Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by zebrafaced, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. zebrafaced Member

    Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    o hai guize

    So today was a small protest of four. The same Scifags who tried to run over Anon Lulz last time came by... and by again... and again, around five times in total.

    Some Anons who went to Clearwater and Orlando came by and Rickroll'd our asses, we educated some folks in cars, got a lot of honks within five minutes of showing up, and Checker's still loves us.

    And then in the midst of it all, I got a call from my padre. A lawyer from Clearwater was telling him that OMG!!! - I watch CP, I haet fags, and I'm a hacker on steroids. Apparently they had a PI watching us the whole time.

    Will be uploading photos soon, but Clearwater, I must ask....

    Have you guys heard from John + Pope? Ted Morgan? Wallace Pope? This was provided to my father after they insisted that I'm one of those interwebz terrorists and whatnot. I have numbers and such, he plans on calling them sometime to see what's going on.

    So, to Scifags that are watching and know my name and such?
    NO U!!!!!!!!
  2. Anon Lulz Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    My video was somehow acting a douche.

    It looked just fine in the previews. I blame the uploading.
  3. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Damn it, why did I have to be sick? This weekend of all times! I blame the thetans!
  4. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    [ame=""]Video 4[/ame]

  5. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    I just got my C&D letter!! Well package, actually.
  6. Silent Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Do share :D
  7. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    It includes a 5 page letter from Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP Attorneys at Law.

    The letter is basically a bunch of shit that was supposedly done by Anonymous members, dating back as early as Oct 2006. Blah blah blah, bomb threats by such and such, threats to shoot up a school followed by said person shooting and killing 7 people and a teacher in the name of Anonymous, etc etc. The last paragraph states:

    We are writing you as a courtesy because we have information that you are one of the leaders of Anonymous activities in the Ocala area. I enclose a brief DVD documentary for your information, which sets forth additional evidence of criminal acts of Anonymous. Law enforcement authorities have been notified of these illegal activities.

    We believe that you have been misinformed about Scientology. Accordingly, we are providing you this information in order to give you the opportunity to take whatever steps you deem necessary and appropriate to ensure you do not participate in improper activities or acts of violence or take on legal responsibility for such acts as a leader in this group. Should Anonymous continue inciting and/or engaging in violent acts against the Church or its members, we are prepared to take any and all steps necessary to protect our client, including referring the names of persons to State and Federal authorities.

    Very truly yours,
    F. Wallace Pope Jr.

    It also included the Anonymous Hate Crimes dvd that they made and gave to the cops that we have all seen.

    Guess I need to buy some frames! :D
  8. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th


    I kinda feel like the bin Laden of the Ocala Cell, seeing as they actually fucking called my house.


    Edit: They sent me a voice mail around the same time you posted that excerpt, AnonMom. Methinks all those guests are watching us.
  9. Silent Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

  10. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Oh, and my letter was addressed with the shortened version of my name, spelled CORRECTLY, which means they got that when that Freedom Fighter posted my name on the board. They is watching us EVERYWHERE!! LULZ
  11. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    No WAI! I'm gonna hug it and squeeze it and call it George!
  12. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Yeah, they know me as my name on there as well, which means they probably are trying to add my MySpazz... I'll go update my display name and headline for them.
  13. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Hi Scilon guests! *waves at guests* I hope you enjoy your stay! If there is anything you guys need, turn down service, tickets to area theme parks, mints for your pillows, please feel free to let us know and we will be glad to assist!
  14. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Don't mind my leaderfaggotry here, but seeing as I am Zebra bin Laden, I'mma go ahead and post a public note to OSA here. If anyone else would like to do so as well, please do?

    Dear OSA and friends,

    You have my name, my face, my school, my license plate, my address.
    What you don't know is that while you have all of this information about me, my family, and my friends... I will always liek mudkipz, I will continue to party hard, I will help bring down your failcult, and I am still Anonymous. Expect me.

    Thanks for playing the game,

    Edit: Looks like Corporal Snow did, in fact, give our info away. After he assured us like three times that it was confidential. Hrrrrrr.
  15. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Official site.

    I find it ironic that one of their areas of expertise is personal injury and wrongful death, and they're in motherfucking Clearwater.
  16. Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Yes, I think Officer My Bad is gonna have some 'splaining to do after I make a few phone calls on Monday. I have several friends in important places, including one of our very wonderful Circuit Court Judges.
  17. Mutante Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    If your protest wasn't effective then OSA wouldn't bother harrassing you.

    Good work.

    Also, lrn2anonymous.
  18. KryTo Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Good Fight Ocalanons
  19. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    No kidding, but Scifags also got smart with our asses - first protest, they huddled around two cars, getting in and out of them, and hid the stalker car across the parking lot. Didn't think they'd do that shit with first timers, but I guess we were especially threatening.

    Oh well. I still want a fucking letter. DAMN YOU ANONMOM.
  20. Shinythings Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    I haz present for dear OSA guests


    Also congratulations anons, you just got your Advanced Enturbulator Certificate! (aka C&D). Keep it up!
  21. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    I expect a bunch of BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW-ing from them come Parti Gras.
  22. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Normally I'd say that I've never heard of that particular legal firm but that I'd look into it.

    But I can't be seen associating with terrorists.
  23. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Of course not.
  24. Mutante Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Y'all just got your stripes ;)
  25. Anon Lulz Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    I can't say whether or not Corporeal Douche gave our information.

    Right now, only Anonmom and Zebrafaced have gotten anything from Clearwater.

    I alas, have not.

    I still suspect his Scifaggotry. But they simply could have gotten their tag numbers. =/
  26. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Only problem was that he lied to us anyway. Remember how he kept assuring us that our information would be private? I spoke to a Lieutenant Wilson the other night, and he straight-out told me that any info they got about us was public and there was little they could do to keep it confidential.
  27. Arnold Friend Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    If they got it from your tag, the police could at least track down the paper trail?
  28. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Probably not because they didn't do anything illegal.

    Seriously, though, OSA... if you're going to stalk me like an angry ex-boyfriend, shouldn't we at least have lunch sometime?
  29. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    No, because you're a TERRORIST. ;)
  30. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    A terrorist with fantastic table manners. D: Doesn't that count?!
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Only for dinner dates.
  32. Lorelei Member

    Re: Ocala, FL - Feb 7th

    Ocala is doin' it rite if the Scilons are butthurt enough to stalk and harass. Good job!

    Keep an eye on your panty drawer, OSA might come peeping, and it would be the biggest thrill of their rice'n'bean-eating lives, I am sure. Maybe you should put a Mudkips in there.

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