#OccupyWallStreet and Fox News

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    Fox News Reporter Escorted Out of Zuccotti Park By NYPD

    Chanted out of the park while trying to do a report on the re-Occupation.
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    KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann
    Seriously. WCBS-TV: "Breaking News: Two Businessmen Protest Protestors w/ "Get A Job" Signs." #Occupy #LocalNewsNarc
    2 hours ago

    KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann
    NBC, ABC get it right, lead newscasts w/ #Occupy. The CBS Evening News with Clutch Cargo just opened with a feature on weather patterns
    50 minutes ago

    KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann
    #ShowPlug 2: Police Commish Kelly's son makes up story of #Occupy attempt to "Shut Down" NYC subway, broadcasts it on his Fox show
    21 minutes ago

    KeithOlbermann Keith Olbermann
    #ShowPlug 6: Of course, #Occupy is dead. Bill O'Reilly says so. How does he know? He read it in NY Post. Seriously. He joins Perry in Worsts
    17 minutes ago
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    Aaaahhhh hahahaha that's beautiful! :D
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    Flanders: Will the media now focus on what OWS is really about? | The Raw Story

    In the opinion of Gritt TV host Laura Flanders, the next step in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement needs to come not from the protesters but, instead, the media.

    Responding to a question posed by Chris Hayes on his MSNBC show Saturday morning, Flanders placed responsibility on her colleagues with larger platforms to focus on the core elements of the movement instead of mass arrests and police brutality.

    “This is why the media are so important, and why I worked in independent media for so long,” Flanders said. “Are we going to allow this story to become what you have describe, which is the image taken away by a lot of people this week? Or are we going to take our cameras where the movement actually has been?

    Flanders mentioned how the actions of the movement have extended far beyond the electric, sometimes volatile events taking place at Zuccotti Park and across the nation.

    “It hasn’t just been a presence at the park,” she said. “It’s been a presence at the Board of Ed meetings. It’s been a presence at the Brooklyn court where they’re auctioning off foreclosed houses. To see ‘Occupy Wall Street’ people stand up and sing, ‘Stop the sales, we’ll find the money, stop the sales.’ To see people stop houses get foreclosed in Cleveland.

    Flanders added: “Are we going to take our cameras there? Are we going to show the power that this movement has to bring real tools, not to just the 99 percent, but to the 100 percent? Or are we going to do what the media tend to do which is go where the shinny cameras are, the shinny police officers are, and the conflict?”

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  8. Heh.

    On the plus side, former UK News of The World readers can look forward to a statistically significant rise in knowing stuff, purely as a result of its being shut down after the phone-hacking of murdered schoolkids (and thousands of others) was exposed.

    Where's that 'So Long, Rupert' thread again?
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    While this interview is not directly related to the Occupy movement, it will be of interest to those following media-related issues. Rather than starting a new thread about it, I decided to just add it here.

    National Press Club bans reporters for tough questions?

    Uploaded by RTAmerica on Nov 22, 2011

    The National Press Club is a private club for journalists and communications professionals. The 100 year old institution hosts thousands of events each year where political leaders make themselves available to the press. Their mission is to be the world's leading professional organization for journalists, but is The National Press club censoring the press? Sam Husseini, communications director for the Institute of Public Accuracy, was banned from The National Press Club and explains why.
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    Comedian Christian Finnegan on why watching no news is better than watching Fox News - Countdown with Keith Olbermann // Current TV

    Comedian Christian Finnegan provides “Countdown” guest host David Shuster with perspective on why a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll found that, on average, Fox News viewers know less about news and current events than people who do not follow the news at all. Finnegan concedes that regardless of its value as a source of news, Fox News will continue to dominate: “In a debate between a smart person and a stupid person, stupid will always win.”

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    View attachment ibefff69600b6728ac02f36161f7fae59_papper-spray-meg

    Petition to pepper-spray Fox News

    Published: 25 November, 2011

    After Fox News’ Megyn Kelly mocked victims of a pepper-spray assault on the air this week (again), supporters of the students that suffered the attack challenged the conservative correspondent to find out first-hand what it’s like to be maced.

    As of Friday morning, nearly 40,000 people have gotten behind that cause.

    On Monday, Kelly told fellow Fox host Bill O’Reilly that pepper spray was “essentially” just a food product and that the hubbub over a University of California at Davis cop that fired the condiment (essentially) onto the faces of peacefully protesting students was unwarranted.

