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    It has emerged that authorities are using executive powers to seize and search the smartphones and laptop computers of protesters for evidence of "crimes" and to harvest personal data such as emails, browser history and social media connections.

    Here is a guide to safe networking if you're attending any of the hundreds of protests currently taking place around the world:


    ANONYMOUS! remain hidden and don't use browsers with "History" functions switched on.
    ALWAYS! have your machines on a password protected "sleep"mode (i.e. PASSWORD PROTECTED SCREEN SAVER)
    ENCRYPT! anything sensitive within folders before taking it along to a protest.
    ASSUME! your laptop/smartphone will be searched by police experts
    LIKE! this post and please forward it through all channels.
    NEVER! use "autocomplete" or store passwords and usernames in plain text.
    BEFORE! attending any OCCUPY event backup/remove anything that could be seen as incriminating personal data.

    This has been a public service announcement from Anonymous. Thank-you for your attention. Keep calm and carry on.
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    Dox please.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Need moar dox?
  6. Anonymous Member

    No, but if you think it's really important that people look into this then you might consider quoting from the links in your posts.
  7. Anonymous Member

    It's really important to get the message out there NOW!, on the basis that people who haven't looked into this will surely now do so, and those aware of the problem have taken what are obvious precautions already.

    This movement is rapidly encompassing people who are not as web aware as Anonymous

    Anonymous might consider the urgency of the message outweighing the need to publish a thesis, perhaps?
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    It's really not that hard. Watch:
  9. Anonymous Member

    Thank-you for helping disseminate this message. It is vital that protesters keep their Anonymity in the face of corporate owned authority.
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