O.T.O., LRH and "The Golden Dawn"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by 23ApplesofEris, Jul 4, 2011.

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    If L. Ron Hubbard sticks a coathanger in a woman's vagina and no one is there to see it, did it happen?
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    Yes, it happened his son saw it.
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    Because rabbit vibes hadn't been invented yet, duh!
  4. Because he wanted to be Joan Crawford.

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  6. Yes, in fact, Aleister Crowley was initially a member of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn. This info can be easily googled, but it is also well known fact - Just read any of A.C.’s earlier teachings. He left The GD to form the OTO. After reading various bits about Scientology, it seems that much of it’s structure and course material, is loosely based on it (if not plagerized to some extent). Of course, I could never truly compare the GD, or the basis behind it’s teachings to that of Scientology. They are open about the basis of their teachings and where they are derived from, which is the primarily the Kabbalah, as well as Buddhism, Anciant Egyptian mysticism, etc...The GD is also not a pyramid scam, whose participants go out in search of coverts, destroy marriages and friendships, and wreak havoc on people’s lives.
  7. I find it interesting that Hubbard demonizes homosexuality, especially when Criwleu was a known for having sex with men and boys. From what I understand (Yes, I had a morbid curiosity in respect Crowley, but do not agree with his practices), having anal sex is one of the highest forms of sex magic in the OTO. I’m not exactly sure where homosexuality fits in to the OTO, or if it was just one Crowley’s personal preferences, but to accept the OTO, Oneould assume that you would have to accept the actions of it’s creator. I also don’t know if the OTO makes gender disctions in their rituals, at least when it comes to male and female energy being present )or if it matters). It is often seen to many, as an order that teaches the opposite of what other Hermetic orders do, as well as being created while Crowley was going totally mad due to his heroin addiction.
  8. I made a mistake - Aleister Crowley did not create the O.T.O. It was created by Theodore Reuss and Franz Hartmann in 1905. Around 1920, Crowley reworked the order and rewrote most of is grade initiations and rituals.
  9. Do you have any dox on his "heroin addiction" causing him to go "totally mad"?

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