    “I don't know if from a legal standpoint the cops did anything wrong,” Kelly said, while at the same time admitting that Lt John Pike’s now infamous assault was still kind of "abrasive and intrusive." The footage of the campus cop firing the dangerous chemical onto students that sat quietly at UC Davis spawned an Internet meme, international outrage and eventually administrative leave for the officer. Opponents of Kelly aren’t asking exactly the same for her, but they do think that she should see how tasty that food product can really be.

    “To back up your claim that pepper spray is a food product, please consume as much of it as was sprayed on each protestor's face, in one sitting, on camera at Fox News,” Nick Douglas of New York City wrote on a petition he created on the website. “You may mix the spray with one serving of food or drink, as I am not a sadist. Then, please relate the effects to your audience.”
    Since creating the petition earlier this week, over 37,000 signatures have been added; Douglas is aiming for 50,000 and it doesn’t look that too far off.

    “I'm signing because I'm sick of people lying or being purposefully misleading to people who depend on them for facts,” Tyler Peterson adds along with his name on Douglas’ petition. “This is applicable to almost all of the staff at Fox News and I would love to see one of them literally eat their words.”

    Christian Guevara, another signee, adds, “As a member of the US Military, nothing would make up for me being away from my family on my birthday/ Thanksgiving more than this. If you don't do this Megyn Kelly, you don't support the troops or love America.”

    You hear the man, Kelly. Those are fighting words. Clearly you hate your country. Now prove the naysayers wrong and take a blast to the face. It’s really not all that bad and probably pretty tasty too. Essentially.


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    I'd like to see the stupid cunt pepper sprayed in the face, personally speaking.
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  13. As long as someone else is there to operate the can for her.
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    FIFY :)
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    NoamChomski Noam Chomski
    The owners of the media corporations deliberately deceive the people by creating a false microcosm of happiness and contentedness.
    20 minutes ago
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    Fox News Suggests Second Amendment Remedies Be Used Against OWS

    by Anondora on 02 December 2011

    The violent response to the Occupy movement from law enforcement in cities across America is shameful and calls into question the adherence of the 1st Amendment’s guarantee that government cannot interfere with the people’s “right to peaceably assemble or prohibit the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.” It is becoming obvious that mayors in larger cities have little regard for the constitutional rights of the protestors who have been clubbed, pepper sprayed, and sustained major injuries from tear-gas canisters fired by riot-clad police officers for peaceably assembling. Thus far, none of the protestors have been gunned down by the police but that does not mean there are not Americans panting to use firearms to stop the Occupy movement.

    On Tuesday’s edition of Fox News’ The Five, one of the members of the panel suggested the occupiers should beware of gun-slinging Americans who oppose the Occupy movement. It is nothing new for Fox to encourage their listeners to consider 2nd Amendment remedies for any number of perceived grievances, but suggesting that Americans shoot peaceful protestors has crossed the line.

    The Fox panel was discussing families in Arizona who posed for Christmas card photos with Santa Claus while the parents and children held a variety of firearms. Now, it is unclear what the relationship Christmas, Santa Claus, families, and machine guns is about, but perhaps in Arizona it is a custom to associate the birth of Jesus Christ with bazookas and AK-47s. One of the panel members, Greg Gutfeld, was commenting on how awesome it is that Americans have a love-affair with guns and how he likes that it “scares the hell out of visiting Europeans who already think we’re crazy people and they think my god, we’re never invading this country.” Gutfeld is correct; Europeans do think Americans are violent nut-jobs for the wild-west mentality that guns solve all problems, but he could not help but throw out a not-so-veiled threat at the Occupy movement. He continued that, “plus, it’s a reminder to all you Occupy Wall Streeters that if there is a revolution, the other side is better armed.” One of the women panelists added that, “we have better weapons.” Wait, what? Who said the Occupy movement was armed or considering a violent revolution?

    Gutfeld misses the point of the Occupy movement and their peaceful protests to call attention to the crippling income inequality in this country. There have been no calls or hints of violent revolution from the occupiers and the bigger point Gutfeld, and indeed all of Fox News, misses is that the Occupy movement represents 99% of America. Gutfeld is certainly not a member of the one percent so his comment that the “other side” is better armed must refer to uber-wealthy Americans controlling the policies that are responsible for the income disparity between the 1% and the rest of America. However, there are ignorant Americans (Fox News viewers) who somehow perceive the occupy movement as a threat to conservative ideology and would begin shooting peaceful protestors if given permission from a fanatical conservative. Enter Ann Coulter.

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    Good God! (I watched the video) I thought on-air performances under the influence of white nose candy died out in the 80s.

    If he isn't coked to the gills, he should piss into a cup and prove it. After, if he's innocent, he has nothing to hide.
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    Hartmann: Should Megyn Kelly take a face full of pepper spray?

