"Obama Warns Against Direct Involvement by U.S. in Iran"

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Oinkertron9000, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Do you know this how? This is not right my friend. Great Satan is excuse to blame a bad form of government on. Iranian people do not believe this. Where do you hear such things?
  2. I'd have to agree. There will be no more help from the US to promote human rights or democracy while Obama is in charge. He wants to talk to people who steal elections, hang gays, and stone women. Its pretty sick when you think about it.
  3. He/she doesn't know. You do because you are there. Iranians and Americans don't hate one another. That's why all of these people are here. To support you and your countrymen.

  4. Your President is the leader of the free world. He should and could help us by condeming the baseej that are killing protestors. I though USA cared about such things?

  5. But why your President does not? I see online and he says nothing to meaning.
  6. I believe the President fears that strong American support might be seen as more meddling in middle east affairs and could hurt the protesters further or their cause. He doesn't want Ahmedinijad to make this an Iranian/American matter to take the spotlight off of his crimes which may include stealing an election and certainly includes abuse of Iranian citizens.

  7. We do not believe what the monkey says. Why do USA people think we are stupid?
  8. We know you aren't stupid. But what if Ahmedinijad sees the US helping the protesters and uses Hezbollah to kill and injure more peaceful protesters? Obama believes he is helping the best way he can.

  9. Another "false choice" nobody said anything about strong American support. All the Prez has to do is condemn the brutality. And that Iranian guy wants to know why some of you people think that the people of Iran are sooooo stupid to think they would listen to Ahmedinijad. Im waiting for an answer just like he is.
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    Personally, I'm just worried about extremists justifying their violence because they believe the protesters are being led by the United States.
    Didn't you guys see that troll wandering around, trying to get people riled up by saying that the CIA planted this entire thing?

    But at the same time, if Obama condemns the violence...Well, people will listen, I guess.
    At the moment, all I know is that we need to raise awareness to the people.

  11. We do not want anything from USA! Just for your President to condemn the baseej militia that are killing and beating people. Why so hard to do that? I thought in democracy this was cared about.
  12. That's his point altogether. He implied that he saw the President speak without saying anything definitive. "Stronger Support". And what "choices" did I speak of? Or is that some type of catch phrase you're fond of?

    Funny. One thread, Americans are complaining about the US always having to involve itself in everything abroad that may have political interest. And in this one we're condemning our President for being to soft. Safe to say you're part of the Bush crowd?

    No one implied any such thing. The fear isn't that the good people of Iran would misconstrue our intent but rather the region at large who, in my view, rightfully have a less than trustworthy view of American "help" in the Middle East.
  13. If the President does this...would the baseej stop or would it get worse?
  14. Visionary Member

    Ok so we all know Obama's reason (I'll assume he's telling the truth) for not wanting to say anything or do anything too critical of Iran's government.

    I wonder though, if there is a situation where he would be forced to change his tactics and come out stronger.

    Although I'm not sure how much harsher words would do to help anyway, if it gets that bad over in Iran.
    (I doubt Iran is really afraid of us doing anything to them)
    But it could be inspiring to the protesters.

    So I'm curious what people think it would take for Obama to come out harder on Ahmadi and his buddies. Or is there no situation that would warrant anything more than he's said already?

    He actually did come out a little bit stronger Tuesday evening, when he specifically said,
    Although on second thought it still seems a bit dispassionate, to be honest.
    But I guess that's what he's aiming for right now.
  15. Your guess is as good as mine. And where would the surrounding Arab nations fall on the issue of perceived threats from the US towards the leader of another nation? I'd like to see the US back an Arab state that would be willing to provide non-military aid to the brave people of Iran. The Iranians have a long proud history of defeating oppressors. They will beat this one as well.

  16. But there is no justification of violence. I am thinking USA is changing and not for good. What is this "troll?"
    The CIA has nothing to do with this. The Iranian people know that this is from inside. Has nothing to do with USA my friend. No one believes the monkey. Have you seen pictures of the protesters and the baseej militia killing them? Why will Obama support such a thing?
  17. why should America get involved, if they do that mean Britain will and I think we've lost enough people fighting Americas wars.
    Why are western countries allowed to build nuclear power station and not Iran?
    Oh because they might build nuclear weapons with it. Hmmm western propaganda again.
    where have I heard that before??......

    "Iraq has Weapons Of Mass Destruction" and we now know that was a load of Bullshit.

    America think you'd have learnt your lesson in Vietnam, a war which you provoked the starting of.
    Why not go to Somalia and sort that out. Oh sorry you oncce tried too and all you made from that was a film.

