parents had set up a farmers' market in Darfield, and supported it with their own money to keep it going over the first winter, Miss Scott said.

    Mr Scott wrote a book, Fortress New Zealand, about the need for New Zealand to be self-sufficient and how it could cope with issues such as global warming.

    As well as Mrs Scott's teaching, Mr Scott worked in finance management and accounting in Christchurch, and both supported holistic health practices including yoga.
    Miss Scott said she was disappointed with the decision that forced her parents to leave but she was "trying not to dwell on what could not be".
  21. Anonymous Member

    So a pot-growing freezoner pulls off a b-movie style dox heist at the cult. Love it.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. DeathHamster Member

  24. elwood Member

    New Zealand. Beautiful country. Lovely people. Totally fucked up politics.
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Ha... I've seen that. It's actually fairly funny, and has one of the most bizarre scenes -- actually a series of them but they're essentially the same -- which I've ever seen in films from that era. Disembodied head conversations FTW!

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