    Uploaded by TheBigPictureRT on Dec 5, 2011

    Now - the new weapon of choice for police - as we're seeing so often used against peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters is pepper spray. GOP TV a.k.a. Fox so-called News has been quick to defend pepper spray as...not being all that bad. The point of this is...pepper spray is a chemical weapon. It's more painful than getting tasered - and has far more long lasting effects than waterboarding, at least physically. Which might be why GOP TV talking heads are willing to praise its use from afar - but not willing to put their face in front of one of Lieutenant Pike's pepper spray cannisters. And until they do - until Hannity - or Megyn Kelly - or O'Reilly walk the walk - and take in a faceful of pepper spray - then they should hold off on making comments about how it's a legitimate use of force against the Occupy Wall Street movement.
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    I attended a concert a couple of years ago where a guy was pepper sprayed. It's unbearable just having the spray in the air and breathing it (especially indoors). About half the people there had to go outside. I can only imagine what it would be like having that shit sprayed in my face.
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    Fox Sees Viewer Decline In 2011

    Fox News continues to dominate the news market in ratings (while losing out to Jon Stewart), they were also the only cable news network to actually see their numbers decline in 2011:

    Yet Fox was alone among the cable news networks in losing viewers — down 8 percent in prime time and 5 percent for the full day, Nielsen said. The 2010 midterm election year was particularly engaging for Republicans, who make up a big part of Fox's audience.

    CNN was up 17 percent in prime-time viewership with a revamped lineup that includes a double dose of Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan replacing Larry King. CNN is third behind Fox and MSNBC in prime time but second for the day as a whole.

    CNN's rivals acknowledge its gains but are quick to point out that last year represented CNN's worst year ever in the ratings.

    MSNBC can take pride in surviving the exit of its most popular prime time personality, Keith Olbermann, who defected to Current. The network is up 2 percent over last year in its prime-time average, Nielsen said.

    An 8% loss for prime time translates to a lot of money for the big advertising time slots. It would be interesting to see a deeper analysis of what could be the cause here. Fox has maintained the same prime time line-up for quiet awhile now, so perhaps people are just getting tired of hearing the same old Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. On the other hand, perhaps people are just finally getting tired of being spoon fed a bunch of b.s.?

    There was one other loss worth mentioning here. MSNBC did see their 8:00 time slot drop 11% after the departure of Keith Olbermann. They still managed to fair well though with Rachel Maddow continuing her rise and the 10:00 hour no longer being a rerun of Countdown.

    All this makes you wonder what we might see in 2012. I'm sure the ratings overall will increase with the election upon us, but will CNN and MSNBC see a bigger increase than FOX? We'll find out this time next year.

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  24. Anonymous Member

    We have noticed that Fox news is irrelevant.
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  25. naveman Member

    They decline becouse they are dieing of old age 10 years from now there will be few left.
  26. cafanon Member

    Hell yeah John Stewart!
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    I've said before, the news media is compromised. They will always be biased to favor those who bankroll them. The same is true for the American government. Case in point; in the early part of the 20th century, newspaper mogul, William Randolph Hurst, ran a long smear and misinformation campaign about the evils and harmful effects of marijuana. This resulted in the banning of hemp plants in the U.S. Hemp plants were his target. The use of hemp in paper products threatened his timber interests.
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    Hotelier and local San Diego rich guy Doug Manchester bought the main newspaper for the area, the Union-Tribune.

    Shortly after, a flood of articles hit, about Manchester's "vision for the waterfront." Basic overdeveloped shopping crap with a football stadium stuck in there. Instead of lovely open space parkland so everyone can enjoy the bay, another damn shopping mall.

    And the paper, of course, is promoting this. Oddly, Manchester's name is not being mentioned, they coyly refer to him as "the U-T's new ownership."

    But it's just Manchester. He'll be running for mayor someday, mark my words. Unless the public grows a brain and quits voting for good ol' boy rich men to run the city, that is.
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    I watched a few minutes of Bill Maher the other night. he was commenting about Gov Brewer remonstrating with Obama and how 'disrespectful' that was. He said the POTUS 'deserved' more respect than other people.

    That tells me that Bill Maher is totally clueless.
    'some pigs are more equal.'
    And he meant it.

    That is truly an idiotic and dangerous position to have. yet it was applauded by the audience. The only one who tried to stand up was the conservative, who said Obama is just another person. but Maher wanted to put Obama above us as some sort of superior being.

    That is truly the thinking of a sick mind.
    So if this is what is offered as an option to Fox News, well, the cure is at least as bad as the problem.
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  32. naveman Member

    My mom was fox bullshit fan not no more yaaaaaaa!
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    Karl Rove Signs New Fox News Contract Through 2016

    Karl Rove has renewed his contract with Fox News through 2016, it was announced on Thursday.

