Occupy/Strike IU

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DontFawkesWithAnon, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot, new here ;)

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone was down to join in on this? I agree with whats going on here, but wanted to check if anyone else wanted to go. I thought it would be nice to say Anons are on your side :)

    More info-->

    The short version? IU is protesting wage freeze, tuition spikes, and inequality of some laws up for debate. Students/faculty/employees are walking out and striking. This is apparently 6-7 months in planning and has made national news.

    Flyer with meeting info-->
  2. Anonymous Member

    Any opinions?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Good initiative imo
  4. Anonymous Member

    And I was just sittin here earlier today thinking I get NO action cuz theres nothin in Indy cept cows
  5. Anonymous Member

    From the link- Our branch, located in New Albany, Indiana, is working at Indiana University Southeast campus to generate support for the strike at this satellite campus.

    This is close to me..
    DFWA- have you spoken to IU?
  6. No, I havent. But I think it would be awesome to go show support. are you going?
  7. Anonymous Member

    I of support would be great..
    Will let ya know more tomorrow :)
  8. Anonymous Member

    Well Im not havin much luck gettin around the people that are against the But, per the FB page of the students, they are trying to get the community a show of anon support would most likely be welcomed also. I do not have a FB account (as I pretty much despise that social avenue) I havent contacted them to find out for sure-
    DFWA- if you have facebook..maybe you could check with them. If you need the link, let me know-

    I did find out that Bloomington police are pretty kewl :) They have no rules against masks/costumes in peaceful protest..but, Indiana Univeristy has its own police dept and considerin this is a is gonna be tight, so Im betting any coverups are a no-no. Which is fine..

    And..Im tryin to trade hours with a coworker so I can attend
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  9. yes, I need the link. Thanks!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Sent :)
    Let me know whats up :)
    (didnt know whether to post it here or not with all the names and such..when in doubt, run far far away lol)
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  11. Got it, THANKS! I will be attending on the IU bloomington campus
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