Obama's Fatherhood Innovation Fund for Nonprofits

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    Obama's Fatherhood Innovation Fund for Nonprofits

    I did a little search, and couldn't find this posted, if it's already out there, mods please delete. Or if it sucks... delete it
    I just skimmed the article.

    Here is a snip from the Washington Post article:

    Obama steps up fatherhood advocacy with new mentoring initiative

    "Obama will also ask Congress to move on his $500 million budget request for a Fatherhood, Marriage and Families Innovation Fund, which would give grants to nonprofits that support fathers and families, including job training programs and economic incentives for dads. The tightened focus on fathers and parental responsibility marks a steady shift from the George W. Bush administration's concentration on traditional marriage, said Chuck Donovan, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a former executive vice president at the Family Research Council"

    Right now this is just a budget "request" I guess.
    Perhaps we should check out the list of the nonprofits who will be recipients of these grants if and when it passes?
    Will COS and or front groups try to get in on this? Especially WISE with job training or Applied Scholastics with tutoring or mentoring?

    EDITED: this is not a thread to argue about Obama or his policies.
    This thread is just to bring attention to a new grant that COS may benefit from.

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