    Politico's Mike Allen was the first to report the deal. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes called Rove "an important player in our ongoing political coverage" in a statement from Fox News announcing the deal.

    The former advisor to President George W. Bush joined Fox News as a contributor in 2008. He recently made headlines on the night of President Obama's re-election when he infamously disputed the network's decision to call Obama's victory.

    News of his new contract comes after Rove was reportedly benched from the network in December. He was back on-air a week after those reports emerged.

    Below, see the full statement from Fox News:

    More at
  34. Anonymous Member

    Karl Rove should have beed sentenced to 35 years for exposing a government agent under cover. Treason.
    Instead he has a lucrative contract and Aaron Swartz is dead.
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  35. At least Bill Maher lets people talk and invites everyone to the discussion. The opposite of Fox News...maybe he should call the president a racist. That's progress right adhocrat?
  36. lulzgasm Member

    I doubt that Darth Obanus is racist, but I do think he's a wannabe-emperor piece of shit who despite his apparent degree doesn't know the U.S. Constitution from a hole in the ground.

    And yes, Herr Rove should hang for treason, too.
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  37. what he said.
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Idiot half-term governor takes $15-a-word nonsense to wingnuttiest corners of the interwebs

    By Kaili Joy Gray, Daily Kos

    After learning last week that Fox "News" has invited Sarah Palin to please stop talking crazy talk on its airwaves, today we learn, thanks to a study by the University of Minnesota's Smart Politics, that Fox paid an average of $15.85 per word for the 189,221 words she spewed on air as a paid contributor. Gee, Fox, hope you feel you got your money's worth!

    But it's not that Fox decided Palin's word salad was not such a good investment after all. Oh no. Palin just wanted to reach a broader audience by taking her message from the wingnuttiest corners of the airwaves to the wingnuttiest corners of the interwebs:

    In a three-question Q&A with the conservative news site Breitbart published Saturday, Palin explained her separation from Fox News as an attempt to broaden her audience. "We can't just preach to the choir; the message of liberty and true hope must be understood by a larger audience," Palin wrote.

    Uh huh. Because Palin's been preaching to the old, white, keep-your-government-hands-off-my-Medicare choir — at the bargain price of $15 per word — she's going to take her fired ass to the much more diverse old, white, keep-your-keep-your-government-hands-off-my-Medicare and OMG THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!!!! choir instead because Benghazi, freedom, Obama, liberty, Israel, Reagan.

    As hesitant as I've been to write the obituary for Palin's — and I use this term loosely — career, I think it may be time. Sorry, Sarah, but I believe we have, at long last, reached your 16th minute. Also.
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  39. A.O.T.F Member

    I'll never forget the night Faux News got hacked .. I still fucking larf every time i see that vid.


    And OMG The Gorgeous Lady with most Exquisite Ass :D


    For those that haven't seen it

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    Scientology for Rednecks: What the GOP Has Become - The Huffington Post

    By Michael S. Lofgren, Former Republican Congressional Staffer


    As with many religions, political parties have a tendency to start as a movement, transform into a business, and finally degenerate into a racket designed to fleece the yokels. One organization which has gone out of its way to illustrate this evolution is the Republican Party. And it has done so with a national scope and fundraising apparatus that would have made Jimmy Swaggart or Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker mute with awe.

    By "Republican Party" I mean both the formal party and its extended apparat: talk radio and the Fox News empire, pressure groups like the Family Research Council, allegedly "educational" 501(c)3 organizations like the Heritage Foundation, direct mail outfits descended from the original Richard Viguerie mother ship, polling firms like Rasmussen's, and the Tea Party itself (the latter nevertheless asserts its non-affiliation with the GOP despite its having sponsored the Florida Republican presidential candidates' debate in 2011).


    As the GOP narrowed and hardened its dogma, the affluent, educated suburbs drifted away from the Church of Reagan, leaving the organization to an increasingly less educated, southern, rural, and downscale white voting base (needless to say, the executive wing of the party is decidedly not downscale in its personal finances; they know, just as surely as L. Ron Hubbard knew, that there is gold to be mined from the suckers). The slide among both voters and elected officials has been frighteningly steep since 2008. Compared to the current crop of congressional GOP freshmen and sophomores, even George W. Bush looks like Henry Cabot Lodge. The party of Abraham Lincoln (a genuine architect of popular enlightenment through his establishment of land grant colleges) has degenerated into Scientology for rednecks who think embryology, evolutionary biology, and geology are lies from the pit of hell.

    Full article and open comments:
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