  18. I cannot answer that my friend, but it is the right thing to do is it not?
  19. I can't wait for the day that Ahmedinijad is handed over to the people of Iran!
    I pray for that day.
  20. Obama lacks the political will to involve himself in this matter. The vast majority of the American people want him to at least take a stance but he wont.

    Obama spent trillions of borrow dollars on programs to "stimulate" the American economy and it did not work. He is currently trying to push through many many pieces of legislation that will change a lot of the systems in America. Obama is saving all of his political capital for these programs an doesn't want to waste any of it on Iran at the moment.

    It is simply a matter of his political will to do it and he won't.

    As an American I am ashamed of my president.
  21. If USA involves now, other countries could say USA has supported those riots and is responsible for the situation, and that would give iran a good reason to break all good relationship with USA.

    It is important that USA stays nevtral in this situation.

    It is time for the Iranian people to decide!
  22. What would be the harm in advocating for a new election with international observers?

    The only side that would be taking is the side of the people. This would be inclusive of both political groups in Iran.

    Just come out and say that the USA would pay for it and support the United Nations with whatever materials it would need if Iran would allow this.
  23. It is simply a matter of his political will to do it and he won't.

    As an American I am ashamed of my president.
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    Why should he sort it out? I think Obama is the best president you've had better than that penis you had before.
  24. Yes. And again, I believe Obama is letting Ahmedinijad hang himself in the court of world opinion. If America tries to challenge the Iranian regime alone people will be divided. But remember...America is not the only country watching this happen on television and twitter and internet. Every country in the world is watching the brave people of Iran stand up to the clubs and bullets and arrests. And Ahmedinijad can shake his fist at America but what can he do when the whole world says enough is enough? I don't know if you people in Iran really understand the impact you're having around the globe.
  25. Obama is right

    If Obama strongly denounces the Iranian gov't, it will be the GIFT that Ahmadinejad has been waiting for. IT'S THE LAST THING HE SHOULD DO. Just like Karl Rove used fear and ignorance to get support for Prez Bush, the religious fascist running Iran have used "the Great Satan" to scare Iranians and stoke their nationalism. To all you people criticizing Obama on this point: How can you be so stupid?

  26. American President should condemn the baseej militia. Nobody believes this government of Iran anyway. Condemning baseej would be condemning violence.
  27. Simple,

    Obama: "I will support having another election under the supervision of the United Nations and whatever resources the USA can provide the United Nations will be at the United nations disposal"
  28. I understand the frustration my Iranian friend and we fellow Americans feel. I would love for Obama to be able to call the election a farse and demand an end to the violence. But the poster above me is right. Ahmedinijad would use it as an excuse to arrest and or kill hundreds if not thousands more. Probably starting with Mousavi.

  29. But French President already speak out, but not USA? We stand up but your powerfull President stand by while baseej kill people. Iranians not asking to challenge the regime, but to stand by democratic message of no violence. We are dissappointed this has not happened, but cannot understand.
  30. US and Israel are seen as the _enemies FFS

    What do you think would be the result if the _enemy_ took one side? Which side do you think would be supported? If Al-Qaeda said in the presidential election "we fully support Obama", who would benefit?

  31. That is why you do it through "backhanded" means.

    Don't focus/support either Iranian political group, focus on a free/fair election. Come out and support another election with UN observers.
  32. George Bush would have condemned the actions by now.. and then all these crazed liberals that are posting and desecrating the name of Ronald Reagan would be outraged, and "ashamed of being American." And then if the tanks did roll out, Mr. Bush would have to go in there and remove another middle-eastern dictator.. and then the crazed liberals would be even further out-raged.. and then the media would spend 3 years painting the situation in as terrible of a light as possible.. and then we'd elect a socialist that would go on an apology tour for four years, before incurring a debt greater than all previous presidents combined.

    But at least Iran would be a better place for democracy.
  33. If there was more oil in Iran, Americans probably would deploy their troops right away. Just to stop dictatorship and bring freedom and democracy. Like they "did" in Iraq.

    I would not count on US. They help only when they can profit...
  34. He lacks the political will to do it. He is getting BLASTED in the USA media for not coming out against the elections. Many Americans are thinking the exact same thing you are saying.

  35. Why USA people think we are stupid to believe the monkey? We know this is started by Iranian people.

  36. But this already happens my friend. That is why Obama should condemn the baseej militia. I do not think USA people understand the way Iran is.
  37. I'm open to it. Again, if it would help the Iranian people, I'm all for it.

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