Occupy Detroit

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    Occupy Detroit protests against corporate greed

    Kim Kozlowski and Mike Martindale/ The Detroit News

    Joining legions of like-minded protesters across the country, Detroit became "occupied" on Friday.
    Hundreds of grassroots activists marched on Woodward, set up camp in Grand Circus Park and proclaimed they are fed up with corporate greed, social injustice and the gulf between the rich and poor.
    Known as Occupy Detroit, most participants said they want a revolution.
    "How many more of my neighbors have to be foreclosed on before we've had enough?" said Lee Gaddies, 41, of Detroit. "How many more jobs have to be shipped overseas before we've had enough? People are finally fed up. The bottom has fallen out.
    "This is about regular people who are hurting, and we have to do something about it."
    Occupy Detroit is a local spinoff of a monthlong protest that started on Wall Street and has spread nationwide. Several websites report more than 1,000 communities are in various stages of occupation or planning, including scores of Michigan communities. Local demonstrations have been held this week in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Flint. Today, an occupation is planned in Lansing.
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    Wow it is spreading.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Detroit should be very happy with occupation because of the shrinking ofthe population
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