OC Critics need help!! (C'mon you AnonyFags!)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonyFag, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. AnonyFag Member

    OC Critics need help!! (C'mon you AnonyFags!)

    Fellow Anonymous;

    A critic who goes by the name of Zorro, a clown who entertains KIDS fer fucks sake, has been targeted by Scientology Fair Game. He's French and details of his case may only be available in French. Thus, the critics will need the help of any FrenchFags who can translate material pertinent to the progression of his case.

    Any of you AnonyFags who can help, DO IT. It'll help cement the bond between Anonymous and the Critics, plus help a die hard critic who was acting in the best interest of the cause...

    For additional info, right from the horse's mouth, go to this thread on Clambake and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  2. Whitehat Member

    Sounds like they are making up claims of death threats as well as inciting fightings...

    The Bastards.
  3. if you don't have an account at OCMB, post your translations ( here? ) so that one of several steath (or not so stealth) dual-members or cross-lurkers will find a way to linkback.

    Y? because it takes a long time (if ever) to get an account there.
  4. Kamizar Member

    Remember those envelopes filled with white powder in LA...
  5. cookiemonster Member

    If anyone needs anything translated I'm pretty good with French so let me know.

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