"Obama Warns Against Direct Involvement by U.S. in Iran"

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  1. Are you from Iran?

    Iran has the largest untapped oil reserves in the world. Over the past 8 years ALL OTHER middle eastern oil producing countries have seen economic booms EXCEPT FOR Iran.

    Simply put, Iran should be in a economic boom but its government mismanages its oil supplies. Furthermore not a single drop of oil has been taken from Iran and imported into America. The premise of your argument is flawed.
  2. This would be nice, but what about the killings by the baseej militia?
  3. By Iran I meant Iraq
  4. We probably don't fully understand. I think Ahmedinijad is already feeling the pressure. But the violence can't continue. If it does, I'm sure Obama will denounce it. remember, the US has a sorted history in the country of Iran. Our government has done some terrible things in the past from: Putting the Sha in power to arming Saddam during the war of the 80's. the US is not trusted by many people in the Middle East and I don't blame them. The people in America want great things for the Iranian people and Barrack wants to help but we must walk carefully because of the mistakes we've made years ago.

    Let me ask you a question my friend. If the people stay united as they are now, how could Ahmedinijad stay in power?
  5. And by that I mean Iraq only in the 2nd thought. Iran has large untapped oil - Not a single drop of oil from Iraq

  6. But what about the violence and killings by the baseej militia my friend? What of this and such things. I thought democratic ways were different. In USA this is accepted?
  7. There are two schools of thought in the USA.

    1) Don't judge other cultures - This is Obama
    Essentially, don't project American values on other countries.

    2) Freedom is universal - This is George Bush
    Use whatever means necessary to install freedom around the world.
  8. Obama coming out and simply speaking in support of the Iranians will not only signal the Iranian people but also the world that we are in support. This will help push Ahmedinijad further into the corner.

    Ahmedinijad does not need an excuse to send the tanks and troops to attack the crowds he can do it when ever he pleases, whats he have to lose? The entire country is against him you think Obama is the tipping point? Of course not. And if Ahmedinijad paints the protest as American backed who is gonna buy that story? only the people who support him now, this movement is so big that on one will fall for such a cheap ploy. Its to late to play this our with internal politics, either the government will choose to listen to the people or they will send the tanks in, that how this always ends.

    History already tells America what to do in a situation like this, The same thing happened in Poland and Regan spoke up for the people in protest and look what happened to the U.S.S.R.
  9. There are a lot of good thoughts here, and no matter what happens I hope freedom prevails.

    I'm far from an Obama supporter, but I do think some prudence should be exercised here on just how strong a "condemnation" he gives, and what possible tones it could have.

    This article may give some food for thought:

    The last thing the US needs right now is to (as many have said) further piss off the surrounding Middle East countries, or especially mother Russia and/or China. That's just Armageddon waiting to happen.

    Besides, Obama got elected on the "diplomatic stances" he was going to take in situations like this. Why is anyone surprised at any waffling he's doing? I know I'm not.

  10. But i thought USA was not for beating and killing political rival. Cant Obama denounce it? Ahmedinijad stays in power because of money and things such as baseej militia? This i cannot understand why Obama will not denounce. That is it. We are no fools about the monkey and his lies. No one would believe CIA could do what is happening.

  11. Yes freedom is universal, i like that, i will tell my friends. But why not judge the violence of baseej militia? This makes no sense.
  12. Certainly on the first point. Possibly on the second point. What would Ahmedinijad do to retain power? What would Kohmeini do to retain power? It's easy for you and I to say this sitting across the ocean from the violence. But my concern is how many more of these heroic people will be killed simply because of percieved US involvement?

    The illusion of control. And I don't think he'd think twice about killing his own countrymen to maintain it.

    You may be right. I'm just worried about the violence escalating. You understand. Obama can do nothing to stop the violence. Only the people can do that.

    Look at the Republic of Georgia. If this turned into a full fledged war. you know we'll be involved. to your point, we always are. That's why half of the globe despises us.
  13. Obama has nothing to do in Iran

    Except taking oil.
  14. I don't know...Get someone to make a sign asking for help from Obama, go to a protest, and email the picture to Fox News, New York Times, or CNN and get it published. T

    here is pressure from MANY MANY Americans but in America sometimes it takes something that makes a politician look bad to get them to do anything.
  15. I understand sir. I do. Countries like Russia have strong economic ties to the current regime as the gentleman above me pointed out. Obama will condemn this if it continues or escalates. And you know you have America's support. The world knows it as well. You better believe Kohmenie knows it.
  16. Actually Obama is very "anti oil" and wants to make it essentially illegal to use through cap and trade taxes. Obama is leveraging the power of the government to reduce oil usage through alternative energy sources.

    Not a single drop of oil was taken from Iraq after America invaded Iraq for oil. Actually there are large deposits of oil inside the USA. The simple fact of the matter is that Iran should be in an economic boom as every other middle east oil producing country has been for the past 8 years.
  17. And we are pressuring our government as well. The US media is now covering this. My friends and I twitter every video and post from Iran we can get our hands on. American celebrities are calling for support. This has our full attention.

  18. Why do USA people think such? Everyone i know wants to be like USA with freedom.
  19. Many people from other countries and many from our own country feel that America should not get involved in disputes around the world. Should not try to "force democracy" on other cultures. Iraq is one example.

    But this is different. This is about people being denied justice under the guise of free elections. No one I know believes Ahmedinijad speaks for the Iranian people just like you understand that George bush did not speak for many Americans. This world would be a great place without politics.

  20. You really do not understand my friend even before the election baseej militia can kill and get away. It has been going on for years. Now it is in the streets and on video and the world sees. If Obama says nothing now, we can not count on him later.
  21. Sounds like Iraq's Republican Guard. Is it like this?
  22. Will you pressure USA politicians to condemn baseej militia an the killings and beatings?
  23. I promise you I will.
    I'm afraid I have to get ready for work. Thank you for talking with me. Stay safe and strong today. I will talk more with you tonight my friend. You are in my prayers.
  24. I do not know how much information gets into Iran but people are taking time off work and holding rallies here, in the USA, in support. This definitely puts pressure on the politicians.

  25. Why USA should not support democracy? This sounds very strange. Also my friend, no election is free here, candidates must be approved to run. Bush was good because he freed the Iraqi Shia and stopped the killings.
  26. A little bit yes.
  27. There are factions in America similar to factions in every country. The faction that Obama belongs to believes that the USA has "not right" to assert influence on other independent nations.

    The faction that George Bush belongs to believe that the USA SHOULD uses its resources to spread freedom around the world.

    Both faction believe in freedom but have different views about how to spread freedom around the world.

    As you may know, Bush is no longer president, Obama is president.

  28. Yes this is unfortunate for Iranian people right now!
  29. Belsleezo Member

    I tend to disagree with this opinion. IMO ...USA dealings with Islamic nations is always viewed with extreme suspition hence Obama's current stance on the Iranian issue. I think he genuinely wants improved relations with Iran but trying not to make the same mistakes Bush made. USA has always been accused of furthering it's own interests when getting involved. Re-election with international supervision is a sensible approach on this matter
  30. It is dissappointing to see that President of USA will not condemn violence by baseej militia! This is not dealing with Islamic nation.

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